Been living here a little over two years and we love it. Good maintenance, they always there when you need them and the employees are friendly and are always ready to help

I'm a new resident and new to Houston. The location is perfect with easy access to anything on highway 6 and 290. It is a reasonable price for a good community.

Neighborhood is good. I really like the maintenance, they stay on top of things. Plus to convenience of being by Studio Movie Grill, and shopping centers.

I love it here it’s quite & they are pet friendly, & I live almost next to the pool & that’s pretty cool to. I tell you come to Coventry square

I read the reviews before I moved in,but I took the chance anyways and im surprised. Nice and quiet here. So far so good and I been here for six months. The staffs are very nice and helpful. 😁

The events and conditions have been wonderful! I’ve had some trouble getting maitence requests completed accurately in a timely manner. But other than that, I have no complaints!

i love this complex! it is very quiet and well maintained the people in the front office make you feel at home and they are so sweet its the same thing everyday nothing different or no fronts the way you feel when you come is the way it always is <3 like home

This is how it all started 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🥰😘 Now we have 3 beautiful children together and through thick and thin if nobody else loves me I know for FACTS Jerrold does ❤️ he’s my better half 😍 8 years in 🥰 we were 15 when this happened 🤫🤷🏼‍♀️

It's not too bad actually. People are pretty friendly, management is knowledgeable and patient. And I'm happy because I have my own space for once. Hopefully it stays that way!

I have been at Conventry Square for about 6 years. My experience has been pretty good. The staff always take care of maintenance quickly. They are also very friendly. There are always things going on for their residents for every holiday. Have enjoyed living here. Would recommend the Conventry Square Apts for a convenient and good place to live.

Quiet place. Love it here very affordable. Yes I would recommend this place for my thing j would is to for them to update 3 stars

have lived here since Nov 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of it ,its people friendly and staff make you feel special. All needs are met in a timely manner I really feel at home thank you.

I love when ever I need maintenance I don’t have to wait all day. The apartment complex is quite and I love that. Your residence that I’ve met in this apartment complex or willing to help you out.

Price is reasonable. Staff is great! I don’t like that I see people selling drugs across from and the amendies or none existent. I like the location as well.

It's a good location , and they answer requests quickly. It's fairly quiet and a nice place to live . Unfortunately no lights in the bedrooms but still looks nice .

Well, it is certainly not half bad. My wife is able to work at the Kroger across the street and we don't have to venture far to see a movie.

It’s a good place use to live her with my mom and she worked here before she passed away so it’s like being with her again just remember all the memories

The move in process was easy filling out the application was even easier with the help of the workers. This is my first time ever renting an apartment and i thought it was going to be so hard but it was super easy thanks to them ! :)

Current leasing and maintenance staff are nice and helpful. Location is ideal and the rent price is not too bad. Apartments are average but liveable.

I like the washer and dryer, it's very quiet, it's very safe. The staff at the office is very friendly and helpful. The location is not too far from the freeway. And l like that.

Apartments are very nice, reasonable price and office staff are very friendly and helpful I will recommend people to stay here if they just want a fresh start or just a place to call home.

I've lived here for a year and a half now, and I haven't had a single issue. Those at the office are kind and very helpful and I've enjoyed the experience.

Some of the residents don't adhere to rules to clean up after their pets. Wish the apartment had video cameras to monitor the areas where pets are walked.

My experience was exceptional they made me feel right at home attitude is very pleasant always & remembers their residents names always greeted with Ms. Glad I chose to live here it's very quiet

Everything has gone smoothly since moving in a month ago. When I let them know about the few issues in the apartment, workers came that day.