The community is amazing, great people that work here. I love the running trails. The place is very nice and friendly. Everyone is willing to work with you to make sure everything is going smoothly and no rough spots.

Really nice, very good experience so far! So glad that the bus comes directly to the front, it’s very convenient and the amenities are nice and so is the staff.

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live thank you. I can’t wait to live in such a serene and quiet place. Me and my friend are so excited to be living here in august

It’s been nothing but a wonderful experience living here at dakota. Gym always clean, overall grounds as well. Office people are friendly. The trails in the back is a major plus too!!

I can’t wait to move in. All of the amenities seem amazing and the staff is really great. The apartments seem very spacious and very peaceful.

I love the experience I have at Dakota Ranch!! Wonderful, caring staff! The staff is so friendly and guided me around and everything about it is so nice and quiet!

Overall I love living here. Nice and quiet and good amenities. It’s great being so close to nature. However it would be nice if recycling was picked up more often and rules were inforced for dogs more, I step on so much poop.

I love the staff and the apartment complex. It’s so beautiful and definitely comes with more than I expected. I’m super excited to live here in the fall 2018

great experience. i had a great experience. it was a great experience. you will have a great experience. everyone will have a great experience.

Love these apts! They are quiet and Student friendly. They have nice amenities And the apts are very homey. The bus route is very quick and so are maintenance requests!

I love it. everything about dakota ranch excites me. I love the amentitites and the pool blows me away. it has such a home vibe to the place

Love Dakota Ranch and the community. I feel safe and enjoy the feeling of walking around this beautiful complex. Staff and maintenance are very helpful.

Good neighborhood. Very relaxing and quiet place. Friendly office staff. Just wished that the clubhouse was open 24hrs. Love the tv and grill by the pool.

It looks nice the come when you need them to fix something it's all around pretty nice and they offer free coffee that's pretty cool all and all pretty cool

2 year living here. Really quiet area. Great amenities. I like how the gates are closed 24/7. I’ve lived at other apartments with “24/7” gates, but they were open 24/7. DR has lots of fun stuff each month to get the residents out of their apartment and meeting new people!

My resident experience has be been extremely good and yet interesting. My first few weeks went really well and it is only getting better. I can't wait for the future.

I am really happy with the choice that me and my best friends made to live here. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is awesome and easy to get a long with.

I do like this complex, just hoped the apartments would be bigger as the rent is high for such small spaces. Nevertheless, the place is tranquil, safe, and nice.

Dakota Ranch has definitely exceeded my expectations. The staff will know you right off the bat, maintenance is AMAZING! Anytime I put in a work order they come out within an hour or so. I had a broken shelf on my patio and not only did they fix it, but they even organized my stuff on the shelf so I wouldn't have to! The bus is super convenient, less than 10 minutes to get to school. I've lived many places in San Marcos but this is truly my favorite so far. Will be renewing.

So far Dakota ranch has been a wonderful place to live. Staff is very helpful and always nice. There is little noise or disturbance, going along with the community being good people. I've had zero problems so far, and would definitely recommend.

Had a friend that lived here and from that moment really liked it here. No breed restrictions and a dog park for my dog sold me on it, good decision so far

The apartment is amazing, there’s many different amenities to use, and the staff is very friendly, overall a great experience so far here!:)

This place is great. It's not too far from the Texas State University campus. It has a dog park, and a 24 hour gym. The visitors parking is scattered so it's convienent.

Good, tranquil community. Enjoy the grill and tv by the pool. Great amenities, but would like to have the pool table available at night. Great environment

It's been a good experience living here. Nice, tranquil community. Love the grill and the tv by the pool. Good amenities wish the clubhouse was 24/7 to go play some pool..