Very nice neighborhood to stay in. It has only been about two weeks since I got here but I'm already liking this place. I wish I knew when the maintenance comes around beforehand but they did help our sink to work again!

I really enjoy the community events that the leasing office holds weekly! It's a great chance to know some of the people that work at Copper Beech and also a chance to meet some neighbors.

I think this is a nice neighborhood with reasonable rent and electric bills unlike other apartments, and is very close to the Walmart, which is quite convenient

I like having my own bedroom and bathroom, but their policy on parking is too strict. It makes inviting friends to hang out really annoying.

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Copper Beach is good, but the service always delays. When I acquired a maintenance, it took me weeks to get a finish. I know they may be busy, but they should recruit more staff.

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I like my room at copperbeech, location (close to Gaint, good bus routes, bus stop close to apt) Maintenance could be faster, main office is too far unless you live at Northbrook

The half point is deducted because of the poor sound insulation. Overall, it is pretty good. I definitely will recommend my friends to live here.

Great place to live. Second year here. Everything is just satisfying. Rent is not as expensive as other places like Highs and the Station. PERFECT!

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I live with my brother here, and couldn't be happier with the living situation. Perfect balance of seclusion and closeness to campus. Only problem we've come across was a lengthy delay in getting our AC fixed after it broke, other than that it's been wonderful.

Apartments are pretty, neighbors keep to themselves and it is typically a quiet community. Singular bedrooms and bathrooms make for easy living-management could be difficult at times.

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The experience this far has been great! I love my roommates, and love the apartment! It’s so nice having my own bedroom and bathroom! Overall very happy!

The apartment is very nice for the price and the utilities and perks are the best part about the place such as free internet and a free bus pass however maintenance is very slow.

Great neighborhood, nice upgrades in exterior cleaning, painting, LED lighting, and new modern signage. Looking forward to many more updates in the future.

It has been a great experience so far. The town houses are spacious. Office staff is friendly especially Brian. Really good place to live at.

I think cooper beech is at a great location. The rent is very reasonable comparing to other similar housing choices. I highly recommend cooper beech.

I really like the neighborhood because it is quiet and convenient. It is very close to Walmart and Best Buy. The rent and electrical bills are reasonable.

Nice neighborhood, great staff, and nice improvements happening in 2018. A property with a great value that has became a nice long-term home.

i love the location. the rent is reasonable. it is very nice to have my own bathroom and bedroom. the kitchen is very big with everything included.

excellent year in a great community. convenient location to the bus stop and walmart. maintenance is quick to respond and does a good job. would definitely recommend

Copper beech at state college is a pretty good place to live. The neighborhood is quiet and the apartment is big enough. Furthermore, you have your own bathroom.

Very fast application, good customer service. The employees were really nice and they are willing to help when you need it. I am going to take an apt for one semester

Copper Beach is a great place to live in. I love the location and the convenience of transportation. The rent is reasonable and neighbors are all nice people.

The rent is cheaper than other apartments. The neighborhood is quiet. They have buses such as N and NE to campus, which is pretty convenient.

This js a very lovely place to live in. I love the peace here at Copper Beech! But I am not a 100% happy with the repairment services but except that everything is ok.

The location is great. Very close to Walmart and other stores. Convenience parking and friends visiting. Reasonable rent rate. I am very happy with the townhouse.