The apartment itself is very nice. It is very quiet around here and there is never any drama. Everyone has been very nice and friendly here.

I have lived here 4 months and everyone has been so kind. The staff is amazing and will do anything to make you feel comfortable. We love it!

Love it is a very clean quiet place great location for restaurants park and center across the street neighbors are nice I mean what else can you ask for love love it

DuPont Avenue has a nice location, an extremely nice landlord and maintenance guy, is quiet, has nice residents and nice hnits for a good price

Moved in recently and had no obstacles in initial process. Close proximity to work made the choice easy as well as recommendation from co-worker. Great staff; quiet; easy access.

With the cost of living on the rise, DuPont Apartments are within am affordable price range. The grounds are well-kept amd the property manager is nice and friendly. The community is close to local stores which is very convenient.

It is very quiet. No problems so far. The people in the apartments are friendly. The grounds are nice and clean. I love the dog walk. and the fact that I can safely walk my dog.

Dupont Ave apt are a wonderful place to live a nice quit enviorment come check out landlord Mrs Barbra a nice fair women u want be disappoint ed if she can help u she will come check her out

Ms. Barbara is such a pleasure. I had a few concerns that she was intently and equally concern about as well. Very promise solutions! Thank you Ms. Barbara!

The neighborhood is so quiet that I'm happy to come home and rest. It's good to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I don't have to retreat from my house to a hotel anymore.

The neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful I love living at Dupont Apartments I would recommend anyone to live over there Its also very clean!

Love the area and the way the apartment looked over all. Besides the fact that there were minor things that needed to be fixed. The maintenance is very prompt when putting in a work order it's done the same day or at the latest the next day.

I love living here! It's peaceful, the manager's fantastic and makes me feel right at home! I've never felt more comfortable in my own space! Keep up the great work guys!

I've lived here for almost a year and it's been fantastic! I love the environment and the management is fantastic! May you all have a great and Happy New Year

I love living at Dupont Avenue Apartments. Mrs. Barbara is the sweetest apartment manager you could ever have. She is so sweet and a really great person to know.

Very responsive maintenance, extremely kind property manager, polite neighbors. Quiet area to live in, not too much traffic on the road, and close enough to a main road where getting to stores, restaurants, and the interstate are easy.

Its quite over here in north dupont apartments i never had any problems with neighbor's or with the landlord. As long as you're on time with rent and nessecaries everything will be just fine. I want to renew my lease because the area we are in is so close to the main roads and again i like it over here the environment is perfect as long as you keep to yourself for the better.

Ms Barbara was very informative, straightforward and genuine about safety, quality of the apartments and more. I spoke to the maintenance man, Troy, he was very helpful telling me if you have a problem let Ms Barbara know and it will be finished within 24 hours. I never got that type service at any other apartment complex, especially when I was in the military. I'm glad I stay here since it is quiet and near to so many places in Madison. I'm glad I have a place that I can truly call "home".

This place is great as a starter apartment! The staff here is amazing! Barbara the owner is super nice and genuinely cares about her tenants