The worst place i ever lived i have rain coming threw my windows when it rains. Also the most annoying neighbors constantly stomping making unnecessary noise i hate living here

Neighbors are great never had better neighbors! the pool is nice clean year round maintenance guy is amazing he keeps the pool and grounds clean on top of fixing apartments

If i could rate it any lower i would. Could not reccomend more against this place. Theyd rather put flowers and trees in than take care of the buildings that we actually live in just to bring more people in. Toxic property management that rather charge you for anything and no procide customer service. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY there are better plaves to choose from.

I didn't know i was moving into a dog park. Also i have the worst neighbors in the world. Im just waiting fir my lease to be up do i can move on.

It’s a good area but I hate the noise from my neighbors! The kids around here climbs on people’s cars and plays around them unsupervised! Neighbors smoke cigarettes and put the butts out in front of my door.

I just moved into my unit the other day. So far the people in the office have been really cool about working with my tight work schedule when it comes to meeting up. I think my wife and I are going to enjoy this place.

I liked living here. The only thing I had a problem with is our how our neighbors would leave their trash beside our door. Which is not the appartmants fault

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Starting to get the apartments looking nicer. They are paving the whole parking lot and added speed bumps, which I like. Decent price for the space and outside storage

Staff is really friendly, things don’t get done as fast as they say they do. They won’t really do anything when you put a compliant in about another resident.

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Not very happy my apartment was never fully cleaned. Sense I rented a carpet cleaner after our 1st month here An the water was almost black and the pee stains down the walls in the bathroom.

We really liked the pool and neighborhood being so close to base! Wish there was better sound proofing or simply someone making sure no ones blasting music at 3am.

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Great neighbors and nice cut of apartments No loud traffic sounds and very low crime as far as I have experience. Fire pit pool and dog park available missing is a park for kids but as promised there will be one soon.

The families in the area are nice and neighbors are generally polite and considerate. Neighbors also maintain their properties very well, making the neighborhood look clean and inviting.

New floors and great carpet. Friendly and helpful managers and a reasonable price for rent!! It's a quiet community and recent developments to the parking lot are nice.

Great facility. Friendly staff. The only issue is the fluctuations in your rent every now and then. The staff normally resolve it that day though.

Overall a great place to live. We feel nothing but safe here with wonderful neighbors. Anytime something sketchy has happened the office has shut it down. The pool is closed really frequently which is annoying yet other than that everything is always great & staff is amazing.

Very thin walls so you can hear almost everything your neighbors do. I can only hear the residents above me, not beside me, but everything else is fine

It was quick and easy. They gave me what I wanted. Also handle all the paperwork in a quick professional Manner. Chase was very professional and would call me with updates as I was waiting to move in.

Just moved in last week, but it’s a really nice community so far!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings to me and my family!!!

They pay attention to what their renters' need. Take action as soon as they can to avoid more problem. Although, maybe they are too busy sometimes that they get a little bit delayed responding. You just have to call and call until you get a spot

I enjoy living here with my family. It's quiet and a clean area. Apartment is pricey and not as up to date but cozy. The staff is very professional and friendly. The maintenance team responds quick and does a great job as well!!

My apartment wasn’t move in ready but the property manager took care of all the issues . The community is quiet , the neighborhood are respectful and the pool is nice and clean .

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Good price Nice and quiet I’m missing a park for kids but besides that pretty good area ! Pool is clean very pet friendly and staff helps you as much as they can to meet half way

It’s been 9 months since we’ve been here, and it’s been great. Maintenance is always there to help, and the staff at the office are always so welcoming and friendly. Great place for our family.

The community is nice and the area is safe and clean, kids run around everyday outside. The apartments are in acceptable living conditions but the space is a little cramp if you are coming from a single family home to an apartment, which is usually in most cases. The overall experience at Durret is exemplary, the staff personnel are very helpful.