I've really enjoyed living at The Cove for a variety of reasons. I love how close it is to Coastal's Campus. I also really like the pool area and gym. The staff is very friendly as well.

Living in The Cove is actually pretty fun! They have a lot of activities in the clubhouse for residents to attend & sometimes there’s prizes you can win. The staff if very helpful and friendly. Everything gets fixed within a timely manner with maintenance.

I enjoy living at the cove. The workers are very friendly, especially Adrienne C. She has helped me along the way with everything. She is truly the best

I love living at the Cove because it has access to the shuttle and it is pretty quiet at night. I feel safe here. I look forward to living here next year!

Best student housing in Conway!!!! The staff is amazing and always there to fix and issue that may occur! The property is always kept very clean and the maintenance teams are always prompt and fast and solving problems.

I absolutely love living at the Cove! It is so nice being on CCU's trolley route while having a quiet and well-kept neighborhood. Both the office staff and maintenance are super helpful and available whenever you need them! I highly recommend living here!

i love living in this community. I feel both connected to the neighborhood and connected to the school due to its location being so close to campus. The staff is awesome.

The cove has a prices that can't be beaten with utilities, etc being included in rent. It's just as close as UP is to main campus! I love it ! I love it !!

Very friendly community, rent is reasonable for the area. The Cove is close to campus and is definitely an upgrade from student housing. Great game room and pool area as well!

The Cove is a super nice place to live. Not only is it a great place to live, but everybody there are so sweet and kind. Can only recommend people to come and live here!

amazingly great. I love it here. Everyone is so nice and broken things get fixed fast. I don't know many people here,but the cove has made it their priority that I make new friends

Within these past couple of months I have gotten to know The Cove staff and they know me. Whenever I need something done they have no hesitation to help. Being a college student away from all her friends and family is rough. But you make new friends here, and on beautiful days we use the grill and hang by the pool to relax. Plus on rainy days we have fully equipped kitchens so bake and make popcorn for movie nights. It was not be for everyone but it is for me until I graduate!

As a whole, I'm super excited to be moving to the cove. I love that it's kept clean and quiet for the most part and just an overall nice area!

Everything about the cove is perfect. I couldn't Sk for a better place to live!!! The staff is super friendly and helpful. Maintenance is fast responding and the amenities are awesome.

Fun place to live, I love the pool and the atmosphere is great. Nice and quiet and there's always something to do. Very happy I chose to live here

It's going good so far. Still new to this , ready to move in to my apartment. It's a totally new environment. New friends and people. Ready for move in date .

This is a nice way to connect with potential apartment lookers. Also I've never heard of community rewards! It's pretty cool, I hope this is legit.

Almost two weeks after having received the noise complaint, my roommates and I got an email asking if we had heard the loud music as well, as if we would remember two weeks later. The community is nice, but it wasn't enough to keep me for another year.

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i love the pool and the apartment area. very nice furniture. I love how close it is to coastal Carolina university and a convenient store. The people are so nice and friendly and will help me with everything I need

I heard so many great things about The Cove and that's what made me want to call it home. They are so nice, helpful and every informative. Throughout the entire process they kept me updated and in contact with me. None of the other apartments did that! Thank you The Cove for your outstanding customer service. I cannot wait to move into my new home in August!!

I like living here for the most part but I feel like some of the things that you guys give us in the rooms are old and not up to par with where they should be.

Great neighbors and friendly community. Always gets help from the management when needed. Also easily assessable to pool, gym, volleyball, and grill

I've been living at the cove for 2 years. The staff and amenities are great. The only problems that I have had were with the people that live above me. They are extremely loud. I have complain numerous times to to office, but the people living above me do not care about getting fined from noise complaints.

The best apartment complex to be if you want a clean and friendly environment. I have enjoyed living here for over a year now, and am looking forward to summer 17 at the cove.

I love living at the cove! The rates are the best in the area! The staff is super friendly and always there to help no matter what the issue is.