Poor. I was charged more for rent one month because apparently they can't take a temporary check and then won’t notify you that they don’t. For the price they are charging and for the actual facilities compared to what you can get at any other newer apartment building in Nashville is a joke. Outdoor furniture is encrusted with mold. Hallway carpets are disgusting. Apartments furnished with cheap furnishings. I had a cabinet door completely fall off the cabinet like the first week I moved in. The property manager is non-existent. I never seen the dude. Paying for parking in place you’re already paying to live is ridiculous. They offered premium reserved parking spots that no one took them up on because to park 10 feet closer for $75 more. Dumb. Can’t wait to move out.

Worst place I've lived honestly. Been here two months and can't can't the issues I've had on all my hand and toes and the management never helps resolve the issue they just say "sorry". Well sorry doesn't always get ya places

Great location. Pretty good amenities. Poor communication between staff and residents. For example, the hello fresh event last week was not announced until the day of. I would have cleared my schedule for that but I didn’t know about it until it was already over. The construction sounds seven days a week are atrocious, but I know that is not the apartment’s fault

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The reserve parking sucks. I hate that it is a new initiative. Everything else is okay. Everyone here seems nice which is good. The rooms are okay as well.

Awesome location, easy access to highway and the gulch. Building runs events on monthly basis to help meet others. Renovations are continuing through the complex .

Just moved in and had an alright move-in experience. The front office was great but there were issues with two apartments I was to move in to. Third time is the charm, I guess. Still have some issues to work out. The building is only a few years old but looks 10+ years old. Funny smell throughout the common areas. Gym looks nice. All around okay complex, but way too expensive for what it is.

The gates are often broken and left open - being downtown, this is a safety concern. Originally, a selling point of this apartment was that our guests could freely park in the parking lot. Now, we do not have any guest parking. I think that we should all be allowed one guest parking pass per resident.

Construction has been driving me crazy. Sounds like a snare drum outside of my window @630 AM. If that didn’t happen, would give this place 4 or 5 stars.

Stairwells look like they haven't been cleaned since the building was built. There's always small pieces of trash in the hallway or animal poop. Would like to have more apartment events and activities.

It has been good so far. They have a couple of things that they need to improve but nothing too drastic from what you see at other apartment complexes.

Very convenient are to live in. Close to lots of attractions. Cheap Uber rides to downtown, midtown, east Nashville and predators games. Wish we didn’t have the reserved parking spaces. We fight for spot already and we pay plenty to live here.

Living at Eleven North has overall been a positive experience. Whenever, I have submitted a maintenance request the issue has been resolved in a timely manner. Also, it is a fun place to live during the summer. Sometimes the pool gets a little out of control, and they have to close it. However, that isn't the complexes fault. It is just a younger crowd that lives there. The negative is that I haven't always had positive experiences dealing with the office staff. When I first moved in someone told me that I could reserve the rooftop bar for my B-day party, and I just needed to pay a deposit. Then later I was told that I had to pay the deposit and a fee. Since there was miscommunication management waived the fee, however, I don't think as tenants we should have to pay a fee to reserve the rooms. The last issue is that I have lived there for a year, and I have always paid my rent on time. The 1st time I was a day late I received a note on my door that if I didn't pay by a certain date they would possibly proceed with the legal process. It seemed a little extreme to me. I think that Eleven North should treat its good tenants who pay their rent and not cause any issues with a little more respect.

Wonderful location. Office staff can me a little tough to work with at times. Wonderful pool when it’s open. Maintenance it’s great and understanding.

Have had any problems Grills.dont work well Pool area closed during winter Cheap Good location Not a good value for the price compared to all other properties in the area

Clenliness is an issue in public areas at times and maintenance requests are rarely completed in a timely manner. Other than that, it’s a pleasant experience

The apartments are pretty ok. I really like my floor plan, if I could buy it I probably would. I am not a fan of the parking situation since I'm at the far corner of the 300 building and often have to park in the middle of the 200 building. My neighbors are pretty ok since I never see them, but a lot of people here have no respect for the amenities or the building in general.

The apartment is so good but the only problem is that i can here all the noise from outside. The amenities are perfect for hang outs and relaxation.

Eleven north has a very good staff and management that is always willing to help out. The pool is awesome! The location is great. I highly recommend.

Washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal did not work upon arrival. The apartment complex is a nice clean facility. Staff is very nice.

I like my apartment, locations, and enjoy the amenities such as the pool, hot tub, and gym. However, the community spaces, hallways, and stairwells could be cleaner. The stairwells appear to have never been cleaned. The same stains have been smeared on the walls for at least a year now.

Great so far ! Enjoying with being here as of right now. The place is great. Lorbdjdjdj djdndn fjdjdnd djdjdnndndndnd. Fjdjdndnnd djdjdjjdndn djdjdjnd jenen

Very safe and beautiful community with large apartments! I have had several issues with the front office but the maintenance staff has been wonderful! Overall I am happy but will likely have to move due to the cost of rent for a 1 bedroom.

Overall it’s been a pretty good experience but definitely some things need changing. The visitor street parking definitely needs to change because it is dangerous when trying to drive out of the complex.

Living at Eleven North has been okay so far. When we first moved in, it went well. The workout room is nice and we look forward to using the pool.

Great rate for a quiet but prime location. Have had little to not trouble. Only downside is grounds are not kept up with the growing pet population.