The houses were in terrible quality. My fridge was broken and it took the office a whole semester and a half to finally replace it. The maintenance people were friendly but they took forever to get things done.

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They have been very healpful with any problems that have arose, have been somewhat flexible with visitor parking passes.. Which is a must because our visitor parking situation is brutal

this is a pretty innovative way to get people involved. if I weren't graduating it would have been have been something that I thought about to make me stay.

I appreciate the plowing but it would be really helpful if you could salt the parking lot. It was really slick after the snow recently and salt would make that much better

Nice location and house plans. Bus runs very regularly and don't need to queue up for so long and worry if we will get to get on the bus or not. However, maintenance is painfully slow - you need to submit work orders months in advance. Not a lot of fun if, for example, your heat system break in winter.

I believe coppper beach has been takIng initiative to do better with their services. They have been improvIng on getting attending do work orders by tenants

For the most part, Copper Beech is good. There were a few things missing/not working when we first arrived, but those things were resolved in the first couple of weeks.

Maintenance could use a little work, but overall I'm fairly pleased. I wish there was a community gym or something that was accessible to us.

Overall good experience. Heater issues, but maintenance fixed them in a somewhat timely manner. Other appliances that were broken were fixed relatively quickly as well. Quiet neighborhood. Good neighbors. Good location.

I like the kitchen and living room space. Also it was nice that the house came with a TV. I do not like how there are many bugs and how the shower water turns cold after 10 minutes.

I love where I'm living right now. The only problem that I have is that half of the street lights don't work and it scares me at night. And my stairs on my front porch are crooked. But other than that it's great.

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Started off with a lot of problems, but things are better now. Most of the problems have been fixed or are soon to be fixed/looked at. Cautiously optomistic

Not happy with how long maintenance takes to come and then when they do they do not announce who they are when entering the house. It was scary having a man open my bedroom door while I was there without identifying himself and not knocking. It wasn't until I started yelling did he say who he was but he didn't even have a shirt or tag for me to identfy him from the beginning.

I think that things have been OK since I moved in but there were some things missing from my apartment which were necessary, and even after I said something about it, they did not fix it until over a month later.

Design of neighborhood does not encourage community interaction, no reasons to go out and meet people, there for most do not. But apartments are very nice.

Everything is fine, except the air conditioner. The air conditioner is more like a decoration. I turned it on for 3 days, and the room temperature was still 85

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The people in the office are a lot nicer now than they were last year. I gave 3 stars because of the maintenance issue with the steps and the lack of preparation. It seems very consistent. Only about a week notice is ever given, even in the summer.

It takes a long time for maintenance to come. I submitted a work order over three weeks ago and no one has gotten back to me, or fixed it. Otherwise I have enjoyed my stay

This will be my first time staying here and can't wait. So far, applying for the apartment was quick and easy. I don't know much yet but I'm sure you all are doing fine.

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Great! I feel like I really like the place so far. I just wish it was easier for matinence people to come in. Instead it it just being for emergencies.

I think the point system is a great way to get the residents involved in activities here at copper beech. It's a nice interaction between staff members and tenants.

Really chill neighborhood. Quiet during the day and is only sometimes noisy during midnight on weekends. Every room looks nice and furnished.

Apartment is good, however, customer service like maintenance is not good enough, I never get a man to repair the window in our kitchen for one year. Please keep in mind what your customer has requested and don't let them to come to your office and report the same problem again and again.

I enjoy the living experience at copper beech generally. The apartments are spacious at an affordable price. One thing that could be improved slightly is maintenance response time.

My townhome is wonderful for the price--spacious, fantastically located, and well-designed. Yet there are a few major complaints that can't be overlooked. To begin, maintenance here is very, very slow. Often the response to our complaints is not adequate to solve the problem in question. Yet this has not always been the case to be sure. Additionally, our heating/cooling is very uneven, where either the third floor gets "overcooked" so the basement can stay tolerable or the third floor gets tolerable while the basement is freezing. Lastly, parking for visitors here is terrible. I could go on about that for awhile, but I know it's well known in this area how bad the parking situation here is at Copper Beech. I imagine they want to keep undergrad parties to a minimum by restricting parking and towing frequently (which they probably get a cut from), but for older, non-undergraduate residents just trying to entertain guests casually it's a major frustration. It's not possible for all three of us to have our three girlfriends drive and park here at the same time, which is frustrating.