Friendly staff, quick maintenance service, and beautiful homes at an unbeatable price! I had to move in with a one day notice and they were able to get me into a nice two bedroom, and they had it professionally cleaned while my application went through!

I was disappointed at first about the customer service given, there was a lot of maintenance that needed to be done at my apartment, but overall it’s decent and good for the price.

Very clean and nice apartment. All units work well and mostly pleasant neighbors except from some loud ones above us. The dog park is really nice too and our puppy loves to play there

Living conditions is great and prices are very reasonable! Haven't had any issues yet. Also everyone has been very helpful and the renters are very professional!

It has been great so far! I have not had any problems with my neighbors and for the most part they are pretty quiet and do not disturb me. The people who work at the front desk are very nice as well

Nice apartments, nice people, and the repair guy is very nice. The area is nice as well, and it is closer to where I work, as well as where I go to school then where I was before. But the parking could be better.

The apartment community is well, primarily because it is made up mostly of soldiers that work on Fort Campbell. Maintenance is great at coming as soon as possible to fix any issues

Everything is perfect. We just moved in and so far everyone is so nice and helpful. My husband is in the military so they work around his schedule and it is a great facility.

Everyone has been extremely nice and hospitable so far! I’m impressed with how clean the apartments are, and I’m also a fan of the landscaping. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the complex and I’m excited to be moving in!

I love being a resident here at Eagles Crest at Wallace. Everyone is so friendly. The management is very nice and are very professional. I would recommend this resident to anyone.

great place to live. i have been living here for about a month and i have found no defecencies. i’m glad i chose this place and i will be recommending it

I lived here for about 6months and i really like it besides noisy neighbors above us but nothing to bad good management and if something is messed up they fix it within 24 hrs

I love this place so much everything looks so great, the stores are really close to me even the Latin store, and I can’t wait to recommend this place to many people around

The area is perfect, the apartments close to Fort Campbell. They have fiber lines therefore the WiFi is awesome. The staff are competent friendly people that provide great service.

It’s great except the loud neighbor upstairs. The area is very close to work which is nice and I like the dog park and so does my dog. The only thing that I do not like is the creepy neighbor next door who always falls and calls me baby girl

Haven’t had any problems. I like it a lot. Definitely would refer someone to stay here. Also there is one more thing, the walls are super thin so you hear almost everything.

The residence is very lovely. Everyone is friendly and it's a great location for pets. The pool is an extra and trash is always picked up accordingly. Only problem is people don't clean up after their dogs.

Lived here for 3 years the rents getting a little high but its a good area to live in its a great place to live in nice town good people all in all would recommend

So far, I’ve had a pleasant experience. I have a newer apartment on the second floor and it’s cozy. I will say, one neighbor blasts his car music loudly when he’s coming and leaving the property, but other than that, the neighborhood is generally very quiet and considerate. I’ve had no issues with my appliances and the rent is a great price!

Love the staff that works here. Never had any issues with neighbors being noisy or rude. Pet friendly and had an awesome dog park for our pooch to run in.

A notice went out a couple of months ago, asking residences of the a-c building not to park along the tree line and it worked for a while but now a bunch of people park there again. It’s juat a matter of time before someone’s car gets hit.

Nice place and great space for a single bachelor. It’s atill winter so can’t wait to it gets warmer to take a nice dip in the pool. No complaints this far

Love living here! So comfortable. Haven’t had any problems since I moved to these apartments. The office people are very kind and sweet. Never had any complaints!

It’s quite nice. The neighborhood is clean and misty quiet. The pool is a beautiful blue and there is always someone new soaking in the hot summer sun.

When I first started looking at apartments to move into I was sceptical not only because it was my very first apartment but because I needed to find one with everything that I was wanting and needing in an apartment. I came and got a tour and feel in love. The staff is so friendly and they also shoe that they care.