Has been a good place to live that was close to campus. Amenities were nice and convenient, except the parking garage is constantly over crowded.

This place has really been awesome. It has everything from weight room to swimming pool to community room. It is great place to meet new people and connect.

They are small changes needed to be made but for the most part it has been rarely well living here, I think communication and organization is definitely needed

everything is good clean ,everyone nice nice place to live i tell all my friends keep up the good work i think it would be nice if once a month to have a meet an greet would be good

Perfect for college students because it’s so close to UTCs campus, however there is trash all over the halls and the trash rooms are over flowing.

Walking distance from UTCs campus so perfect for students, however the halls are always destroyed due to trash and things and the garbage rooms are over flowing.

What I love the most about Douglas Heights is the convenience of being near everything downtown. We also have great amenities and an awesome staff in the office.

I like being able to be close to campus, but not too close. I like all the amenities and staff. I love how a smart TV is provided in each living room, and how there is always free food and giveaways.

I enjoy how convenient the location is for UTC students and how willing the staff is to always help in anyway needed! Douglas has just about everything you look for in an apartment complex!

So far so good . Location is good and close to transportation . Maintinece could use work as if things break people take a while to fix . Close to downtown

Everyone is very kind around Douglas Heights. All of my neighbors are fun and respectful. The apartment complex is located in a very convenient spot for students.

The community atmosphere at Douglas Heights is probably the best part about living here. You become friends with your neighbors. The group message always has stuff going on and people trying to make plans.

I love the location and being so close to campus that I can walk to class. I also love all the amenities douglas heights has to offer. Great place to live.

Maintenance and management work hard to keep the residents as happy as possible. Rooms are affordable and the complex is 5 min. from campus.

The fact I’m downtown and close to school and it’s so secure not just anyone can enter. I do wish that the noise complaints would automatically be everyone respobsibity when I’m always working!

The amenities at DH afe nice. The staff is friendly too. Compared to most apartments, I’ll give Douglas Heights some credit for trying to build a community at the complex with events like grocery bingo, grill outs, etc.

It is very nice and i appreciate the convenience of location. Being able to walk to class really helps out a lot and the restaurants around us are very good.

Douglas Heights has a great community and environment for all students living here. The weekends are fun and everyone hangs out together by the pool

I like the gym best, also the club room, study room, and lobby. But there's a light not working in the gym for a while which need to be fixed.

Great thank you so much Also very quiet and I like the fitness room, swimming pool, the park in floor 1 that is awesome. I really recommend it

I liked most about my new community is my roommates who were partially random. They have been really nice, and they have been accepting as roommates.

Douglas Heights is a great place for students to live as their first place on their own. There is a great atmosphere here and everyone here is super friendly.

Maintenance got better, I would suggest this place to so many only if the leasing policy is not so complicated. It is very easy to transport from this place to anywhere. I really love the place it is located

I personally greatly enjoy the amenities and friendly staff! The art in the building is nice and an overall pleasing aesthetic as well as room in common areas to comfortably entertain guests.

The people living her are not as rowdy as 2 years ago, but everything is amazing. The halls stay clean and the workers are happy. Makes for a very welcoming home.