Toured the place and signed the next day. I loved the complex and love that their are hiking trails in the back. I can't wait to move in! :)

The apartment community is a lot better than other apartments I've visited. The area is really pretty and I love how they are obsessed with your dogs. Favorite apartment I've lived in.

Although I have not moved in yet I know from the tour that this is going to be an amazing experience. I look forward to getting to know other residents and the staff this upcoming year

Although I haven't moved in, just the tour was amazing to know this place is going to be great! I look forward to moving in and getting to know the staff and residents.

Whether you're a college student or San Marcos local, Dakota Ranch does an excellent job of making everyone feel right at home. You're greeted in the Texas ranch inspired clubhouse with a friendly staff, free freshly brewed coffee, and other surprises often set out throughout the week. The buildings are surrounded by trees, and the complex is just steps away from a 40 acre natural preserve making it perfect for the outdoorsy. Although located just a mile away from the Texas State campus, you enjoy a quiet hill-country experience with a popular coffee shop right down the road

The service and hospitality Dakota Ranch showed my family and I was amazing, and the facility looked to be second to none. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to living at Dakota Ranch.

This is a pretty fantastic apartment complex. The addition of a community rewards program was an excellent decision. The only thing that could be improved is maintenance response time.

Reply from Dakota Ranch


I'm am still just as excited to move in as I was when I first heard of the place. The staff is always very friendly, helpful and interactive with everyone.

Very helpful. Always there for you. Office managers are great. All of the maintenance crews have been exptremely helpful in the case of any repairs.

Dakota Ranch has made my living experience the absolute best! Great amenities, great location, great neighbors, and much more. And the staff is just excellent!

All of the staff are extremely knowledgeable about the apartment and they all care about the residents' needs. I don't think I've ever seen such a proactive staff at an apartment complex.

I recently signed at Dakota Ranch for next year and I couldn't be more thrilled! The staff was very nice and helpful through the process of picking my apartment. Can't wait to move in!

I still really enjoy living out here. It is quiet, the staff is very helpful, and the maint. crew is always very prompt. The amenities are great also! Happy that the business center is open 24hr now!

Dakota Ranch is a perfect location ! Close enough to campus, but squared away enough to not receive any noise complaints . Also great staff !

I haven't moved in yet, but multiple tours of the community and how helpful the staff have been with questions about moving in really make me excited to move in

I recently signed with Dakota Ranch and I was very impressed. I haven't lived there yet, but the grounds looked beautiful which I appreciate because I have a dog. :)

I have yet to move in, but the process for leasing was smooth and easy. I love the apartments and all that is offered. I'm super excited to live here 😜

The staff were very reliable and helpful during the leasing and guarantoring process and the community itself is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to move in!

I think the staff is what puts Dakota above other complexes. Everyone is always ready to help and extremely friendly, it's nice to walk into the office and they know you by name. Since they are pet friendly it seems like almost everyone has a dog, which is great because mine gets that much more socializing time right in our backyard instead of having to travel into town to the city dog park.

So great! Very exited that I will be living here soon and I absolutely cannot wait until I finally move in! I'm certain that I will have a good experience.

Very excited to live here! Staff was very inviting and helpful. The layout itself was amazing and very cozy. The amenities are amazing and the workout room is great.

Thank you for keeping Dakota ranch beautiful. I love showing off my apartment to friends and family. I'm definitely excited to start making my apartment more homey since we renewed our lease 😍

Gives a great opportunity for residents to earn rewards! Super simple and easy to understand and they make it fun along the way. I recommend for any apartment complex.

LOVE these apartments. Beautiful apartments and lovely staff. There is also cool stuff for everybody that lives there like a pool, Gym, and volleyball.

I haven't moved in just yet, but I was thoroughly impressed by all of the amenities and the convenience of the TXST bus shuttle route. Staff is extremely friendly. I even won a prize from the March Madness drawing for signing by a certain time frame. I look forward to moving in for the 2017-2018 school year.