Good stay although power goes out in the area often. Other than that they have friendly staff that take care of any issues you have right away

Elevation is around a nice area and work with quality staff! Neighbors are very friendly and genuine. This place is awesome and I love staying here!

Management is really nice but place was not ready after waiting 18 days to move in. Maintenance is pretty quick with work orders so I appreciate that.

Overall super friendly staff, and maintenance comes pretty quickly when an order is put in. The location of the apartments sucks because of the road closures, constant trains coming and going, etc. but thats not elevations fault! pretty great

I love living here! It's a great community especially for dogs! My pup has made so many friends living here! The facilities are great too, especially considering the price.

Nice apartments. Great community and location! Staff is very helpful. Location is great and the community is very nice. A happy place to be!

Maintenance takes a while to fix the bigger things and the girls in the front office are super nice. The pool is great and they offer free coffee in the front office. Bus route doesn't take too long and my apartment is so newly updated for a good price.

I have had a great experience so far. My only main concern is before my move in, I was told I can use my $750 gift card for my second months rent (Nov) but according to several people, they didn't receive theirs until a couple months after move in! Other then that, I love it. Everyone is super friendly.

Great location and great maintenance. The pool location is awesome and always very clean. There are a few maintenance requests that have not been completed.

The elevation is a great student living complex, very low key and quiet. I really like the quick bus service and the fact that the bedrooms are so big.

The apartment is nice, but the whole property could use some work in terms of the outdoor grass areas. There is too much dog poop and the doggy bag stations aren't always stocked

New furniture looks nice. Outside could use some cleaning up, but overall the place doesn't look bad and seems like a nice comfortable place to live so far.

The apartment staff is attentive to my issues and concerns, however it would be nice if they would require all tenants to keep the common area clean.

So far this is the best management we've had. We have had a work order in for about 3-4 weeks without anything done though. The front staff seems a lot nicer though.

the apartment is nice and the location is good. Elevation is a cool place to live. I moved in recently and have enjoyed it so far. I hope it stays that way.

Everything is awesome! A little bug problem here and there, also the carpet at the entry way to my closet is a little sharp because of the needles, I'd hate to step on them.

Lots of maintenance problems but it still nicer than what I expected. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Overall a nice place but it could b better!

Awesome Staff that is always there to answer any calls or questions. Maintenance is extremely fast! Love that it's on the bus route too! Can't beat the price either.

The staff seems very positive and kind. They have responded to our maintenance requests very quickly. We also appreciated the updates on hurricane Harvey

The location is great, the appliances work perfectly, rooms are very spacious and have a lot of desk space to work which is good for students.

I like it here! But I have been trying to get into contact with the office by phone &I email I haven't been able to reach anyone. (I'm assuming due to the storm) other than that though, it's a nice area! Clean and has a lot of good qualities (like the pool, and being on the bus route)

Service has been great for this being my first apartment. I feel right at home here! The neighbors are great and the patio is my favorite feature by far!

I like it here but there were a lot of maintenance issues that had to be fixed after I moved in, and the maintenance orders were backed up a week because of everything they had to fix fur everybody else

I really like the apartments. It's really close to the school and the stadium. Also one straight shot to the freeway. Real great place to live.

The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The maintenance is diligent but sometimes it takes a long time for them to complete work orders