The kitchen is not up to date and the management doesn’t do anything if you have a problem. Not enough parking spots and some of the neighbors are not respectful at all.

Feel unappreciated as a resident. Came to office for help and received a threatening letter from the complex’s lawyer I fear being in my home above these neighbors. I’m being treated unfairly

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I'm not very happy about the parking situation ,we have no assigned parking but in addition to that they have no parking control the guest spaces have been removed and most of the time i have to park outside my zone to to heavy car volume . i truly believe that could be better controlled tenants should not have to struggle to park ,especially when they pay rent !!!

Not the worst or the best place to live. The apartments are okay just too small of a kitchen. The walls are also thin. Most of the neighbors are nice but some are super rude.

Upsides: close to fort campbell, water included, allows pets, close to stores. Downsides: no washer and dryer hook ups in most apartments, paying 750 for 2 bedroom 1 bath that is around 850 sqft, wall are thin, parking can be difficult. Its ok for now but wish it was more upsides or cheaper

Great place to live. Very quiet! Great with understanding quality and most of all the staff is phenomenal! I also enjoy the pool on these hot days!

Keep residents more informed. Communication is key. Other than that, the community looks clean, the apartments looks clean and everyone is professional.

Apartments could use better appliances and more storage space in the single bedrooms. Area isn't the most desirable, but is livable and quiet(unless you have noisy neighbors).

We like our apartment it's adorable and a great size for a single family. Just with we had more space to put things in counters and cabinets . The storage space is also lacking.

I ve been living here for three years and I enjoy it ,never lived anywhere else since I came to Tennessee Alicia the manager is good people very friendly and helpfull

It's an alright place to stay, the neighbors are noisy and they dont act upon noise complaints, it is kind of over priced too. Considering everything is electric and that's what you pay for.

I'm new here, but so far, so good. I love my apartment so much, and the office staff has been so helpful. Also, my pup loves the dog park! Will update my rating later :)

It has its up and downs. My neighbors under us, complain about everything. Especially the floors, I’ve came along way to keep them happy bc it seems they are out to get me. I need a home and they making bf it hard for me. But other than them I like it here.

So far I love it here. The people are friendly the neighbors are friendly and above all a good experience so far. Management has been helpful personally being a military spouse and above all good.

Have been living here for over a year , it’s been pretty good , the office staff is really helpful . My only complain is that the stuff that gets “ fixed “ isn’t actually fixed . They “ fixed “ a hole on our closet cealing & it’s still dripping all over our stuff . It has been a few months now .

Close to work fast food restaurants distant from centralized shopping districts no gym or fitness area no patio or balconies and kitchens are cramped with very little cabinet and counter too space

Its a nice apartment and its stays warmish. staff is very nice and helps out with every question i have. they fix everything that is wrong the day we tell them.

A notice went out a couple of months ago, asking residences of the a-c building not to park along the tree line and it worked for a while but now a bunch of people park there again. It’s juat a matter of time before someone’s car gets hit.

The office staff is nice and helpful. The pool was great in the summer. However the maitenance men seem a little forgetful if they don't write the tasks down. It took over a week for them to cut us a key. I've seen them leave their extra key in my apartment and leave other keys in people's doors. The freedom to decorate the apartments however we want is also nice. Cons of our apartment: oven doesn't heat right, burns food, and almost starts fires; bath tub drain doesn't drain no matter what is done to it so when you shower you're constantly standing in at least 3 inches of water.

I don't see any issues. I wish you would allow pitbulls and the heat could work better. Other than that I don't see any issues everything is fine.

It’s a really nice place to live. The staff is friendly and very helpful the only issue I have is some of the appliances may need to be updated

Love living here. It's very affordable, water is included. It is near the military base. Which makes it very convenient for my husband and has a good decent space for me and my family.

Great place so far. No issues. Maintance gets fixed right away. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Dog friendly. Excellent prices in rent. Good location

It’s great except the loud neighbor upstairs. The area is very close to work which is nice and I like the dog park and so does my dog. The only thing that I do not like is the creepy neighbor next door who always falls and calls me baby girl

Lived in my apartment for a month and have really enjoyed it. My kid loves to go swimming in the pool that is at our complex. Parking is good also im not always having to park far from apartment.