Overall my experience has met expectations. The staff is friendly, maintenance requests have been honored quickly and to resolution. Some “pooligans” have closed the pool down but that reflects more on them than the property management.

Love the amenities are close by, perhaps if they were always working could be better. For example) TV in fitness center doesn't work. Love the location

I absolutely love living here. My only complaint is that the common areas and stairwells could be maintained better, and I wish the gym had better equipment.

It’s been awesome living here! The community is great and the amenities are something I was really looking for when choosing an apartment to live in.

We are approaching our two year anniversary with Eleven North and have had a great experience this far! The staff has always been extremely helpful.

Great location with a friendly staff. Maintenance is terrific and clean environment. Pool is very fun in the spring and summer. Always a place to park.

The apartment complex is located conveniently near downtown Nashville, just down the street from the Gultch neighborhood. It is well maintained and maintenance requests are handled quickly.

Great place to live! I like the location and they keep the common areas clean. Like the free coffee in the cafe. and the spacious interiors are also great!

11 North is a fantastic place to live, and they know how to treat their residents! I would suggest that anybody looking for an amazing place to live, should totally check this place out!

Great place to live. Great people and great amenities. Only negative, I wish they would crack down on people leaving dog poop around the buildings. It's everywhere

Nice place, wouldn't mind having a strarbucks edition coffee machine in both lobbies but I'll survive for now. The only real negative I have is that fact that I have to write 140 characters minimum for this. Okay, I'm good.

Stairwells look like they haven't been cleaned since the building was built. There's always small pieces of trash in the hallway or animal poop. Would like to have more apartment events and activities.

Great place to live. Nice pool. Great BBQ. Dog park could be bigger. Sucks that they make you pay for trash even though you can walk it down the hallway.

Eleven north staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions or problems I have. it’s very convenient place to live. Eleven north also have a bunch of nice amenities.

Living here for last 4 years. Location, service, amnésies are making life easy and peaceful in elevennorth. I really enjoy living here and would recommend it

Nice place and perfect back yard. Maintenance usually done at the first request and timely. The important for me is Google new internet and TV

Location of building is great. Excellent storage in kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. Staff is friendly. Hallways in building need some serious work. Smelly.

Fantastic downtown location. All the amenities you could ask for. Work orders are completed super quick and halls are quite. Dry cleaning service is amazing and super pet friendly.

I am happy to pick this place to start my life here in nashville. It is only .8 miles away from from my work. Most of the the staff is super friendly. I love the apartment. All of the people that live here i met are super cool. The pool and bark park and other amenities are super nice. I also love the apartment events.

The location is great. Appliances wear and are a pain to get fixed. Been here for 6 plus years so I’m probably due some free upgrades. Would loved to hear about how that works.

close to most of places, but the only problem is the noise from the street. The staff is really nice and helpful, especially Nicole. I like the roof lounge and all the games in there.

No real complaints! I think that everything has gone well. your maintenance and office teams are both very professional and do a good job of taking care of residents. My only complaint is that the varsity trash removal workers are sometimes counter productive (leaving notes about tying bag, yet not taking bag, leaving trash can tipped over, etc)

Awesome community and great place to live! Everybody is so kind to one another and the staff is amazing! Building is located in the perfect (urban) area of downtown Nashville!

The gates are often broken and left open - being downtown, this is a safety concern. Originally, a selling point of this apartment was that our guests could freely park in the parking lot. Now, we do not have any guest parking. I think that we should all be allowed one guest parking pass per resident.

Convenient location, great neighbors, responsive property management staff, and I've always had apartment property maintenance issues completed quickly.