I have lived here for two years my neighbors are great and everyone's look and takes care of over each other. Everyone is very polite. Office personnel has changed but I have liked how they listen to concerns and getting things done.

The maintenance staff here really strives to keep the community here clean. I'm always seeing them clean. Clean environment makes happy residents. Thanks keep up the good work.

Office staff is nice. Refrigerator complaint that I put in never got fixed within 12 months. Bri it’s are loud and there were drug dealers upstairs. Other than that if you keep to yourself you’ll be fine!

Great value for money based on location and surrounding areas. Great for pets and students that are living on a basic or part time work budget

It has been amazing so far. Felicia in office is really amazing. Tony in maintenance team is also really kind. He helped me once to fix the fan in my room when I had no idea how to do it.

I love living at country club Creek I'm glad to call this my home been here for going on 2 years staff is great on site security maintenance does a good job keeping property clean at all times I will recommend these apartments to anyone

We like most of our office people, but they tend to close and open later and earlier than hours indicate. Maintain. Team does good job. Never had anything stolen except from our mailboxes. Love our backyard/park area. Def. best feature.

I just recently moved in the only thing I've seen or noticed is that the trash is a big issue. It just gets piled up and makes the area look dirty and smell like sewage. Other than that its been good.

Though I just moved in with my family. It is a peaceful and quiet environment, close to a lot of amenities. It is very safe for my little boys. I am loving it.

It's good that you have people come preach at the apartments. It's what this neighborhood needs. The activities that you have for children are nice as well.

The maintenance here is amazing, they really care about the safety and atmosphere of the residents. They not only fix things they I have seen been picking up trash making it a cleaner environment.

I believe y'all are doing pretty good here I only been here 11 months but so far it's pretty good my children really like it here so I'm all for it

The apartment complex is very convenient to the grocery stores and other restaurants locally close to downtown my only problem I have here a lot of the kids are uncontrollable

Maintenance is improving by starting to do repairs in timely manner. I've been here for 10+ years and haven't had many problems. I'm very pleased

Thank you for keeping up with the concerns that the residents may have. As we all know to take care of each other and let the office know of any unwanted activity that might me going on.

Could be alot more cleaner. But i mean for the affordable price wat can one expect. I had fleas when i moved in and i didn't bring them. It was terrible.

Great no complaints and as far as office staff if I have a problem it's always first priority I like the urgency. Maintance is always helpful and so is security he help me out one time.

I dislike how sometimes when I try to pay rent there is no one there however everything else is pretty good I do like how fast you guys are when it comes to maintenance repairs

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I've seen improvements within the past year and I'm happy with it!!. Keep up the good work guys!!. The only issue I have is the parking when family visits there's never parking all the visitors are filled but then where towed parking is it's always empty so maybe have better parking

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I'm getting ready to renew my lease so they are great.. I have had bad and good experiences here but overall GOOD. They work fast to fix what you need and they are nice..

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Very professional when speaking with them. Quick responses and follow up. Apartments are reasonably priced and close to many stores and restaurants.

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They are great I love living here it peaceful and they have a nice park for the kids to play at and a nice pool to have a great swim they also have a nice fun to work out

This place is pretty great, and very friendly. They helped me out when I needed somewhere to go last minute. The ladies are always willing to help as soon as you walk in.

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Managers, front desk and maintenance are all very nice and as helpful as possible. The apartments themselves need ALOT of work though. My outlets are so loose that when I plug things in they often just fall out. Also the mailboxes have been broken into twice since I've lived there. The lock on my mailbox has come loose, so several times when I've gone to check it the box was partially open. This seems to be an ongoing problem. These are just a couple little things as examples. There are not near enough visitor spots and several of my friends have been towed. Again the office and maintenence have always been great though.

Property is awesome! My kids love all the things that they do for them during the holiday's...I like the fact that management knows your children and look put for them!