It's a great location. District is pet friendly so we've met a lot of paw parents and their fur babies. I like the amenities especially the pet spa and the coffee station.

Everything is great besides the power going out, and the fire alarm going off. Location is awesome and the women at the front desks are wonderful!

We love our home! Great community and great location. The staff is great and puts on lots of events. We have a lot of space to enjoy and host guests as well!

District Flats is a friendly, fun, and welcoming building. The neighbors are fun and respectful at the same time. The staff is welcoming and helpful. 10/10. Will renew.

I enjoy living here because the location is great and the apartment is very nice. The staff is very friendly and resident events are very fun!

Great location, really helpful and friendly staff! Overall, making district flats my home really helped me to feel settled and "make roots" in Charlotte. There is a real feeling of community from the second you move in with arrival balloons, Instagram shout outs to welcome you and then this continues with the monthly events to help you make friends.

District Flats is an awesome place to live. It is in a great area of South End. Moving in could not have been easier; the staff is helpful and nice and provide everything you need to make your living situation great.

Honestly, I tried to host a pregame for my friends so I could show off my new spot. But my neighbor called a noise complaint on me twice before 11pm... not the greatest thing to explain. I was very. Very embarrassed.

I love the location of District Flats but I think the rent is becoming a little overinflated. The gym is routinely out of wipes to clean the equipment. The coffee machine only works about 70% of the time. Every time I have tried to use the printer in the "business center", it is out of ink or out of paper.

Overall I am happy here. For how much we pay I wish some things were handled better like over flowing trash rooms, trash valet dragging leaking bags through hallways and the pool being green for a couple of days with no notification from leasing office.

Overall, I have enjoyed living here and would recommend it to others. It is in a great location, and is only a short walk to a lot of different restaurants and bars.

The staff is amazing. They’re very responsive and friendly. I’ve only been here a couple weeks but I’m so happy with the facilities and staff so far!

Our short term lease (3 months) experience has been great! We will certainly miss living here and all the amenities like the gym and pool! The location is perfect!

I like living here for the most part. But here are my issues: It is a bit pricey but it's a great location. The elevators are very very slow. The hallways always smell a bit off, I would recommend using air freshener and actively checking each hallway for weird smells. The walls are also extremely thin. I can hear everything from the outside streets and my neighbors too. My two main issues is that the fire alarm goes off often. Last time it went off, I was in the shower which was incredibly annoying. Luckily I knew it wasn't real so I at least could take my time getting out. But then that causes another issue because residents don't believe that there is ever a real fire and if there ever is a real one, people might be in danger because they'll believe it's another false alarm. My last issue is that there is NEVER any paper in the business center printer. I don't own a printer and I work from home so I do not have access to one. I thought that it was a huge perk that there is a printer available to the residents however it never has paper and then requires me to walk downstairs and ask the leasing office and then return back upstairs to the printer. I always feel like I'm bothering them when I ask for paper. It would be nice if for once I could simply print out a return label without having to ask for a single sheet of paper. For the amount I pay, the least they can do is supply paper... Other than that. I like living here.

I like living in the heart of south end. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful. Seeing the neighborhood change has been a fun experience so far.

Weekdays are quiet, neighbors are courteous and friendly, overall solid living space. Decent gym equipment and apartment appliances. Great employees.

The building has always been more than accommodating and friendly. As a weekly business traveler, I know when I come home on fridays the building will be in great shape, quiet and I can feel safe entering a tire all times of the day.

I have enjoyed living in districts flats so far. The location I saw perfect and next to all my favorite breweries and restaurants! I love the convenience of the dog park and sign washing station. The only thing I wish was better is the noise level and I wished cable and internet weren’t required.

I hear a lot of my neighbors but location is great! Very close to breweries and restaurant. The pool is salt water which i prefer and not crowded during the week.

No complaints. Friendly people that are my age, and a beautiful area with a lot to do. Has been great so far. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

My leasing agent Julie was amazing. She went above and beyond. She was super responsive and provided me with all the information I needed right away. I’m loving my new apartment. Great location and I’m really liking the amenities.

I enjoy it here so far. My upstairs neighbor is a little noisy but I guess that’s part of living in an apartment. Other than that, great experience... hopefully the great experience continues.

Love the apartment and the location is unbeatabale! The ladies in the office are so nice and helpful, Also love the package system it’s so easy!

pros: Great staff, big gym, never had a problem with finding a parking spot, clean, good location. cons: thin walls you can hear your neighbors.

Awesome amenities, great staff, timely service with maintenance, perfect location. I’m very pleased with everything living here so far and definitely recommend to anyone.