not best good of following through with requests. The gate isn't closed and let's randoms into the pool. Not enough parking as well, residents end up far from their houses

I love the community. And I love the size of the rooms! The cottages are differently a place everyone should consider to live at, its a great place for Blinn and a&m students

I believe that the cottages is doing okay! I love living here, I just wish y'all were more timely with maintanence requests! And maybe y'all could do fun things on the weekends instead of just during the week!

Ya have progressively gotten better! Especially since the beginning of the year. I would definitely say the new management has made a world of a difference here at the cottages of college station.

Overall I enjoy living here. But I don't like that the houses aren't well made and we have the constant issue of rats, spiders, and recently worms. I also think that speed bumps should be built; I've almost had my car hit multiple times because people go so fast.

Took 4 weeks to get the A/C fixed when it wouldn't go over 60 degrees and ice was forming on my roommates wall. Asked why my electrical bill was $40 over and the only thing could tell me what might have caused it was my TV on. Really $40 over because of my TV?.

I absolutely love the cottages appearance and the layout of my apartment, but I had a few issues that led me to not renewing my lease. The staff were not helpful and always seemed to not know what they were doing. They often told me my problem was fixed and then it would happen again (issues with my rent). There was always something wrong in the clubhouse such as printer or coffee machine broken. I went in several times to get my key to the clubhouse fixed and it still doesn't work after living there for a year. The WiFi was absolutely horrible and I didn't like having to walk super far and cross the street to the bus stop.

The community is nice, no problems there. The waterpipes tend to be very loud when using the sink or flushing the toilet. The noise occurs very often, at least several times a day.

Overall satisfied with the Cottages. There has been some updates but there has also been some lacking in certain areas. But overall I really don't have any complaints

Overall a good experience. The main issue was the condition of the house at the beginning of the year. Maintenance was easy to contact, and they came in a timely manner.

The cottages have been my home for my past 2 years of college. For the most part, it has been a good experience. Overall, I have enjoyed living here!

Nice place overall, but right when we moved in many things in the house were broken. Still don’t have a working microwave or sink and it’s been a week. There’s a hole in our front door that they never fixed too.

Management could be better. I have asked multiple times to get some things changed and they have yet to fix it. Some of the workers don’t seem to know everything

Not good with repairs. They are slow to fix anything in the house and it is hard to find someone that is educated. They seem to have a lack of communication in the staff.

Apart from the gates never being closed my entire lease and I honestly did not feel 100% safe I did enjoy my time here at the cottages. I met a ton of people and had a great time

The maintenance staff is very nice and helpful. They go above and beyond when we sent in a request to fix something. Also, the amenities are so worth using.

It is not bad living here other than the maintenance and the people at the office. Also, the fact that things are always broken in the club house kind of sucks. I love the pool but they just change the rule to where they will not let you into the pool if you do not live there. Which is very stupid because you can not bring multiple friends to the pool.

I enjoyed living here for 3 years but the office is extremely unorganized with paperwork and would charge us the wrong amount for rent. The maintenance also takes a while to fix the problems with the house.

living in the cottages has been okay overall. The houses seem cheaply made and there is a light in our house that doesn’t stay lit no matter if maintenance replaces it. The management at the office has gotten better. The ellipticals and/or treadmills seem like they don’t work most of the times I go in there.

It’s a very nice place to live but so far the maintenance has been terrible. My closet has been broken for 3 weeks, I’ve been to the office 4 times about it, put in 2 maintenance requests, and still nothing has happened.

The Cottages of College Station is a friendly neighborhood with decent amenities. Units are pretty good for what you pay for. Socially, this is the spot to be, but management could be better..

management is such a huge problem here. Other than those business issues, it’s been a great place to live! Hence why I give it half of 6 stars!

It is a nice neighborhood to live in as a college student. The printers never work and when they do, they are very very slow. Staff is always changing in the office and they never respond to emails.

Good amenities. The staff changes a lot so it is hard for them to correct billing mistakes. It just wasn't the place for me. If you like apartment style living and don't want a huge space to upkeep you will like the cottages

This place is great to live at. Friendly staff and management. The internet is the only down fall that i have found so far. But other than that, come live at the cottages