A notice went out a couple of months ago, asking residences of the a-c building not to park along the tree line and it worked for a while but now a bunch of people park there again. It’s juat a matter of time before someone’s car gets hit.

Nice place and great space for a single bachelor. It’s atill winter so can’t wait to it gets warmer to take a nice dip in the pool. No complaints this far

Love living here! So comfortable. Haven’t had any problems since I moved to these apartments. The office people are very kind and sweet. Never had any complaints!

It’s quite nice. The neighborhood is clean and misty quiet. The pool is a beautiful blue and there is always someone new soaking in the hot summer sun.

When I first started looking at apartments to move into I was sceptical not only because it was my very first apartment but because I needed to find one with everything that I was wanting and needing in an apartment. I came and got a tour and feel in love. The staff is so friendly and they also shoe that they care.

I have not been here long, but so far everything seems to be going okay! I still have not had my cable TV hooked up yet, but there is suppose to be a technician coming to complete my cable hookup.

Great, great.Better Spaces helps landlords understand what attracts and retains tenants. The company is good to their tenants’ preferences and discover what makes them tick. It then helps them deliver on those interests through engaging programming and amenities spaces.

The apartments look amazing and the housing people are friendly but there is just too many cars and not enough parking spaces.but other then that I love it.

Shawna in the office was amazing. She made the lease process easy and fun. She explained everything so that I understood it. I would definitely recommend to others.

I love the community. Its so quiet and peaceful so noone boyhers you, the apartments are nice on exterior and they have a swimming pool and really cool management

It’s a very quiet place to live, neighbors are wonderful and friendly, everyone communicates and the property managers are absolutely wonderful!

Haven't had a single issue living here for over a year now. Great staff, clean laundry room and overall a great environment. Would recommend anyone to live here!

Love living here management is great and the matinance people are awesome. The on site laundry I'd great and the pool is great they just redid it this year

I love how quick maintanience requests are taken, and how kind all my neighbors are. Plus, it is super close to base which makes commute easy for my husband!

Have been living here for over a year , it’s been pretty good , the office staff is really helpful . My only complain is that the stuff that gets “ fixed “ isn’t actually fixed . They “ fixed “ a hole on our closet cealing & it’s still dripping all over our stuff . It has been a few months now .

Just moved in absolutely love it here just wish there weren't so many breed restricted dogs on the list other than that me and my girlfriend plan on staying

Great staff everyone is willing to help. Im pleased with apartments also with the upkeep that is always being done. I do wish there was better washer and dryers but not every place is perfect! Ive enjohed it here so far.

I just moved here and My apartment is so a one bed room and I love it! Love the hardwood floors and carpet. The area is quiet. Can't wait to try the pool.

Pretty nice program to be implemented, definetky would recommend to my friends. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a rewards incentive when moving to a new place

Everything and everyone is professional and friendly. It’s by far the best apartment complex I’ve every lived in. All the resident are respectful and nice.

Very nice apartments to stay. They are very fast to fix any problems. Price is great and they are always helpful. Power bill is low and internet is very fast.

Overall I like staying here. I don’t like that people park behind the parking spaces. Someone’s car is going to get hit eventually. I’m happy there is on site washing and dryer machines, though I feel the charge is a bit much. When’s the pool gonna be open?

i have an overall positive experience here. Staff is very nice and vey helpful.the area is quiet and peace full with a lot of options to eat not far

I Love Wallace Crest Apartments because its so quiet and peaceful. I would definitely recommend. The Neighbors are really feiendly and very approachable.

I love it here its really awesome, close to base, great staff, a nice pool ,great over all ... this is my first apartment and its amazing...