Everything is fine. But please fix the online payment system ASAP. Now I have to write regular check every month. Having a online rent payment system is much more convenient.

Maintenance could use a little work, but overall I'm fairly pleased. I wish there was a community gym or something that was accessible to us.

Copper beech is a fun and safe place to be . It's not noisy, they give you grace period to pay , there's free snacks in the office . The only thing Is they make you pay for sewer when that was not stated in the deal

I've never had any issues with Copper Beech. Maintenance usually shows up within a reasonable amount of time after submitting a request and the office staff are always helpful and friendly!

Copper Beech provides more square footage and living space per dollar than almost any other housing option available to renters in the State College area.

I love the spacious common areas! I have the basement room and I love how big it is and that i have so much privacy! My dog Ruby loves it, too!

Copper Beech has been a great living experience for myself. It provides so much square footage for a great price. One of the best living options for a young professional.

Design of neighborhood does not encourage community interaction, no reasons to go out and meet people, there for most do not. But apartments are very nice.

Great neighborhood, I just wish the turnaround time on maintenance work orders would be more efficient. I think the leasing rates do not reflect the value of the property and its amenities.

Good because it's a great service with good attention and resident care; you can tell that they are always pending on offering top service to their residents

The quality of this townhome is not so good. But your service is OK. As an international students, at the beginning of my study here, finding your rental office was really a problem.

I love living here. The houses are clean, the neighborhood is great. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I'm glad I renewed my lease.

Good place to live. It is really convenient to campus. Every room has its private bathroom. But when we move in, the carpet is dirty. If office can change it, it would be better

Copper Beech is the most convenient place for students to live in State College. It's to close for many things such as campus, Walmart, wegmans, target, or different restaurants.

The living condition is very great, and the facility comes quickly to fix stuff. However, it is very restricted if you invite your friend to come over for 2 days or more.

I think that the apartment is really nice and it is very quiet. I've loved living here but there was definitely a lot of problems with maintenance and some of the staff in the office isn't too friendly. Overall, personally I would say it's a nice place to live and I would live here again if I had the money.

Overall good experience. Heater issues, but maintenance fixed them in a somewhat timely manner. Other appliances that were broken were fixed relatively quickly as well. Quiet neighborhood. Good neighbors. Good location.

Good value for the price. A little far from campus but has its benefits. The porch was a must have and came in very handy all year round. Would recommend.

Maintenance slow but its a great place for college students and I would recommend people to live there. It is 3 floors and 3 rooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.

I love living at Copper Beech. My apartment is located in a great location and my own room/bathroom make things even better. The office staff is easy to work with and respond to maintenance problems in a timely manner.

I enjoy the living experience at copper beech generally. The apartments are spacious at an affordable price. One thing that could be improved slightly is maintenance response time.

Apartment is good, however, customer service like maintenance is not good enough, I never get a man to repair the window in our kitchen for one year. Please keep in mind what your customer has requested and don't let them to come to your office and report the same problem again and again.

Maintenance can take a few weeks sometimes and assistance from the leasing office may take longer than I'd like, but most agents are friendly and helpful. generally a good experience

Some things are great, some not so much. Many times response from leading office is prompt, many a times they forget to double check things and report false errors. Maintenance is usually pretty fast, but when it takes longer it is near to an endless wait to get things in working condition.

That was a memorable one which I start living in united states with Copper Beech. Coopper Beech was a place where you can experience the tranquility. Thanks Copper Beech.