Staff has been one of the most frustrating parts of this experience, often being short and rude when you go to the office. Don't seem to care about their residents.

Nice and very friendly staff. Apartments aren’t the cleanest however upon move in and security is very low! We frequently have items broken and the doors at the entrances do not fully lock.

It’s an incredible place to live and there is a great sense of community. The apartments are nice and very close to campus as well which is a huge plus!

The District at Campus West has good amenities, a small pool 3 hot tubs, a small gym, computers and free printing. Sometimes they give out free food or other goodies. The rooms are a decent size, bathrooms are nice. The kitchen is large but the living room area is tiny. The apartment is fairly updated, could use some new updates though.

The community is great as far as environment and amenities. The gym could have more equipment as well as more space for movement. The lobby is great!

The manager has been so rude to everyone here. She is now help and yells at all the residents. Our room was a DISASTER on move in and they did nothing about it. The manager needs to GO!

Great except maintenance requests take over two weeks to get completed and there is no longer a place for recycling which is very disappointing.

The number of stars I put down should be sufficient. Typing a 140 character limit is kinda weird but so is a door that looks like someone punched multiple times.

Move in was rockier than I ever expected, but it’s been smooth sailing after getting all the new appliances. Would really appreciate getting that ice maker we were promised but oh well win some lose some. Also it’s pretty loud. Actually really loud? invest in some earbuds

I love the district! Everything is just nice and modern and cute, I love it :) Pool area is so nice and big as well as the study area. The gym is a perfect size and is never too crowded!

It’s been good living here so far! There was a bit of a rocky start when I moved in and my roommates room was a construction zone a completely unlivable. Since then however it has been wonderful!

The districts has a good life to it that you don't find many other places, plus a lot of events that help out. The coffee machine is incredibly handy as well, as long as I can get there when all the cups are out. The hallways could use more color, however, but that's not that big of a deal.

From the first few weeks of living at the Districts, everything has been fantastic so far. My favorite part is having my own bedroom and bathroom but still being part of that "dorm" experience and having roommates to hang out with.

It’s been fairly nice here. It’s a great location and has many great amenities. I love the pool and the personal gym. The tanning bed will be handy in the winter’

Move in was terrible. Lots of things are broken/ damaged. Takes forever to get things fixed. Also takes a while to get ahold of management. Apartments are nice once they are cleaned, however ours was not cleaned before moving in. There was rat poop in our pantry, that's disgusting. However, once we cleaned it on our own after having to wait to move in, the apartment isn't that bad. The location is really the winning factor, everything else could be way better/improved.

So far living at the Districts has been a benefit, it is close to school if you want to walk and the bus comes every 8 minutes if youre feeling lazy.

Its generally pretty great living here. It can sometimes get noisy outside and the internet is a little weird at times but overall, it's good.

I love the Districts soooooo much. The leasing office staff is amazing and so are all of the amenities! Although my room was still dirty, and my washer and dryer doors didn't get put on till a week after move in, I wouldn't want to rent anywhere else.

Overall the place is great but I’m frustrated about the maintenance. We submitted a request 12 days ago about our dryer not working and nothing has happened. We have not been able to do laundry for 12 days and it is the summer time.

So far the environment is very welcoming and safe. The noise is kind of loud at night but overall not too bad. I enjoy the independence of the environment .

The contract signing process was complicated and the office was not super helpful with getting me the best apartment situation. After moving in the location of the apartment is fantastic and the amenities are great. It would be wonderful if the pool wasn’t always closed though.

The front desk staff is amazing, my apartment is surprisingly quiet for a college housing unit, the location is amazing, and I always get quick fixes to any problems!

I think so much of the apartment I am in was not ready when I arrived. The floors were filthy, lightbulbs were burnt out, my bathroom was extremely dirty, there were old clothes in my closet and more. I think the apartments need to be maintained better and be presentable before residents move in.

It is a fun environment with lots of fun people, it can get a little loud on weekends and the hallways are dirty often. But besides that it is a fun place.

It was great, when I have a problem with out and call maintenance they are at my door the next day. Staff is very kind although hallways and elevator are kind of dirty.