The new community is very friendly and helpful . Can also be very welcoming and when meeting the right people , you may tend to fit it . Having a good time is key to good living.

There is a great community and recreational facilities are top of the line. I would recommend staying here. The staff are wonderful and the student body here is very inclusive toward group activity.

Great community with a bunch of college students! Study rooms, great gym as well as a Starbucks coffee room downstairs in the lobby! Would recommend!

I love how personable the staff is. As a Unit I’ve experienced a great deed in follow ups and attentiveness , it’s been a super easy process

Best student apartment for UTC. The staff is excellent in keeping the area clean. Also, every Thursday they have free food that residents vote on.

The apartments are really nice! There are lots of amenities. It’s really close to campus and having your own room and bathroom is super nice!

The location is nice as well as the amenities that comes with the unit. The staff work on a timely manner but do give misleading information sometimes

Its good and provide all the facilities I like my new home Its also in the down town Amazing I told everyone about it So far so good All the facilities is good

Love living here. Great location and nice apartments. The people are really nice and friendly. A great apartment complex for the college scene.

The community is great their are always free things going on in the clubhouse and all the people are nice here. I wish the halls and elevators were kept cleaner

Study room and amenties and swimming pool and courtyard and the parking and the game room with the big tv in there and so the gym is also a favorite

There is a lot I enjoy about Douglas heights. one thing i enjoy is how easy it is to meet people. For example, I can go to the clubhouse, the courtyard and sit by the fire or the pool area.

Maintenance is always on top of everything fast, I like how it is fully furnished, and I really like the study rooms. They're super convenient.

The staff are all super friendly and helpful. I love the apartment in general, but the location and amenities only make it that much better.

The apartment I am in is very quiet and is extremely convenient. My neighbors are rarely loud and my hall is usually clean and presentable. I

I love it here, especially the people. Workers are great, and so are most of the residents. Some people hate, but i truly don’t understand it.

Amazing staff that are super helpful. And a great location next to campus, easy to walk to and from class. Nice rooms, very spacious, nice people.

Fun staff and all the residents are nice and some of the dogs love to play and never bite. Also the tacos that one day were super chill and stuff.

Livving at Douglas Heights has been okay. Moving in was not the best because the staff seemed not too organized for the residents to move in. Room assignments weren’t correct and rooms were not ready for moving in. The residents with dogs don’t cleanup like they should so the apartments are left feeling dirty and unhealthy. Other than that, it hasn’t been too bad.

I love the layout and how close it is to everything, school, downtown and all. It’s a pretty affordable place and has some of the greatest amenities available

It's decent & fantastic! Everything is great! There's no complaint. Everybody deserves the good credit that they deserve here. They all put in time and effort to make sure everyone needs are met.

it’s a fun place to live and everyone is happy in the buildings. There’s dogs and they are happy too. also, the staff is just incredible, they are going to help you no matter what

There is a very nice lobby and some great amenities, like the study rooms, workout rooms, and the pool and courtyard. There are ups and downs to the pet friendliness, but the downs are really the fault of the residents, not Douglas Heights.

Has been a good place to live that was close to campus. Amenities were nice and convenient, except the parking garage is constantly over crowded.

This place has really been awesome. It has everything from weight room to swimming pool to community room. It is great place to meet new people and connect.