Wonderful staff and they will work with almost all needs. Minor complaints involving things with the community electric and water. These fees are a little high.

for the short time i have been here i am surprised at how quiet it is very peaceful friendly people and a great staff i enjoy the grounds i hope it stays this way

I like it here at Country Lakes. The office staff is friendly and helpfull. For instance, I'm disabled, and can't always walk to the office, sometimes my nurses schedual doesn't always work out, Jenny sends someone to my apt to pick up my rent check. The maintenance staff is usually here within minutes of talking to them.

I like the location and have been here for a long time, just wish my rent would not steadly increase with no benefits given to residents. I see more people moving out than staying.

I moved in to Country Lake a just over a month ago. I really love my apartment! It is very dog friendly here, yet there is very little barking. It is a very quiet complex. I have had only a couple of minor issues with the apartment, and they were dealt with within a day of my reporting them. I do wish the pond was a little cleaner, that is really my only complaint. Overall, I would definitely recommend this complex!

Very peaceful community. very friendly staff and helpful. Pet friendly you cane never go wrong with that working on some up grades can't wait to see the results

Nice place but too many fees and additional charges that were not expected. Makes rent more then advertised. Not happy being charged double for garbage pick up. Should have kept the dumpsters.

The ladies who are in the office are very nice,the men who fix the appartments are very fast at trying to fix any problems,my dogs are happy here

It has been alright , thing could of course get better. But its home. The pond is a great feature if it was cleaned and maintained. Parking can be a hassle.

The community is clean and quite. The staff has been very freindly and helpful. It is pet friendly, and we love the amenity of the bark park. The trash valet is nice feature also.

It is a really nice place to live. Pretty quiet. The one thing that has been annoying me lately is their office hours! My packages always come when I am at work (which happens to be their exact office hours) and so I have to wait until Saturday to receive my packages. However, the girls in the office are really friendly. I locked my keys in my house one morning before work and I they got me a spare ASAP so I could get in and get to work! The "CAM" fees are ridiculous though. I really have no idea what we are paying for, and it's usually between $30-50 a month. The pool JUST opened up for summer use a couple of weeks ago because they were "remodeling" however I have never seen any type of work being done (and it's still not remodeled). The grass does get cut regularly. You get charged for "pest control" however, they do not do any type of preventative pest control, just address problems that are already existing. A nice couple in my building sprayed my balcony for spiders, as well as the back grass area because they said they had black widows in their apartment last year. All of this sounds quite negative, but all in all, we really enjoy living here. Would be good for a small family.

great place to live nice environment. love taking my baby to the park and i plan to renew my lease staff are great only complaint is the laundry room

This is a great place for families. It has great service people and everything is well taken care of. Very very pool and great space to take walk.

You are doing awesome. You have been able to work out of the apartment that you show while the office is being renovated. Plus you got the pool up and going. Its seeing lots of action with the heat being so hot its one way to cool off..keep up the awesome job and wonderful improvements

Great apartments to stay for families. Awesome pool and a very nice park. Also Good views depending where your apartment is facing lol. Great dog park.

I really love this place moved to Utah from California feels like a big upgrade can't complain we have had some problems with the down stars for beaing to noise.

The pond needs work. There needs to be at least one dumpster on the property because the garbage guys will not pick up boxes. Maintenance responds pretty fast to work orders and the stafff is friendly.

Clean community. Management is great in regard to maintenance, yet they don't seem to follow through with complaints. Also, Police are called every week so the people aren't the greatest.

The gate is never locked, window don't block any sound, sound proofing isn't up to par. TheStaff is good but are hard to reach. I don't like that you have to pay extra just to use onsite laundry.

I love the area and maintance is fast to respond to any kind of issue. I would love to stay here another year. I do think cam fees run a little high.

Ive been here for 8 years now, and the office staff we have now is the best yet. Jenny and Aloura are very friendly and helpful. Maintence is very friendly, and is always here within 24 hours of calling. I just renewed my lease for another year.

Moving in was fine but there were a lot of broken things in he apartment. The only complaint is their are neighbors blaring music till 2 a.m.

So far it has been a great place to live. I LOVE my apartment. ITS PERFECT. I am just really bummed that my parking stall is two buildings away from my unit. Otherwise. This place is great.

This is a very good way the office can be more friendly. Giving incentives for us to earn rewards makes me want to stay here longer! Love it

My husband and I have really enjoyed living here. It is a quiet area and we rarely hear our neighbors unless we are out on the porch. The reason that I am not giving Country Lake 5 stars is because of the proximity to a grocery store. It is really inconvenient to go grocery shopping, however, this does contribute to the quietness and neighborhood feel of the complex. The trash valet service is pretty awesome, however we you need to take out the trash ASAP (like something smelly) a dumpster would be very nice! All in all, we are really happy to be living here and will be staying until we move out of SLC.