I have addressed concerns to management, and they have not followed through. Mold is a concern and maintenance has not come to take care of it as promised on Friday 11/8/19.

The complex is nice. Neighbors should stop leaving trash outside there door for days though. The gym is great. More outdoor movie showings should happen.

The "security" gates are open way more often than they are secured. It has been that way for the 5 years I've lived here. The constant flow of non-residents through the gate as well as tailgaters is such a tremendous breech of basic security.

Gates are always broken. Trash is always overflowing at dumpsters. Trash is on the ground around the community. Pools may or may not be open during the summer. Water constantly gets turned off at the complex. Location is convenient, though.

Convenient as far as my commute to work and my child’s school. Ms. Tabitha is truly helpful. There were issues in the beginning with bugs, actual apartment not being a representation of the model, mold, paint covering up old stains cleaning crew failed to complete, etc. Now that’s it’s time to renew my lease, the rent will raise to almost an additional $200+ for the same apartment. I will not renew. I submitted a 3-star rating because of the 1st two statements!

My apartment was pretty run down when I moved in. Not all areas are kept pristine, gates open a lot, building really needs pressure washing.

I am a little past one year and have never lived in a community before and repairs and upkeep are concerns for me. Though reported I have never had a working DISHWASHER

The leasing office personal are not the friendliest. I go in a good mood and always leave in a bad mood. Its as if they could care less cause they do not live here.

The apartments are affordable compared to the other apartments in the area. And maintenance personnel usually fix problems within 24-48 hours. However, the apartments are fairly old, so there can be numerous issues. The residents are sometimes noisy. The leasing office staff is usually nice, but they're not always responsive. I wouldn't recommend moving to these apartments unless you're in a financial bind or have extremely low expectations.

It’s been over a year and I am still waiting on them to fix my roof leak... bad customer service. Never respond on time for anything. Never can get someone on the phone.

This location has amazing potential but amenities such as the pools are never available! Please start listening to your community and for the love of god fix the pools. This is two summers in a row!

It's been okay living here. The units are old; therefore, something is always breaking. The maintenance staff used to be better about fixing things faster. I wouldn't recommend living here unless you are strapped for cash.

It was all good except for the last minute change of my apartment. It gave me a headache with all the account in the address. I had to change everything again.

The location is perfect I would like to have more maintenance especially in the garbage area but instead of that is lovely, the people in the office is really nice

Bad service. They office n e v e r answer to the phone calls . If you need something it's better to go there and try to talk with the workers...

I love my apartment, the area & Location... but the problem I have is when I need to speak to managements , it’s always a delay .. Or if I leave messages for some to call me about my how I was charge a late of $ 100, still no one never got back to me .. it’s frustrating sometimes.., Just want better communication not only when sometime is wrong but it’s also right ...

I have no complaints. It’s a nice place to live. I have plenty of space in my new apartment. I like the fact they are renovating the apartment complex

I love the area and my appartment. I very been on the property since 2012. Now I need new carpet & paint since the upstairs flooded on me a couple times & now I have about 4 different colors in hall & living room & management doesn't want to accommodate. New better working appliances would be nice & new fixtures.

All pools have not been open for two years. My car has been broken into twice. Dog Pooh receptors are often over flowing. A lot of times the trash compactors are overflowing as well

Living here has been okay. The location of the complex is great. It's far enough outside of the city that traffic is not horrible. But it's close enough that it doesn't take too long to get places. It's also one exit from Perimeter Mall, and that area has a lot of things to do. However, the apartments are old and require a lot of maintenance. And a lot the residents are not very considerate of others; some are noisy and don't pick up after their pets.

Location is convenient. Apartments are spacious. However- trash at dumpsters is constantly overflowing. Rodents are an issue around the community. The leasing office never answers the phone. The gates are always broken.

the balcony area was not cleaned and still very dirty, the apartment also had pending problems such as having no light in the kitchen, laundry doors outside, unchanged toilet seat, main sink covered.

Honestly, frustrating. Need more communication regarding the broken amenities (car wash,pool, cleanliness of current projects) also the personality of some maintenance members. Just a few have come across rude. Lovely complex for and pricing and I know a lot to manage but things need a little udate.

My apartment has several things that need to be fixed and even after requesting someone to come fix those things. They are still unfixed. The apartments are adequate.

Please get ALL pools open and gates working !! And fix the parking lot around building 2351 it’s been months and it’s taking up parking spots. Ugh ! PLEASE HAVE PPLE PICK UP AFTER THIER DOGS !!!!