Perfect example of a limited market exploiting college students. I am a apartment professional I signed here then subleased because it was the only property with a short term lease. Thank God I subleased. In a professional opinion, this is the worst property. The rent has gone up 20% in the last year when asset housing came in the market and gouged rent and commissions. They have small rooms, exorbitant prices, 0 amenities. The leasing agent lied to me about my random roommate. He ended up being some weird 40 year old mechanic with his teeth rotting out. Can't wait for the apartment market to expand so places like this lower their rents to their intrinsic value.

This is unacceptable. I have gone withou a washer and dryer for over two weeks. The people in the front were not helpful at all and did not do anything but roll their eyes. Very disappointed

These people gonna try and charge me for a broken wondrous that I came home to one day, we got cockroaches and scorpions along with the normal bugs

Giving a rating of half a star is being nice. The people who work here are utterly useless. They don't know anything and just redirect you to someone else that doesn't know what their doing.

What an awful complex. The management doesn't care about the apartments on the hill, unless maintenance wants to barge in and do some random work that wasn't even a serious problem without telling me, after going out on my birthday I'd love to come home and fall asleep but no, you retards decided to do maintenance work in the middle of the night when I have class in the morning. Everything is broken in this complex and y'all don't care at all about it. I will make sure no one ever signs here and goes thru y'all idiots. Terrible.

When i 1st moved in my sis and dog were attacked by the level above us 3 dogs @ once and both came to my room @ 2 a.m. and my sis came back crying and started to have a panic attack. My dog was fairly ok but was bleeding and my sis had dog spot on her face. I have no way of properly complaining about this.

Elevation on post is my first apartment ever. It is the key to parental freedom and the step towards adulthood. The complex is quiet all day and night and I rarely see police cars driving in to assess a crime.

There is so many things that needs fixing in the apartments but the staff is great. The plumbing isn’t great. Some of the outlets doesn’t work in my apartment.

Not so great. Although you guys have been really accommodating as far as allowing me to pay the water bill late, most of the apartment management has been awful. Maintenance has showed up at all hours doing these time-crunched renovations, tearing up our living space while we still live here and intruding in inappropriate ways. the water company was switched midway through the year causing an influx in the water bill and putting a burden on a lot of residents with an accumulative water bill for several months in one large sum. Management needs to care about the residents more if this is going to be anything more than a cheap, shady complex...

Starting from move in this place has been nothing but trouble. The whole apartment was FILTHY. I had no fire alarm in my room for a month, during which time our dryer caught on fire and not a single alarm went off. I'm still waiting on someone to fix our hot water heater after 7 weeks plus the 2 weeks they had in between tenants. Plus many other smaller maintenance issues which also took WAY too long to be fixed. So done with this place. If there was anywhere else to move to I would have already. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND.

Terrible. I needed to find an apartment quickly but I wish I had spent more time looking because I regret so much signing the lease here. Would not recommend to anyone that I liked.

It's okay, just not all that great when me and my gf wanted to clean the pool the maintenance people didn't let us because "we couldn't touch the equipment like that"

This is the best place to live ever except when my water heater broke and it wasn't fixed for a month and a half. Thanks for fixing it eventually.

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This is the worst apartment complex that I've ever lived at. The property manager is terrible and the staff don't care about doing their work. I tell everyone that I know that this is a horrible place to live and to stay away from this god awful apartment complex.

I understand there's a limited amount of maintenance workers and only 2 weeks between move-out and in days, but cmon. I shouldn't have to move into a filthy and dingy apartment. Still waiting on maintenance to catch up enough to service non-emergency work orders a month out.... The only redeeming quality of this place is that the management/maintenance staff are nice people.

Terrible place to live, I have had a hole in my apt by the front door for over a year and all I get told is they are still ordering the parts.

smelly old apartment second uear living here and they didnt chage a thing only made it worst i cant even sleep at night because the light in front of the door cant even be turned off

Has been horrible there are always bugs everywhere and the dryer does not work. I was charged 75$ when i was not supposed to and i was failed to be informed of the guest towing

Okay I guess a lot of problems with the apartment. We have submitted about 50 work orders and they took about a month and a half to get it done.

Parking lot lights are dim and nonexistent. Nothing is being done about weeknight parties. I feel unsafe walking from my car to my apartment because of how dark it is.

it always smells like poo outside the bus stop smells like poo and i always see trash near my apartment that's not mine and theres trash everywhere sometimes it gets too noisy

So far my experience hasn't been the best. First week here water got shut off constantly causing my toilet to clog. Then we've had roaches. Apartment has been sprayed twice and my roommate and I keep it clean but still small roaches are found. Maintenence has been good for the most part after constantly complaining. Too expensive for the quality of living.

Maitenance always slow. Needs to complete renovation. The pool always looks very dirty as well as the BBQ inside of the gates. No interest to invite people to live here or sign again.

You all could definitely do better. Everything is unorganized and something is always wrong in my apartment. A tip I'd offer is making sure the walk throughs are done.

It gets loud at times but Is very friendly. I wish it had its on little gym area to work at or have little events that would go on within the complex