I live here 2 months and I love my apartment. Everything here is brand new. I didn’t have any problem with the apartment yet. They fixed quickly

so far, so good! everything is great and maintenance comes right away, when needed. the staff is wonderful and community is filled with great neighbors

I have loved living here. It’s been quiet, friendly neighbors, and great office staff. Any issues I’ve had they’ve taken the time to communicate and resolve immediately.

I think the complex is comfortable. My only complaint would be those tenants who have pets and do not take care of them. My previous tenants above me would just walk her dog in front of the entry and allow the dog to do its business and then immediately go back into their unit. I have noticed tenants who allow their dog to go onto the patio and urinate and defecate on the patio.

Possible fees were not communicated clearly upon sign up. Not happy about having to pay $35 for having the gas covered $5. That fee is outrageous.

Good customer service. No nonsense type management. Follow the rules and everyone minds their own business. High late fees, so don't pay late. Garbage valet is annoying since there's no dumpster, and trash gets dropped in the night. No where to put smelly stuff aside from front porch. Otherwise no complaints.

A good apartment community, and very pretty. Maybe one of my favorite things about living here is seeing the ducks. It's also a smaller community which is nice, and the staff is courteous and easy to work with.

So far so good! Every time I need something fixed or answered, it is done in a timely matter! We enjoy living here & it’s been a great experience.

Don’t know what to say. Lived here for a couple months. Great community. Office staff are alright. The apartment I have is nice, have such a great view. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A great place to live but i must say the dog poo is a bit of a problem especially the fact that dog owners use the kids playground as a dog park😐

I moved into this apartment about a month and a half ago. So far, everything has been great! I havent seen any of the crazy activity people talk about. And I'm a nightgowl that routinely walks my dogs at 4 in the morning. I've never not felt safe. My one bedroom apartment is HUGE, fits most of the same furniture my house could (minus the bedrooms, of course). All of the people in the front office have been nice, attentive, and easy to work with. Maintenance seems to be on the ball as well! I'm happy here :)

I love the community, the area is beautiful and the apartmentswelling are really nice inside. The managers are amazing as well, they are friendly and work with your account special needs.

Love apt size and layout. Rent plus lots of fees though. We pay hoa feed, but don't own, no voice in deciding what goes on in community. Office staff is nice, but owners making bang since we pay lots of their overhead

I have been very pleased and happy with alora she is way past my hero. she has went far and beyond in helping me with what ever my issues have been example grounds being picked up when trash was everywhere working with me on late fees and utilitys garbage disposel dish washer and water heater/furnace I cant nor will i ever have enough to say about this young lady and trust me that I will mention this to all i know as well as going on line it does not get better you are the best alora

Great area,good neibors, friendly little community ,good service tech's and good response to my repair orders ! Looks like a lot of new work being updated on property!

The apartment is nice with new appliances. The Vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood is hard to move things around but beyond that I love the apartment.

Very quite and peaceful complex and every one has been very courteous since we have moved in. The office has been very helpful and patient with answering all the questions we’ve had as well.

I haven't lived there very long so I don't have a lot of feedback good or bad. I like having a place to take my dogs to let off their leash, and seems to be a very pet friendly area.

Nice place and good staff, the garbage situation sucks and dealing with laundry if you don't have hook ups is horrible. There are laundry facilities and they charge per load. You have to pay for valet trash removal and everything has to be bagged (including boxes). The location is great, it's just off of state street and has easy access to the freeway. Utilities are a little pricey and rent is a little more expensive than it should be (it recently went up).

The apartments and all of the rooms are very nice, there were a lot of maintainence issues when we first moved in but they got fixed as soon as we put in the work orders.

They have the best staff and the apartments are very nice. I love that they always have the walks cleaned of snow and ice before anyone has to walk on them and the maintenance crew are fast and reliable, they are they best!

I am very happy with my new living conditions.I would refer country lake apartments to anyone who wants a comfortable and quiet place to live.

Nice place to live!!! Dog Friendly!!! Many gardens, in parking lots it is big, there is a place for dogs to play and the units are big and comfortable!

Leasing management is really friendly, I love my apartment the grounds are well kept and beautiful. It's away from the main stretch of road and freeway.

Came and fixed a leak under my sink thank you for being so quick,im also greatful you cleaned up befor you left.thank you for doing it wile i was gone,with permission