Just moved into Elements on 11/16, have had nothing but an incredible experience, Sarah has been more than accommodating with working with my time frame and a 11 hour move. Ashleigh has also been extremely helpful during the process

Love living here. Very peaceful. Nice neighbors. Animal lovers. Perfect location. Love how the office tries to bring the community together with festivals and movie nights at the club house

We love living here. The apartment is nice and the community is awesome. The maintenance staff at Elements is top notch. They always fix the things that break.

I love living here with my family. It's a great community and my neighbours are awesome. The maintenance is top notch and they organize various events throughout the year for residents.

Elements is a great place to live!! You are close to I-95 and I-295, the St. John's Towne Center, the Avenues Mall, local beaches and downtown.

This is my second experience as an Elements resident and the property and staff continue to deliver! It's quaint, quiet, and has a community feel.

Applying, approval, all office team...perfect. Looking forward to Positive experiences. Best place I looked at, all considered. Thanks for everything.

I haven't moved yet, not until first week in December, am looking forward to my new community and neighbors. This will be my future home for years to come.

Elements of Belle Rive is very quiet and well maintained. This apartment complex is by far one of my favorite places to have lived. I feel that we couldn’t ask to be better taken care.

Very clean and maintenance very nice guys and courtesy and the office very professional girls very good residents but the most l like is the fast come to fix any problem

We have enjoyed living here. The office staff and maintenence are very friendly. Apartment comfortable and the community is quiet and reapectful. The apartment has update appliances which is nice, but not updated air handler, so the AC does struggle to keep up on hot days in the afternoon.

I truly believe I am the biggest fan of the Elements. I spent several year evaluating rental properties/management companies at HUD. The reason I'm such a big fan is because the management never stops trying to be better.

The leasing agents are amazingly nice, willing to help in any way. They gave me a call and let me know someone else was interested in the unit I was applying for in order for me to have first chance to get it.

I love this apartment community. I've lived here for 6 years now. I still the parking situation needs improvement but that is it. We love our apartment and our neighbors are so friendly. The management is always super helpful and a great group of people. The Maintenance staff are always on it for us and help in any situation. Can not say enough great things about them. Great place to live.

Just renewed our lease. All the staff of Elements of Belle Rive are wonderful, very attentive and responsive. Property is immaculate. The Maintenance Supv, Larry, has been with the company and lived on property for 17 years and is Top Notch! Love living here!!

I have lived here for over a year and love it here! The maintenance and office staff are so friendly and helpful. They are quick to respond to any building or resident issues. I am pleased to see where some of our rent money goes. The staff just updated the dog park and they recently installed a playground for kids. Really enjoy living here!

We have been here for almost 10 years. Great place to live. Location is central to getting to anywhere in Jacksonville, Nice Staff who cares.

The apartment is near perfect except for the loud washer (but it works great), the snakes eww yuck gag, and wish the speed bumps were made into wider humps so it's easier on the car. Wish the kitchen had some sort of pantry. Besides that, it's great. Staff and fellow residents are all fine too! Appreciate the coffee bar - some days I really need it.

These appartments are so nice and so are people of here. I am overwhelmed by the environment. They have opened the children park also and it is so nice.

Ashleigh was extremely kind, patient and helpful with getting me approved for an apartment. Everyone in the front office is very sweet and approachable.

Good community, clean on the outside, units are cozy and nice, very pet friendly,Dog park is a plus and , and friendly neighbors and safe neighborhood

Have lived here for a little over a year now and recently renewed our lease. In the beginning, it was a rough start living here but things have gotten a lot better. Have met some residents and living here is much better.

We have recently signed our lease for our second year here! We are always glad to be home and love the community feel here! Love the beautiful trees and the well kept grounds!

Lovely place to live in. Awesome staff and neighbours. Beautiful neighbourhood, convenient location. Well maintained. Great to live with family

Awesome when the staff puts on community get togethers. Fairly quiet while living by on busy southside and most of the residences are polite.