Everything is done in a good time frame. Well taken care of I would ask anyone to come to my home with felling embarrassed on where I leave and how it looks

Take away the patio rules and fix the peeling bath tubs and the random crime and the place would be 4 stars. 3 stars is being generous. Getting security helped a little.

The property itself is nice. It is located in a nice area with many grocery stores, and restaurants around. I would highly recommend for a friend!

I’ve been here for 4+ years. I’ve gotten to know different staff over the years. They are always trying to update a few things here and there. I love how they always have something going on in the office for the residents. The staff is awesome. The only reasons why I renew is the staff, convenience around the area and the price.

Reply from Coventry Square


I have lived here going on three years the carpets in my apartment needs to be removed, and it needs to be repainted!!! I feel like that should be something that they do for their residency!

A lot of maintenance ,also apartment is not clean there is a lot of bug running around even when they come to spray ,in my apartment,especially when with my a/c it’s extremely annoying with the noises

I been here 2 years now and the administration is great the apartments are great I just wish they was a little cheaper for the one bedrooms but its ok and I feel you guys should have cameras for the safety of the apartments but overall everything is quite and peaceful

I actually like it quite a bit. I was very hesitant at first, especially regarding the old reviews I’d seen. At first we moved in and there was a slight pest problem. With upkeep, and routine maintenance we had it nipped in the rear around 2 months in. Highly thinking about renewing our lease, but we’ll have to see when the new addition comes!

I love the people there so friendly and helpful. Very good price on the apartment not much wrong with my apartment I’m ins love with it. Good location not loud people there respect everyone.

So far I have had a good experience withe the management here. Ashley has been great . My son loves the pool he wants to swim everyday. Nice property

Honestly, most of the year wasn’t pretty good. I was able to live comfortably. But looking back on it, there were so many small issues and at the end some big issues. We had to submit so many maintenance requests in the one year we’ve loved by here (about 15 I believe). Many of them were flat out ignored. A part of our fridge and one of our windows were cracked the entire time I lived here because no maintenance ever cane to fix it. I waited 4 months for the buzzer on my dryer to be fixed and when it finally was, my washer broke. Bigger issues were that there was a mistake where our floors got shampooed while I wasn’t gone instead of 502 at another complex. The shampoo was bad but the clear lack of accountability and care that the maintenance worker who gave them the keys without checking has made me feel unsafe for the rest of my stay. And finally, our mailboxes have been getting broken into. I found out about two weeks ago when I went to check my mail and it was wide open. I’ve found since then that this isn’t a repeated offense that has been happening for a while and hasn’t continued to happen. Even though I expressed concern about my mail going missing about a month before finding out, no one thought to tell me. The residents were never notified that there wasn’t an issue. I had to be told after asking to get my mail from the post office. But it did not include any of the missing mail. I talked to Ashley, expressed how upset I was and asked to report the stolen mail, but as I told her exactly what I knew was missing she just expressed concern, never wrote anything down, and made it clear the apartment complex was taking no responsibility as she kept trying to blame the mail man even though the apartment is responsible for security. I tried to contact the property manager and I got one follow up from Ashley about it and then nothing else. So much is dropped and forgotten. It is clear to me that no one that works here has any concern for the residents. I am unhappy, and do not feel safe. I am moving as soon admin possible.

Been here for 6 years or more. Love the location and everything is so convenient. The staff has been amazing. Love my home. The schools are excellent. My daughter finished from Cy Falls and has gone to college.

So far so good everything looks good. Everything looks good. Like it so far... getting the hang of it growing to like it.. my so likes it...

it has not been the greatest I hope it changes. before moving in the girls at the office gave me wrong information, the manager is never at the office

My experience so far has been ok. The area is clean and very quiet. The people that I have encountered are nice. The front office is very prompt and helpful.

Nice rooms, quick responses, and good management. They leave you to your space and are very understanding when it comes to your situation. They really try to help

The apartment size is nice the community is pretty chill the only thing I would change about this place is the parking but other than that I wouldnt change anything else

I haven’t quite moved in yet but , Ashley is a great worker who goes above and beyond to assure that you are taken good care of. She is the best!!

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Resident for years. The staff is friendly and great. Have problems every now and then with the neighbors. Other than that I can’t complain about anything else.

Los apartamentos de Coventry son comodos, buenos precios, tranquilo y estan al pendiente de los detalles. Me encantan. Gracias por su trabaj

This place is paradise compared to our last apartment. It’s quiet, there is always parking, maintenance is so nice and the day you call, office staff so very helpful, and the apartment itself is just great.

No roaches but the bathtub drain clogs after a day or two of it getting "fixed", and I can hear my neighbor upstairs moving around a lot. So 3 stars

Most recommend , clean , organized an quick with Maintenance , extremely friendly , love the idea of security with gated community. Affordable as well

I enjoy living in this neighborhood and apartments. I like a nice and quiet area to live at. That's why I decided to stay for as long as I did. But, sometimes the maintenance on certain major task can take awhile to get done.