Horrible-- I was robbed twice and my neighbors were too loud. It is not safe everyone gets robbed and there is one security car that does absolutely nothing. Colton is great and works hard at his job he is the best part of the cottages.

Overall a nice property. Unfortunately for the first five weeks of my rental my light/fan fixture did not work and maintience did not fix it. I used a lamp but if were paying for a full unit we should get a working unit.

It's been since December 26th, 2016 that I have had a broken window and it has yet to be fixed. Also, I have been charged since I moved in for living room and bedroom furniture I do not have.

internet sucks internet cuts out gates never working employees never solve any problems, there is trash everywhere and i'm just writing stuff

The low prices and rewards you get for signing a lease do not make up for the extremities of living here. The management is unresponsive and overall rude. A small problem took weeks, even months, to fix. Some maintenance requests were never even resolved. My window was broken for 2 months. I did not have a door knob for 3 months. (Both were marked under emergency requests on the forms). I also requested a ceiling fan at the beginning of the year and never received it. I requested that a broken tree in the walkway to my house be removed and that never happened, so I resorted to walking over the tree instead of crawling through the branches. The entire place lacks security. I heard of several break-ins happening just within the 11 months that I lived here. One happened to be one of my best friend's houses. The gate is always open and, in fact, if it were closed I would have no idea how to get into my own complex because there is no communication whatsoever between residents and staff. They very rarely even answered the phone. The amenities did not make up for it. The gym equipment was always broken or under construction or "scheduled for maintenance." The rooms were disgusting on move in day. I know after living here that the residents are supposed to deep clean the apartment before leaving, or they will be charged. However, you would think that the maintenance would do a walk through to ensure the rooms are ready for new residents. Our house had a dog bowl under the sink, BUGS all over the sink and in the sink, and dust and dirt on every floor, furniture, window, etc. I highly encourage NO ONE to live here. I was scared every night, grossed out on move in, frustrated with management and employees, and overall just mad that i was paying rent for this place.

when we moved in there were nails sticking up out of the carpet, trash covering the balcony, wall paint and glitter glue in the carpet, and the rooms were not cleaned. Water damage throughout almost every wall, especially in the kitchen ceiling and walls directly below the washer/dryer unit. After multiple calls and maintanence requests (the maintenance rewquest link online doesn’t work), it’s been 2 weeks and nothing has been done. Maintanance has not showed up. My roommates door can’t even close. No, not that it can’t lock, the foundation has shifted so it literally doesn’t line up with the wall and it is unable to physically close and much less lock. Literally nothing has been done. No one has been in the office the last 3 times I’ve gone in DURING OFFICE HOURS.

I haven't enjoyed the cottages at all. The pool is awesome, but under aged drinking is rampant. Security is low. Expensive. 650 a month with no balcony and no pet. Poor accommodation. We asked for 4 bedroom got 5 with a random that was miserable and was replaced by another random that was worse. When you abide by deadline you get nothing but when your roommates miss deadline after deadline they get rewarded with $1000 resigning bonus. Can't wait to move out in a year.

honestly I don't even live here I would just like the Amazon gift card I'm not sure why I'm still on the mailing list or whatever but I live somewhere else although I would have liked to meet my potential roommates.

Very bad, so many things wrong with my house I can’t even say. Ex. Noises coming from my ceiling that wake me up every morning at 6am. My AC heating doesn’t work! It’s 61 degrees in my house. Oh and when I moved in my AC was broken as well so had to get a new one. I honestly don’t know why i pay rent! I haven’t been able to sleep in so long cause of so many issues. I literally try to sleep on my couch. Nicest people I’ve ever met by far but worst service

The apartment was very dirty on move-in. I cleaned for about an hour and still it was dirty. The painters had dripped paint all over the floor, the dishwasher was clogged with food, the oven was dirty and the carpets were dirty. In one room the carpet was completely destroyed and smelled (previous owner had a pet). This is on MOVE IN - obviously you don't do a lot to clean up between renters. I think communication with the residents and families about the new security tags has been very poor. As a parent I can't visit the apartments anymore because I don't know how to get in, and the tag you gave our son's roommate doesn't work, so they just "sneak in" behind people who are entering.

