Living here is the best! There are always community events to go to and the amenities are to die for! My friends love coming over to hang out.

The E3 Apartments have a good location, great amenities, and helpful and responsive staff. We have recently just moved in but highly recommend so far.

It's been a pleasure living in this community for a year and a half now. The facilities are nice, the management company and maintenance company are very helpful and friendly, and the events are always a fun time.

Everyone is very friendly in the building, which makes for a good living environment. I also enjoy that the community is dog friendly. The outdoor living space is also enjoyable.

Great maintenance and cleaning staff! The roof is an awesome amenity and the community activities are getting to be higher quality. The location is convenient off the B line.

Overall, good. Rent is pretty high compared to the market, amenities are nice, office staff and cleaning staff are pleasant. Random fire alarms. Lack of active video surveillance is bizarre.

Great location! Located right next to T and lots of local restaurants and shops. Great amenities: gym, rooftops, grills, community rooms, etc.

First,I really like the community. It’s secure and i know where and how should i find help even at weekend and after midnight. Also, when I report a mantainance, quick and quality help provided!

Great staff. Nice amenities. Only suggestion is better cleaning and maintenance in main or common areas. Would highly recommend to a friend.

Best apartment ever! Good apartment for pets and kids! Nice and kind leasing office people and managemnet office people! Good location! On-site parking is great!

I'm leasing a parking spot at the garage in this building. It's safe, well monitored, and well managed. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a parking spot in the area.

The community environment is great. The staffs are friendly, nice and effective in maintaining service. But sometimes the working garbage truck (I guess) in the early morning can be really annoying.

I've enjoyed living here and everything is well maintained for the most part. The treadmill in Eco really needs to be fixed though. It's been broken for months now.

My residential experience at E3 has been very positive. The building is consistently clean and I love how I get an alert with every package that I receive notifying me that it has been securely placed into the package concierge This gives me a peace of mind while I am at work. The location and neighborhood are top notch if you're a foodie and enjoy city-living!

This place is dirty. All animal friendly buildings (especially with a lot of small children) should be vacuumed daily as other development companies do. Garage is full of dirt and trash as well--it should be swept quarterly and trash should be cleaned weekly. Gyms should be open 24-7. Rules are not enforced. For example, on 5th floor of element, welcome mats are prevalent and woman takes kid for exercise through hallway every single morning--tons of noise. Enforce the rules.

Love it here! A great place to live with everyone being so friendly. Apartments are great and so are the anemeties. My husband and I love it.

This is a very good apartment. I would highly recommend anybody to live here. The location is so convenient for everything. First, just five minutes walk from Grigg Street Green Line station. Second, there are plenty of supermarket and restaurant that you can find food. Lastly, this is a very quiet neborhood.

The security is good. It is just the private room and the public media room on the second floor have scents that make me feel not comfortable. It doesn't have windows, and the AC is locked, so I can't make any change, and we never go because the smell.

Great community and a great location. Close to restaurants, grocers, gym etc. Cons - could be better maintained for a 5 star, better flooring would help.

Has been amazing thus far. The location is super convenient, the apartment amenities are awesome. And the staffs are amazing. I would highly recommend this place to my friends.

I enjoy living at E3. The amenities (including the gyms, common areas) are great. The various parking garages/lots are convenient. The staff/maintenance are very responsive to emails and requests.

Great place to live with immediate help from the working staff. The residents are amiable with onsite covered parking with great events that tries to build a community.

Probably the best place to rent in Allston.E3 does a lot of things well, timely maintenance, basic communication. Feedback for improvement would be better management of the grounds, specifically dog owners let thier animals urniate directly outside entrance doors

I'm not a resident of E3, but I live up the street. When looking for an off-street parking spot, however, I immediately thought of E3 as they are well-known in the area for being an excellent community to be apart of. Parking at E3 has been a fantastic experience, and has saved me lots of headaches!

The apartment is in such a great location!! Close to many different restaurants and bars and only a short two minute walk to the green line!!