I have had no issues at all here and my past issues seem to have improved since. The secondary pool does need more cleaning but I don't use the pool much so it's not too big an issue for me. Very easy 4.5 stars from me.

I loved living here, I had no issues and enjoyed the space in the unit and the respect as a resident. I enjoyed the location and had no complaints ever.

My favorite part of living at Copper Beech is having such a spacious bedroom. The staff is friendly and the amenities are great! My overall living experience was pleasant.

Any time I call staff at copper beech it is always a pleasant experience! The staff is very knowledgeable of the resident portal and is very compliant when a future resident has questions.

It’s been a good experience for the most part. Maintenance could be better and definitely more events. The new gym is nice but they need to add on more to the clubhouse

Super big rooms, matenience needs a little work but other than that 10/10 place to sign going to tell all my friends to sign here next year!

I love my new apartment! It’s so spacious and it already feels like home even though I’ve been living here for only a week. The amenities are amazing and the clubhouse is gorgeous. I’m so happy I chose Copper Beech to be my new home for the next year.

I move into copper beech in 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited! They matched me with a perfect roommate, and they have helped me through everything to help me have a home! I am so excited to have a home at copper beech!

Copper Beech does a lot of events throughout the year. Maintenance is great. The rooms are huge. This is a great place to live. I highly recommend touring this place as an option.

It was pretty nice living here. Met a whole lot of new people. The staff was nice and helpful. It's closer to the campus. Rent is kind of affordable

Very nice and assertive staff! I came in not knowing too much about renting (my first place) the front desk lady, Paige was very informative and helpful with my questions. Carol also helped me out as well. Awesome staff!

I’m totally loving the new upgrades!! The gym looks so nice and luxurious now. The upgrades units are nice too. Management is still awesome.

Copper Beech was my home for my college career. There was very little to complain about, and any issues were promptly addressed if they came up.

I’m going to love it here! Ready to fix my room and bathroom up. Wish I could move in early. I’m so excited. I love the apartments I decided to stay in.

Copper has been a nice place to live. Could've been a lot better, but could've been a lot worse too. The staff has been friendly and helpful, for the most part.

I haven’t moved in yet but I’ve only heard good things about this apartment compelx. I’ve toured here several times and the staff was very friendly.

Absolutely love the layout of the apartments. The space of the living room is very large and enjoyable. Everyone is very friendly. Lastly the apartment complex is very clean.

choosing copper beach over other apartment complexes is a decision i don’t regret! the spaces are prefect, the environment, and events they have!

The apartments are great! The rooms are big and the furniture is nice. The front office could be friendlier and maintancr could be better though

I love Copper, I just wish maintenance requests were filled a bit faster and better. Especially when it comes to the flood damage... covering rotting wood with tape and spray painting it isn’t the way to go.

Living at copper beech has definitely been one of my better choices while at college. The staff and neighborhood are amazing, such a great place for an affordable price

Was Postive first time renting out a apartment they were very courteous and fast and have great looking and well kept apartments and were pet friendly

Wonderful signing experience everything has been great so far. Can not wait to move in! Super dog friendly inviting environment! Could not ask for much else in an apartment complex!

Copper Beech is an excellent community to live in and has great services. The apartment units are nice and rooms are a good size. Staff is nice.

I am going on 3 years living here and I absolutely love it! The staff is so nice and friendly. The front office has great amenities. I might just stay a 4th year!