Great place to live. Couldn’t imagine it being better. The staff is great. The neighborhood is amazing. I’ll be here forever. My family loves it.

Awesome love it hear so far. My family finally has plenty of room. I feel at peace hear . I have slept so peaceful. First time in a long time.

I’ve only been here less than a month but I love the community, the house, the amenities and the staff at the leasing office are absolutely professional & amazing!

Today being Halloween, reminds me that I love My block. My neighbors come together to celebrate for the kids! I love knowing my neighbors and sitting out talking, and just being there for each other when needed!!

This community isn’t great or even okay. There are constantly kids running around without their parents watching. They like to sit outside in groups. They will run around your door and often knock on it constantly. People like to light fireworks in the parking lot without any regard to the cars. Expect to wake up with burns in your cars and trash everywhere.

I love my townhome. It’s just really hard to get someone to come and fix things after hours and during hours you have to speak to certain leasing consultants for things to get fixed. The kids in the neighborhood have become really disruptive and are really bringing the community down. They have been vandalizing vehicles breaking windows and loitering smoking and breaking the community grills. Otherwise I have no complaints Miss Jennifer is the best if they had more people working in the office like her things would be perfect.

It is a great place to live with great amenities, accessibility to local stores and restaurants, Overall great neighborhood and community experience.

Dunfield is a Very quiet neighborhood and generous staff and neighbors . Everything is perfect and my daughter loves the children in the neighborhood

For this community to be children driven there are not many things in the community to provide the children with activities that’s will keep them positively influence and out of trouble and Harms way. We loo like a community but looks can be deceiving we should start performing like one. And we have to start by providing things not only for adults who pays the bills but for the children who experience what we all work so hard for.

The children and I love our new home. Thank you Dunfield Townhomes for giving us a second chance. I love that my children has made many friends here. 💜

Love it!! Dunfield is at most quiet and a very clean well tooken care of community, love getting community activities letters on my door to bring the kids and neighborhood together!

I love it in I will tell everyone about dunfield townhouse and apartment in how u would love you new home so come join us @ dunfield townhome in apartment

i love this place honestly it is so calm and collective and the staff workers are very understanding and does thier best to make things right

Just moved in 3 weeks ago so far so good... Russell the leasing agent is awesome he really helped me alot . My townhome is extremely comfortable

Nice place to live. Plenty of trees streams green grass. Great shopping near by. Close to white marsh mall. Clean wonderfully staffed. A gym which is connected to the office. The maintenance crew fixes things in a timely manner. It is definitely good for pets and children too. I love everything about living at dunfield townhomes and apartments.

I’ve only been here a week and so far things could be worse. Things could’ve been better for us moving into the apartments. I’m hoping a things go up from here.

I have had no major problems here things are fixed in a timly manor pretty good experience only problem is we lost the use of the pool good overall experience

Living at my complex has been good. There are very nice and welcoming. A great place to live. I would recommend it to friends and family....

I love it here its amazing i ways wanted 3 bedroo.s for my kids and finally got it its the best place i could be my kids have so many friends now they can go out side and run free

Awesome place to live. Amazing staff! Jennifer & Kimberly are genuine and help to keep the property up to great standards. They want their residents to feel welcome. The staff also get involved and engage in community activities. They truly value their residents and their morals and values as a team, have really been impressive.

I have some good and bad experiences but overall I have been great living there. I would say that dunfield is a good community to live in I love how they engage in the community

I moved into a new unit. I had a fall down the stairs due to carpet on the steps not installed properly. I moved into the unit with broken dryer and it has not been serviced yet. I have mice running around. Furnace is leaking.

Still waiting on maintenance to come out and fix my front door, it’s probably been a year now.I submitted a request yesterday for my sink that’s completely clogged hopefully someone will come before the month is over. Kitchen floor s coming up. I requested that to be fixed 4 months ago but the girl got fired do I guess she never submitted my request to have it fixed. People walk their dogs and leave the dog poop in the grass. Or they’ll send the little dogs out with no leash and let them poop in the street. I watched my neighbor do this a few times. I called the rental office but once again nothing was done. I suggest hiring evening or overnight security. The kids in this neighborhood are awful and the parents are no better. I don’t even allow my kids to go outside around here and they’re teenagers. They come into the gym or if you leave the blinds open and they see you, they’ll bang on or throw things at the windows. I’m pretty sure they cracked one of the windows in the back last night. They’ll bang on your front door and run. Or they’ll hand out on your steps and leave their trash or food on your steps. It’s ridiculous and as soon as my lease is up I’m gone. Definitely not worth the almost 2000 I pay for rent.

Overall everything has been wonderful. Great staff. Great place to live. My requests have been taken care of promptly. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Enjoy the many events that the community host.

Need help with communication. I wasn't told what I needed to bring with me until I was on my way in to the management office to sign papers. I would have liked to have known up front what I owed so I could pay it all at once instead of 3 different amounts at different times!