Management needs improvement, very poor with communication. When you talk to a manager about a problem all they do is tell you to email them and then they never respond.

We've been here for 2 years and the first year was a pretty okay experience. The amenities offered were great, management was average (ignored every maintenance request but nothing huge), but all in all not a bad experience. This second year, we were being overcharged compared to what we signed for, and due to a high turnover rate, we had to restart the negotiation with 3 different managers before it got settled. Wont be signing here next year. Also simplebills is a waste of time. It complicated utilities and you also have to pay a monthly fee to be able to pay them money

Horrible. Sadly there isn't a positive thing to say about the management. They are very very very slow to respond to everything and I don't understand how they can just not care.

The Cottages is a beautiful place to live but management is HORRIBLE! When I moved in my room definitely wasn't cleaned. They kept trying to over-charge my base rent and use hidden fees to try and get the most money out of the residents. You have to go complain at them multiple times to pay what you signed on your lease. Most of the employees at the front desk are incompetent and can't give you a straight, logical answer for any questions you ask. The Cottages has soooo much potential to be a great place to live but because of management and staff they really mess it up.

Horrible place to live. I'm so happy my lease is almost up. They are very bad at communication. They didn't even inform us they were changing to a different service provider. Wow.

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Living at the cottages has been one big headache. The management is terrible. when we moved in our unit was a complete disaster, we had the wrong keys, they changed our unit type without notifying us, and I had a fire ant infestation in my room. there were thousands of fire ants in my bed! We called and they wouldn't listen to us, so it took our parents calling multiple times to get anything done. Also, they had been over charging my rent $25/month until December when I noticed on a whim! the woman I spoke with basically said I was lying and it took about an hour to get the whole thing sorted out. I also have a whole laundry list of issues on top of these but it's not worth my time. honestly do NOT live here.

Management is not professional or helpful. Takes weeks to solve problems because it is never effectively handled the first time they are contacted.

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I hate the Cottages of College Station. You all can't get anything done correctly. Staff never responds to emails or follows up as promised. Front desk can't help with anything aside from package deliveries and turning on the tanning machines. There is an unhealthy amount of staff turnover. I'd suggest regional manager or above look into management at this location.

Horrible management. They will tell you one thing and do the opposite, try to get every penny out of you and slide things past you. I would not recommend living here.

Horrible customer service, rude and houses are not anywhere close to the model home that you see when you tour. If there is any issue good luck getting it fixed and the staff is rude to you and tries to blame the issue on you and they can do no wrong. Rude and not helpful at all.

Not very happy with my apartment complex at the time. It's not what it used to be and things keep falling apart right and left.. it's a shame because this property has so much potential. Hopefully they can get it together and turn this place around. Word of advice, put more time and care into tending to your current residents and not so much time chasing dollar signs. I'm not too sure their staff realizes that failing to keep their current residents happy will cost them in the long run.. If I'm not happy anyone who brings up the cottages I will tell not to live there and share my terrible exsperience with them... but if I was happy and things were good, then I would be more than happy to refer them along with telling them how great it is the live there.

Ignore complaints, unsanitary (flees at dog park, pool, rats), gate doesn't work half the time, lived here for a year and a half and gate sticker has never worked, many outlets are not working in my apartment (another complaint), parking up front is a disaster and creates traffic.

If this is to rate the experience I have had with management and the workers then this what you deserve. It has been problem after problem since I moved in and management seems incapable of helping effectively and in a timely manner. I have also experienced several very rude employees. Based on this alone, I would never recommend for anyone to live at the Cottages.

The cottages is easily the worst place to live in college station and I don't recommend it to anyone. Tons of break ins and poor management!

They had a good idea for developing a nice area to live in, but their management is horrible. The account managers always screw up billing. They need to hire someone new, committed, and willing to take over and make a change.