Great living space, good appliances and furniture. Long list of amenities, love the trash collection service. Only issue is that the side gate cannot be entered from outside. I guess this is understandable at night, but does not quite make sense during the day.

Living at the cottages is amazing! Everyone is so friendly and are very helpful! Highly recommend living here if you’re looking for student housing! They also have a lot of things to do!

Everyone in the office is super friendly and helpful. Plus the cottages is pet friendly, which is a plus. Any problem I’ve had was resolved in a timely manor by either the office or maintenance.

living at the cottages has been great! i love all the amenities and fun activities they provide. my living experience has been very nice and comfortable

It’s awesome here! I’ve never had a problem! Super cool place to live in and meet new people. They are always having some sort of even for residents!

living at the cottages of college station has been a decent experience. it has showed me what i like and don’t like about apartment living and what to look for in future places to live.

I have lived at the Cottages for over a year now. I am pleased with many things. The amenities are excellent as well as the helpfulness of staff.

The apartments and amenities provided are very nice and are hard to beat. However the location of the complex is very prone to traffic and makes getting to campus dfficult. The bus is very unreliable as well.

The community is very welcoming. Staff is friendly and helpful. Everyone you have a problem, a staff member is there to make sure it gets solved quickly. Greatest place to live!

It's was good, not great, but good. The conservice bill that keeps popping up every month is kinda annoying. Because j hate that we have to pay 2 separate people.

The cottages has been a good place to live. The distance from campus and billing system can be a set back at times, but it has a nice homey atmosphere.

Very quality place to live, the homes are nice. The bedroom offers plenty of space, along with the luxury of having your own bathroom. The kitchen is a reasonable size and the living area is the perfect size for myself and all my roommates to comfortably sit and watch sports

Decent place. My space was clean. Haven't heard many complaints aside from the maintenance being slow. The bus runs pretty fast as well. Three miles from campus.

Beautiful place to live with access to incredible facilities. The head office could be better. There have been plenty of problems that we needed fixed that went unattended to after false promises of assistance.

The apartment is a perfect living space! Not to small, not huge, good space, awesome rooms and bathroom and closet. Our dryer sucks however, but besides that I've enjoyed it a lot!

I love the Cottages! They have always been my preferred place of living. And now that I have finally gotten to live there I am so happy! I love it!

A very nice complex but there have been a few issues with maintenance that have been improved on since I have first moved in! The staff is super friendly and helpful!

Overall my time so far at the cottages has been enjoyable. In fact we already signed for to live there for an additional year. If anything could use improvement maybe they could process the maintanence requests sooner

The apartment is very nice and cozy, but the management is lacking in efficiency. Whenever I visit the front desk it is unprofessional and often does not help me in any way.

I have had a pleasant stay at the Cottages since I’ve moved in. There hasn’t been any serious problems or complaints. However, if I nit pick I would want them to add an elevator. Also, one time my blow dryer blew out the electricity in my room and it took them over a day to turn my power back on. There WiFi is super slow and unreliable. But all in all it’s a nice place.

Nice facilities, management is a bit difficult because telling the front desk something is worthless but if you email the managers directly things usually get done

Billing issues almost every month. Move in was unorganized. Furniture for apartment was no ready at move in. Had to sleep on a mattress on the floor for the first week!

Great living complex and very pet friendly! Loved the year at the cottages, just bad roommates! It was a good first home to live in and appreciate such amazing staff

Living here has been pretty awesome. I have just had a very small problem with spiders in the apartment. Apart from this it has been great. No complaints.

Everything about here is pretty solid, amenities are nice, staff is pretty helpful. Only gripe is that the internet is sometimes slow but other than that all around good experience.