I don't know yet. I haven't moved in yet. I move in next thursday. Everyone at the Courts at Springmill Station has been very helpful so far.

Lack of communication on issues such as elevator not working. Too many emails about pointless things. There has never been a meet and greet with the new staff.

Unfortunately I have not been able to meet plenty of my neighbors since the community does not do enough activities for us to get to know them. The amenities are nice.

a little too expensive and management is not willing to work with residents on price increases. they say they are resident friendly but don't

Amenities were promised to us shortly after our move-in but were not completed until around four months after that date. Extremely loud train noises have seriously impeded our ability to sleep and enjoy our apartment, but management has not been flexible with our lease terms.

My expectations about Spring Mill have not been met. Now that things are finally coming together I am happier, but it was a very rocky start. I still feel like I have a couple unresolved issues with management and in general have not been treated well by management. Management doesn't care about me.

The nicest people here are the maintenance workers. I have had all good experiences with them. Everyone else doe not seem to care about residents. Yeah everything looks nice & new, but that's out weighed by the quality of staff

The advertising banner flags outside on hector street are soooooo loud in the wind! It makes windy nights very challenging to sleep through.

Move in was kind of difficult and we ended up throwing out the couch, but it’s been fine so far. Amenities are the best part. The gym is really nice. It would be nicer if the amenities were available 24/7. Everything stops having access by 10pm

The amenities here are great (when they are working which is not often). When brought to the attention of the property manager she replies with attitude and excuses as to why they are not fixed. Aside from that negative aspect the location and floor plans are wonderful!

It'd be awesome if we could get the door fixed on Station Road. 4 months and counting. I, for the life of me, can not understand what could be so difficult about fixing this issue.

Overall nice apartment. Maintenance is great, but the construction company could've done a better job. I love the location and the amenities.

Pros: close to train, family friendly neighborhood, central to may other places commuting wise, quick and skilled maintenance staff Cons: managed very poorly/poor policies in place, loud train and fire station sounds all hours, poor insulation from floors above

Great apartment. I enjoy the shared spaces since I work remotely. Disapointed w/state of washing machine (moldy) and carpet (stained) upon move in (was shared w/management & they responded, thank you). Prices are very high for the location unless this is the new Brooklyn ;-) Love office staff, they are always friendly. Maintenance staff are also always friendly and responsive. I appreciate how clean and well kept the outside area is.

I love living here as the maintenance and proximity to the train station is great. They also do a great job with having events for residents and other little perks. Number 1 complaint is how easy noise travels through the walls. Also, it’s pretty pricey for Conshy.

The experience has been good so far, although we've faced our challenges. The office members are quick to respond to any maintenance orders but we have had rodents 3 times. The staff responded that the issue was resolved, and the past 3-4 weeks since have returned us back to normal. Overall, pleased with the Courts apartments!

Just wish there was a dog park on site. I like that it is dog friendly. The office is very niceasy and friendly. Wish the front doors were left open at least during office hours, because of my dog Walker.

Living at the courts has been an decent experience. Pro: The amenities are great. Con: The rent renewal amounts are astronomical and the walls are thin in which you can clearly hear your neighbors.

All the amenities are nice and the apartment has been as advertised. Snow removal could be a bit better, and there was an issue with water usage earlier.

close to the train. Neighborhood is otherwise bland. Very poorly built a moment, he can hear everything in the apartment above and it’s very disruptive to sleep. The cleaning staff is amazing, the place is kept very nicely. The front desk is OK but all of them can be very ru very poorly built apartments, he can hear everything from the apartment and is very disruptive to sleep. The cleaning staff is amazing, the place is kept very nicely. The front desk is OK and can be very rude.

Great service from maintenance team and office staff. Winter has brought along some noisy pipes and I am hoping there is a long term plan for a fix to this recurring issue.

This is a really lovely place to live. Safe, quiet, clean, great maintenance team and service, front office staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s only down side is that it’s too expensive, a one bedroom with a view of a parking lot in Conshohocken is not a value of more than $1750 per month...it’s over inflated pricing, but I guess if you can get residents to pay that then why not, but it’s the reason I won’t be staying past my current lease.

The building is quiet and comfortable. Parking is super convenient, access to the Schuyllkill River trail is great, and the office staff are super helpful.

Nice community! Great amenities and office staff. They really try to make it a nice place to live. Having covered parking on your floor is the best

Office staff is very helpful. There have been multiple issues with garage, elevators and not receiving the energy bill. It would be more helpful to hear updates on not receiving bills for over 2 months and the reason for this. Overall, a good experience living in Spring Mill.