It was a mostly positive experience, however there was some issues with maintenance. It was a good community and a good living situation. There were also good amenities offered.

As a new resident at the Cottages moving in was hectic, but the front office took care of all my problems quickly and were extremely kind the entire time!

It is not bad living here other than the maintenance and the people at the office. Also, the fact that things are always broken in the club house kind of sucks. I love the pool but they just change the rule to where they will not let you into the pool if you do not live there. Which is very stupid because you can not bring multiple friends to the pool.

Move in was rough, but got much better. I wish that there were a decent amount of parking spots or assigned spaces for residents. I renewed my lease!

The cottages is so understanding and always try’s to lend a helping hand if you have problems. They also host really cool events that even people not living there attend

I absolutely love the cottages appearance and the layout of my apartment, but I had a few issues that led me to not renewing my lease. The staff were not helpful and always seemed to not know what they were doing. They often told me my problem was fixed and then it would happen again (issues with my rent). There was always something wrong in the clubhouse such as printer or coffee machine broken. I went in several times to get my key to the clubhouse fixed and it still doesn't work after living there for a year. The WiFi was absolutely horrible and I didn't like having to walk super far and cross the street to the bus stop.

Good Experience, lived there for 2 years. Useful Amenities. Lived in the 5 Bed, 5 Bath. It was spacious and we also rented the furniture which was a big convenience.

This will be my second year living at the cottages, and overall it has been good! There have been a few issues but the staff is always friendly and willing to help out with whatever I need.

Amazing! They are considerate, patient and always prompt with all requests. I have re-signed to stay here my second year in a row, and I am very excited!

The cottages are a great place to stay for the amount of space you hey for the price you just can't beat it, it is a little far away from campus but it's on the less traffic side of the city

The staff has gotten a lot better over the years that I’ve lived here. They have helped make sure that my new roommates move in process is smooth

Great place to live at everyone is so friendly and down to earth and they have am amazing pool recommend living here plus they have a good maintenance team!!

It was good living here, feels very homey. Only problem is WiFi and management turns over a lot. A lot of people complain about bugs but I haven't had that problem.

It’s a pretty nice place, but they’re management could be a lot better with keeping up to date with making sure they aren’t charging you for things you don’t have.

Living at the cottages has been one of the best experiences I’ve had. The amenities they have to offer are endless. My favorite definitely has to be the fancy coffee maker in the clubhouse. I’d make myself a double shot espresso every morning before class

My experience has been pretty good with a few exceptions, aminities are pretty great and the pool is always lit but maitence is a little intrusive and I’ve had several issues with them. One time I left my kennel outside in the rain to rinse it since we don’t have water hoses and came out and one of the maitence guys where using it as a chair and it’s still bent in so yeah ... good party place to live but if your looking for something stable then I wouldn’t recommend it !

management is such a huge problem here. Other than those business issues, it’s been a great place to live! Hence why I give it half of 6 stars!

living in the cottages has been okay overall. The houses seem cheaply made and there is a light in our house that doesn’t stay lit no matter if maintenance replaces it. The management at the office has gotten better. The ellipticals and/or treadmills seem like they don’t work most of the times I go in there.

Perfect housing option for students living in the College Station area since the office staff cares for its residents and their overall safety.

I love the pool! It is so fun and nice. The work out facility is great as well. Tanning beds are clutch! Our cottage is so nice and homey. Only complaint is the bus route, which is probably out of the Cottages control anyway.

It’s a great place to live. The dog park has a great location and the tennis courts are another great amenity. The WiFi needs to be a constant fix which is unfortunate

This place is a 10/5 would recommend. I like the amenities they provide and they host cool events. They have friendly people on staff and maintenance is quick.

I did like the cottages, however the rent is too high and should be lowered. Also you guys should have faster help whenever people ask for anything to be replaced especially at the end of the year. Also the cottages windows are way too small.

I love our apartment unit, but we have had trouble with some of the maintenance issues. Sometimes it is hard to get workers to help us out! Also it can be rowdy at times, and people do not always pick up after their dogs.

Amazing service! Very responsive and great events hosted by management! Whenever there is a problem, it is usually solved within a few days if not the day of!