My living arrangement has been good all year long and so far no negative experience on my end. I like all the activities The Cove has for us residents as well.

The best place to live going to Coastal. Everything included. Fully furnished . Not the cheapest but close enough to campus to be close to everything and everybody at school.

The cove has been a nice place to live. I like the size of my room and living area. The pool is great, and i also like the main office. I go in from time to time just to relax.

I like that we are close to campus. I am offended that I received a $100 gift card and my roommates received other higher amounts. #rigged other wise I love it, keep up the good work!!!

The cove is a nice place to live. The room setups are nice and large. When I moved in my place was clean besides a couple spots on the rugs but overall my experience here has been great

The apartment and community is nice just a little small. The gym is nice for an apartment gym and the pool is very nice. The only thing that could make it better is a hot tub.

I am loving my experience at the cove at coastal Carolina. I love that the community is clean and the employees are nice. I do wish the gym was bigger and that we had better updated equipment but it is still nice. Also the cable could be better.

The cost is a wonderful factor along with a great sized apartment. Being fully furnished it made it another great option. The community is super friendly along with the staff being super helpful always.

Very nice apartment. It was clean when we moved in, new furniture, TV included, as well as washer and dryer. Internet is good as long as you connect to the wifi.

Great customer service from management . The amenities are nice and up to date. The apartment was clean on move in day. Maintenance requests are completed quickly

Great living spaces, great amenities and a great management system! Office is always ready to answer questions and the rooms were well furnished.

I’ve had a great time living at the cove, the staff is always very helpful and sweet. I’ve never had any major problems during my stay and if I had any problems at all, they’ve always been taken care of in a great manner.

The cove has been a wonderful place to live. I really enjoy the furnishing and pet friendliness. The staff is helpful and happy, and the maintinencce team responds quickly.

They are CURRENTLY under new management and I haven't had a problem yet. They have lots of activities for the students such as outdoor movie night and bingo night. Free food is provided. I visited a friend who stayed here and thought the rent was too much. I stayed at other apartments in the area and none compare to the Cove. It's worth the price and peace of mind since they have the electronic access from doors which I believe are bulletproof. Not trying to scare anyone but it's just to show that no one can STEAL from your apartment unless you leave your DOOR UNLOCK. They email you before they MOVE ANYONE in and they email you their contact information A Little downside is you smell dog poop very often because the residents won't clean up behind their dogs. Other than that it's perfect.

It is a good place that the location is near the university bus station. Student who study in Coastal, here is the best choice to live. We all have a good time here.

Generally great, no real complaints most issues resolve themselves in a few days. I think that the cove is the perfect place to spend my final two years of school.

I’ve lived here for almost 2 years now and nothing has disappointed me yet. There’s always friendly staff to greet you and management is prompt to fix everyone’s needs.

It’s a nice alternative to living on campus. The people are nice. Maintenance is a little bit slow. My door has been broken for 2 months and no one has come yet to fix it.

The cove is such a nice, clean, quiet place to live. Maintainance is quick and efficient. Employees are always kind and know what they are doing.

The amenities and the proximity to Coastal Carolina University are why I chose to live here, as well as the closeness I would have living near my friends. However, some of the appliances have a tendency to be broken easily, such as the washers and driers, and the sinks and showers get clogged very easily.

I really enjoy the apartment complex and how quiet it usually is. The front office staff and maintenance staff are always very nice and helpful.

No complains so far and been here 5 months now. Maintenance is really quick to respond. The office will always message you when they need to contact you about a package or information they need.

I love it! I have been a resident at The Cove for two years now. Its veryquiet, my roommates are amazing, and I love my view of the pool. ❤️

Honestly such a great complex. Rooms are very nice and spacious. Pool is always nice on a hot day. Great for me too being a coastal student, easy bike ride down the street. love it

Pretty good apartment so far. Staff has been friendly and has been helpful when needed. Internet has been pretty spotty even after the updated speeds which can be a hindrance to getting schoolwork done.