Pretty good overall. I moved into a 5 person cottage, and it was absolutely not cleaned at all when we moved in. There was blood on one of the chairs. Other than that, it’s beem fantastic

The workers are super nice. The socials that they host are cool and fun. The printer is a bit wonky as well as the garbage pick up system. The dishwasher doesn't work well and neither do the washer and dryer. A work order was put in like 3 weeks ago and no one has come by to fix anything.

This is my first year living at the Cottages and I've enjoyed it so far! I haven't had any issues with maintenance, they've responded quickly and resolved any problems. My only complaint is the wifi is very slow. However, I purchased a router and my connection has been good since.

This is a great place to live, I love the location and there is always parking, maintaince is slow and my roomates kinda suck but otherwise it’s awesome

Living here has been one of the most stress free experiences. I haven't had any issues with lack of parking, which was one of my biggest concerns moving in the Cottages. The study rooms and gym are super easy to access as well as staff. Maintenance requests are resolved in a timely manner. (This was something super frustrating I faced last year at an apartment complex)

Apartment was clean and modern. maintenance is very responsive along with a very friendly community with lots of things to do around the complex

The place is tidy and beautiful. The leasing office and maintenance team is responsive! The neighborhood is good and is close to the university

I really enjoy living here the staff and actual houses are great. The only problem i have are the trucks that are revving their engines at 2 in the morning for some reason

Very attentive to any issues I've had, and very friendly staff! Move in day wasn't super smooth, but other than that I haven't had any problems. Always feel safe here!

The cottages are nice play to live with many ammentities such as the pool, study center, and gym. I also like how the complex is gated for security.

I love everything about the Cottages except for two things how slow and terrible the wifi is and my roommate situation but other than that i absolutely love the cottages!!!

Not a single problem has occurred while living at the cottages. The staff is very helpful and provides me with information on any question I have.

I absolutely love to live at the cottages. I live in a one bedroom and it’s so cozy!! Even if you live with room mates it Def still one of the coziest places to be!!

Since I’ve moved to college station, I’ve lived in apartment complexes, every parks, etc. The Cottages of College Station by far has the best quality of living for my lifestyle as a college student. It has an incredible gym for the days that I want to be active and a pool for whenever I want to relax and soak up the sun. There’s no way I wouldn’t recommend The Cottages of College Station to my friends and future A&M students. Gig em and God bless!

Amenities are very good and the community is great but maintenance can run a little behind sometimes which is somewhat annoying. Other than that great place to live.

So far I have loved the cottages. The pool is incredible, the people are awesome, and the apt itself is perfect. My one complaint is maintnance requests can often take a while.

I have had a great time so far. The facilities are great and the people I’ve met are the best. I rarely have problems but when I do maintenance is there right away to fix it.

The Cottages is a sweet place to live that’s not too far from campus. The residents I’ve met here are nice and I love being able to use the pool and clubhouse!

I think that the WiFi should be updated, and or made faster. Considering this only downfall that I have, I would say I’m satisfied living here.

The amenities here are really amazing and it's so much better than my old place! I live in the apartments here and they're perfect for me and my two roommates. The bus stop is super convenient and the location is close to pretty much everything in town.

I love it here! It’s like having your own little house, don’t have to worry about people living above or below you. The staff is super friendly!

the complex is fairly good, the front office could be friendlier. the decision to close the front gates is annoying and inefficient; as someone who lives at the front of the complex it doesn't even help with preventing potential unwanted guests from being able to access my apartment.

So far so good. It's quiet where I live but people be driving through the exit part of the gate to get in. Maybe if the gates closed faster, non residents would stay out.

Took care of my problems when had some and staff is friendly. The maintenance people always pop in when you need them even if you didn’t rsvp.

It's great! I have lived at the cottages of college station for the past two years going on three now. I like it a lot and I really do not have a reason to move.