Moving to Edge 1120 is without a doubt the best decision I've made so far. If you are looking to move out of the dorms but still live close to UT campus than this is the spot for you!

It is such a wonderful place to live. I have everything I've ever wanted. I am able to have my own room and bathroom plus a walk in closest. I'm so satisfied with this place!

Never had a problem with the Edge, very friendly staff and maintenance. The pool is wonderful and the rec center is great. Wish the price was cheaper however the edge is a wonderful place.

While I haven't met moved into Edge 1120, so far all the staff my friend and I have talked with have been amazing and very helpful. My friend and I were looking for an apartment that had short-term leases because of a co-op requirement, and Edge 1120 had 5-month leases available that were perfect for us.

The staff is very kind, helpful, and responsive. The amenities are also great. I have been living here since 2015 and renewed for next year too. I highly recommend moving here!

choosing to live at the edge was a very good decision. The community is very nice and all the amenities such as the pool, work out room, and all the other fun activities are great.

although I haven’t actually moved into my room yet, the experience has been great. The employees are very helpful and were very patient with me while signing my lease.

I would like to say I have always loved the edge since I moved in. Best staff, security and residents are very quiet and friendly. Bless up.

Absolutely love the community and I will continue to live here until I am graduated! Super safe community- security officers walk around every night, and the amenities are amazing!

It's a great community that truly has all the amenities you could ever want! The primary concern I had is if I would be able to hear my neighbors, but the walls are so thick you really can't!

I love the kind staff who are always so helpful and I am so excited for next year! The apartment is extremely nice and all of the amenities provided are well kept.

I love the modern apartments and the amenities that come with it. It would be nice if electric was included as well to avoid the hassle of having to set up utilities with the local provider but overall it is a good value

I love my apartment complex! The staff is great and the management is wonderful! Everyone is friendly and the WiFi works great! I’ve never had an issue living here!

I think edge is a very nice place and it is really close to campus. One thing I don't like is that the WiFi doesn't always work as well as it should.

Edge is an awesome place to live! They have an awesome staff that is always friendly. It’s convenient having a gym right where I live too! The pool is grate place to hangout with friends during the summer montes. Over all a 10/10 I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Love how much space I have to myself. Good Apartment but appliances aren't great quality. Other than that I'm pretty satisfied with everything else.

I do not move in until January but the staff has been incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions. All of my friends who currently live there have had positive experiences as well.

I am living there next year and cannot be more excited. It looks and sounds amazing. There are so many facilities that are available that I cannot wait to use.

I love the edge. The rooms are fantastic and everything overall is very nice. The amenities are great and overall I’m very happy with my choice in edge

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The edge townhouses are extremely spacious and modern. Having a washer and dryer in the townhouse is very convenient. Overall my experience has been great

it is nice place with nice people work on office also the place to close to university and its have friendly people eveything is very nice .

the apartment community is great!! Great view and scenery. I went to go tour edge a couple days ago and i absolutely loved it. I'm very excited to move in next year!

Living at Edge has been a great experience! It is close to campus with great amenities and the staff is amazing! It is a great environment and I love living here!

The townhouse that I live in is pretty great! The value for what you get compared to other complexes around the area is fantastic. The amenities are great as well! The only problems that I've had living here is that sometimes the wifi can be spotty in the evenings and my neighbors can be a little too noisy on the weekends, but the pros of living here far outweigh the few cons.