the cottages is a pretty great place to live. Although there are some things that could be changed such as the parking situation. Anyone can come and park anywhere.

The power in my living room always goes out. The people who pick up our trash don't take everything. The wifi does not always work when I am trying to do important homework.

The only problem I have is how long it takes for people do get stuff done around here. I feel like there lack of communication and organization.

Wish recycling was easier! I also renewed a long time ago and still have yet to receive my gift card from that...I wouldn't have known to get a PG form if I hadn't gone and asked, since originally I was told I wouldn't need one.

So far the new management has done decent, but they still are lacking in clear communication within their team and with the current residents.

Their are rats, y'all don't take everyone's trash and it needs to be taken so that their are not rats on front porches. Also, their should be more speed bumps so people slow down.... Other than that, it's a great place to live!

This place is great to live at. Friendly staff and management. The internet is the only down fall that i have found so far. But other than that, come live at the cottages

Yall are doing pretty good. Better than a couple months ago. I like how yall are trying to get everybody involved and holding events for us to attend

Wifi is a constant problem, but only if you live in the back. The new management is a huge step up from the last people. It's a good place to live but the houses are made extremely cheap with no insulation.

The units and clubhouses have nice qualities and amenities but altogether the management does not keep up with simple maintenance. For example, upstairs sometimes the pool cues are there and sometimes they are not, sometimes there are ping pong paddles and sometime the whole game room is a mess. Also, the gates have not closed since I moved in, so why am I paying for a "gated community". The running trail could also use some attention because when it rains half of it is under water and the trees and brush overtake it in some places.

Overall I enjoy living here. But I don't like that the houses aren't well made and we have the constant issue of rats, spiders, and recently worms. I also think that speed bumps should be built; I've almost had my car hit multiple times because people go so fast.

I've had my ups and downs living here at the cottages. I had problems with old management taking over a month to fix my shower then painting my wall a different color. Then new management came in and tried to charge me for a trash violation of the trash in the bottom of the bin, that had been there since I had moved in. There is broken glass around a lot which is a hazard especially with how many animals live in this neighborhood. I was also charged for going over the electricity which wouldn't be a big deal except it was for two months together and I was charged two months after the months our house supposedly went over. I have also had a lot of AC problems in my house. But the house is nice and I enjoy the yard I have. I will not renew however because, though it's nice here, it's overpriced and too disorganized.

Not being able to hang a Texas flag is a bit communist if you ask me. Come and take it!!!!!!! The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.!!

I really enjoy living here at The Cottages. It's such a cute neighborhood and the sense of community is unbeatable. However, I've had a few problems receiving maintenance to my house. It had been egged before I moved in and I've been requesting a power wash service ever since.

Took 4 weeks to get the A/C fixed when it wouldn't go over 60 degrees and ice was forming on my roommates wall. Asked why my electrical bill was $40 over and the only thing could tell me what might have caused it was my TV on. Really $40 over because of my TV?.

I love the community. And I love the size of the rooms! The cottages are differently a place everyone should consider to live at, its a great place for Blinn and a&m students

The cottages has very nice homes for college students and some great amenities! The houses are spacious and the cottages offers a great gated community and is conveniently located on the bus route. It is a party complex though and can be loud at times. The management could use a little bit of improvement, there is a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding between residents and the management. I've had difficulties subleasing with them however they are very considerate when it comes to roommate differences and are willing to help with that.

I've had a decent experience living at the cottages. I wish it was easier to break a lease or provide a 6 month lease to those who have legitimate excuses. Try to accommodate your guests more.

Overall satisfied with the Cottages. There has been some updates but there has also been some lacking in certain areas. But overall I really don't have any complaints

I believe that the cottages is doing okay! I love living here, I just wish y'all were more timely with maintanence requests! And maybe y'all could do fun things on the weekends instead of just during the week!

My stuff is falling apart and there is a major ant problem. But everything else is perfect! amenities are nice and very convenient, the pool is amazing and clean given the circumstances.

Overall a good experience. The main issue was the condition of the house at the beginning of the year. Maintenance was easy to contact, and they came in a timely manner.

Ya have progressively gotten better! Especially since the beginning of the year. I would definitely say the new management has made a world of a difference here at the cottages of college station.

not best good of following through with requests. The gate isn't closed and let's randoms into the pool. Not enough parking as well, residents end up far from their houses

3 stars for the outstanding amenities the cottages has. I also appreciate how well kept the the landscaping is. I took away 2 stars because i have had multiple issues with my cottage and maintenance has failed to fix them