I find the complex enjoyable and quiet, next to the out of doors. The managers are friendly and helpful. I find the area very peaceful next to the arroyos.

Great place to live! Love the apartment. Living here has been really nice. Neighbors are really nice too. Just wish the prices didn't go up once you want to renew your leasing contract.

Is very clean and super friendly neighbors. The school is so lose to us and the view of the mountains is terrific . The distance to my jobs is 58 min and ti the second is 45min. Exiting from here is so easy and fast to get to work .

It is so nice and quiet at Cuestas! The views are amazing and not to mention the extremely nice staff! The pool area is great and can usually find it to have not a lot of people in it at once.

Very happy with my apartment at Cuestas. Friendly staff and neighbors and the community is very well maintained. I can honestly say that I have no complaints.

You guys have been great with everything since I have moved in. Kelly and Emily have both been great about helping me with holding on to my textbooks when they come. All around been amazing!

My husband and I have been loving our apartment so far! We've been here almost a year and have very few complaints, if any. Our staff is great, the grounds are wonderful, and we love our actual space. Our favorite place we've lived yet!

Love being a part of the Cuestas community, everyone is very friendly. I can call the office and get my questions answered immediately, very helpfully staff.

Everyone is very friendly and the management does a good job taking care of their tenants right away. It's quiet and we have everything we asked for and more. We have a great view.

Apts are clean, warm, inviting. Apt manager and maintenance staff Is phenomenal. The first apt building I've ever lived in that felt like home.

We've really enjoyed our apartment so far! The view from our window is great, and maintenance always responds and fixes problems really quickly! Plus the staff is so great and friendly.

I love Cuestas Apartments. The staff and my neighbors are the absolute best and I've lived all over the country. If I ever need service all I do is place a call and I'm helped the very same day.

Awesome staff and amenities. Love the effort they put in to welcome us to events and issues or questions we have. And maintenance is AMAZING.

I have been living in this community for for 4 years now and I love the location, the neighbors are respectful and I've never had any trouble with office staff or maintenance. They are all very friendly.

Maintenance responds quickly to problems but needs to follow up saying what they did or if they waiting on parts. Overall satisfied with the quiet peaceful area provided

Management is great Kelly is so willing to help and make you feel like family. maintenance is fasting you have a any thing broken it gets done right away

Great community, Kelly is doing a great job and is an awesome landlord! Maintenance crew is friendly helpful and very prompt and professional!

Great management! It's nice and quiet for families. Living room is a bit small but still cozy. Pool is also small. The clubhouse looks newly renovated.

Very responsible staff and well kept area. Friendly neighbors and very quiet. Good lighting on the parking lot. The pool is kept clean and the gym is usually empty.

Love the Community, it is very quiet and comfortable to live in. Always maintaining the community and the pool clean and presentable. The office personnel are friendly.

The staff is super friendly. The apartments are modern, and have a different floor plan. They are very quiet and safe. Love the location and the environment. More updated appliances and counter tops would be nice.

Living here has been awesome. The staff is great and always receive us with courtesy. Maintenance is well kept and we haven't had any problems with our neighbors.

We've only lived here for a few months, but it's been great so far! New Mexico is great, and we love the layout of our apartment. The staff is also super friendly and helpful!

Overall I have enjoyed my experience at Cuestas. The office staff is very friendly and personable. The amenities are pretty good, and the maintenance staff is always quick and effective. I am a little concerned with how often the cops show up at our complex, but that's not really something Cuestas can control.

The service has been friendly since thearly first day. It is pleasant to live in a quiet area where no noise is made and the sense of a private community