As usual, some tenants drop their trash all over the place and even on the highway. Some are very noisy and disrespectful of others. Some of the gutters need attention as when it rains, water pours in the walkway.

So far so good except the occasional weed smell but that's not the facilities fault, peoples choices. But again it's an apartment building. Staff are helpful.

Love this community!! It’s very peaceful/quiet, the grounds are clean, the neighbors are friendly, the office staff is professional & responsive.

Its quiet and calm . I like the peaceful enviorment and the atmosphere. Stay to myself and rarely hear anything negative . I think I've picked great

I’ve enjoyed being 3 year resident at Creekside Vista. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because the gym could be 24/7 and have better equipment. I also didn’t like the fact that in order to move to another unit within the complex you had to do the application process over again. That seems really redundant and ludicrous. Maintenance is very helpful and usually comes quickly if there is an issue.

It is a convenient location to Decatur and is right next to 285. Noise levels in the warmer months can be loud because other residents play music too loudly or are loud in common areas. Maintenance staff is good about responding quickly to work orders and office staff is friendly.

Great place to live very convenient And quite loving nice need to clean brezzy way though need grass in some parts dog need and area to used the restroom instead of neighbor house

I absolutely love my new home. The grounds are clean, the atmosphere is calm & quiet, the access gate is functional, & the staff has been more than responsive & helpful.

I love my new place!!! It's very quiet and peaceful you don't hear anything from other neighbors.The stuff is very helpful and very friendly they always answer the phone and if there's a problem they handle it right away. I love love love my new place 🤗🤗🤗

Excellent,Enjoy living here,apartment are well maintained by a friendly and professional staff members who are very knowledgeable and experience in what it takes to manage the complex

I love living at Creekside Vista. The staff in the leasing office are friendly and always handles my request in a timely manner. I love it!!

I've been at creekside vista for several years and I absolutely love it here! The maintenance staff is great, they always handle things quickly and are always so kind. The grounds are well maintained, my apartment is lovely and spacious.

I get the piece and quit I need to relax. Plus I'm only 20 minutes from all the activities downtown and since I'm veteran 20 minutes from the VA hospital short drive to a variety of shopping.

I enjoy living at Creekside. Creekside is close to my church and family members. This is a great location for me because it's close to I-20 and I-285.

For what I’m paying I would expect a little better appliances but over tall it’s good sometimes noisy and other neighbors that’s not considerate as well.

Apartment is nice and spacious. I like the high ceilings. Living on the bottom floor in the back by the woods is not ideal for bugs and use of patio. There are some problems with random things going wrong in the apartment like a rusted garbage disposal and some knobs missing, but the maintenance guys are usually prompt and able to fix it.

For some reason each year they want more and more fore a unit that is in less demand each year. And of course I am the man in the middle that always gets played. but I love the Atmosphere Here!!!!!

Nice place it was great living here if I had to mi r bs k I would and the manger and mangment was good as a whole I can’t complain about anything

I’ve been a resident here for 3 years and I have enjoyed every year. The grounds are kept nicely, the resident manager is so helpful, and I feel very safe here.

The staff is amazing! I love Shonda she is so helpful.... everything about the apartment the amenities, the layout, the community is ideal. My experience here so far has been great!

I feelnits very quiet I was skeptical at first but I'm loving the peace ans quiet I love the atmosphere and my neighbors. Nobody bothers and my neighbors are wonderful and nice

I love the complex been there 3 weeks no problems . its quite and a close cummute its freeway acess 7 min from krogers aldis sonics etc i would recommend this to any one.

I really love it here. Peaceful environment. Shonda is an angel from heaven. And I love the gated community. Thanks maintenance for fixing my air so fast. I was promised that I would be happy here. Thank you for telling the truth.

I love living here at Creekside Vista. I've been living here for three years and never had a problem. The staff in the leasing office is friendly and all my maintenance problems are always dealt with in a reasonable manner.

The apartment itself is lovely but the area leaves a bit to be desired. If I hear a motorcycle revving up and down the parking lot at 2:00 AM one more time, I don't know what I'll do. The gate is often broken (Not that it serves more than an aesthetic purpose anyway since people will often follow you in or drive in through the exit gate after you come out) and people like to throw trash wherever they feel like. The stairs are often a mess to the point where I have gone out and swept them myself only to find trash and spilled food on them shortly after. Also, it's not so great to come home on a Friday evening and find that every parking space near your building is full because someone has a bunch of guests over and they decided to park in all of the close spaces. I think if I just stayed inside all of the time, I would probably not have too many complaints. Again, the apartment itself is pretty. A large living room window, walk in closets, high ceilings. We rarely get roaches and if we do, it just takes one request to the office. Whoever it is they send out to spray must have some good stuff because we don't see any more bugs for the rest of the season. Also, the pool is cute. I've been swimming in it a couple times.