I love the cleanliness of the apartment complex. The staff is excellent and always tends to my needs. The location is wonderful. The amenities are up to par!!

First day/night in my new place pretty cool. Already met some of my neighbors and they are pretty friendly. So far so good. Walk through was also better than I expected. I LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT HERE !!

If the issues in the apartment would properly be addressed I would give them 5 stars. I’m just not happy about repeatedly needing to call about issues

Managing and Maintenance staff great! They are very friendly and seem to care about me and my concerns. I can always depend on them to get things done.

Love the amenities! Quiet, Peaceful, Relaxation!! I just love the property management! They are very responsive and on time with things ! Great Customer Service!

3 stars only because they keep thanking me for choosing them for 5 years by raising my rent each year. No rewards for being a loyal resident but increase in rent

its cool living here, appliances in non renovated units are a little old. gate buzzer is too loud. neighbors complain about any noise. first building observations though.

Anything that broke was looked at that day or the next and everybody has Smiles on their faces very pleasant people I really enjoyed my experience.

Safe and quiet neighborhood. Great play area and pool for the kids. Well kept workout area ad well as clothing care facility. Good neighbors.

It’s a great community it’s protected by dekalb sheriff office for our safety with great quality and potential and the community values ourselves

Great so far just moved in need a few spots painted but the community is quiet my first night my upstairs neighbor Kids was running but other then that all is well

Upon moving in a month ago I was being harrassed by some neighborhood children knocking on my door and running , when I reported it the first time on a Saturday the staff person whom I tried to get help for this issue was of no help . I was told by her to call the cops because she can’t do anything about the situation because she can’t confront the children. When I went to the office on that Monday to tell of my bad experience with this staff person and the children knocking on my door the two staff members present were extremely helpful and comforting to my issue and resolved the problem.

Is she one of the best apartmentsis one of the best apartments I ever leave in is clean nice laundromat swimming pool in a kids playground it's just great to leave here.

Friendly, Professional Staff. The property is clean and inviting. My apartment is spacious, it is perfect for me. Quick response time whenever I have had a maintenance issue.

I’ve finally found the perfect apartment. Decent rates. Great office & maintenance staff. The gate is NEVER broken. The grounds are always clean. Very peaceful & quiet. I love it!!

Very welcoming staff. Home is amazing. View from patio is great. Neighbors mind their business, everyone kind of to themselves. Only thing is I wish it came with a microwave lol

Very good neighborhood, clean, peaceful, maintenance right on time. Never has any problems with the apartment. A lot of stairs but I love it

Quiet, roomy,the staff was very nice. The landscaping was clean beside looking out on my balcony seeing so much trash really wasn't a pleasant site to see. Im hoping they have someone to clean this up very soon.

I love the location of this community. Quiet and clean with limited noise. The staff is very helpful and nice. Maintenance staff always get to all work orders in a timely manner with top notch services. I love it here and plan on staying for years to come.

As usual, some tenants drop their trash all over the place and even on the highway. Some are very noisy and disrespectful of others. Some of the gutters need attention as when it rains, water pours in the walkway.

So far so good except the occasional weed smell but that's not the facilities fault, peoples choices. But again it's an apartment building. Staff are helpful.

Love this community!! It’s very peaceful/quiet, the grounds are clean, the neighbors are friendly, the office staff is professional & responsive.

Its quiet and calm . I like the peaceful enviorment and the atmosphere. Stay to myself and rarely hear anything negative . I think I've picked great

I’ve enjoyed being 3 year resident at Creekside Vista. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because the gym could be 24/7 and have better equipment. I also didn’t like the fact that in order to move to another unit within the complex you had to do the application process over again. That seems really redundant and ludicrous. Maintenance is very helpful and usually comes quickly if there is an issue.

It is a convenient location to Decatur and is right next to 285. Noise levels in the warmer months can be loud because other residents play music too loudly or are loud in common areas. Maintenance staff is good about responding quickly to work orders and office staff is friendly.