I just moved to Milwaukee, and having a community like the one at the pabst has helped the transition so much already. The staff is so nice and helpful- but most importantly, everyone has been super welcoming to my dog! In previous apartments, people tended to not be big fans of a dog in the building. That’s super important to me!

The management team and staff here are so amazing!! Move in was a breeze and I have no complaints! Even my random roommate situation worked out perfectly, thank you!!

The apartments are absolutely amazing, and very reasonably priced! Much better than any competitors in the area that I've seen in the price range. The rooms come furnished, which makes moving in much easier, and everything is bundled into one easy price.

Really like living here. The space is great and it is really starting to feel like home. I like the location of the building as it is in a nice and ever expanding area of milwaukee's west side.

The entire process is very smooth and streamline, assistance was provided with all my questions. The online interface and website make it very easy.

Can’t beat the connivence. The location, shuttle and frequent community events (i.e. free pizza) make it really easy for someone as busy as myself to live their life without having to worry about a lot.

I have yet to move inside the residence. However, from viewing it online, doing more research, I love it already from the tour. It makes me feel completely comfortable.

no dishwasher or garbage disposal and very hot. great apartment otherwise and very communicstive staff. college friendly dorms that are also pet friendly

I moved in a couple days ago and I really like it here so far. The rooms are nice, the facilities are good, and the staff are very nice. Overall just a good living situation for a college student

I like the location cheap rent and updated look. However there is no dishwasher, the parking garage is kind of a hike and the gym could use more equipment

Overall I am very happy with my apartment community. Thanks to all the common areas it creates a great community. Whether it’s studying in the common areas, or spending time in the movie theater.

I love love love the apartment. There’s so much cool stuff and it’s designed very nicely. I can’t wait to move in around August to get the full experience.

I love that this is furnished it makes life so easy during a stressful move! This is the nicest place I have found so far in Milwaukee and would recommend it to anyone.

Best staff & made every part of moving in possible fast! They walked us through even difficulties we were having w/ approval. They were very easy going & accommodating when we moved in too.

Enjoy it! Cant wait to move in in August! The building looks very nice! The amenities are very nice for all the local college students. So new and modern!

Eleven25 has been very helpful and welcoming. The staff is always available to answer any questions I have and they always get back to me in a timely manner. I am very appreciative.

Going in for a tour at Eleven 25 it was so welcoming! I knew right away that I would want to live there and was excited about starting a lease with them!

The amenities are one reason why I chose to live at Eleven25. I really wanted a gym in my apartment and not only did eleven25 have that, they had a really nice one.

Great atmosphere and nice location! The staff is friendly and more than willing to help. I love the amenities including the workout room and the free coffee. A dishwasher in the apartments would have really added to my experience here.

There have been some minor noise issues but, beyond that I've been pretty happy with my apartment and neighbors. The security hasn't always been very great. I would often walk by and see nobody at the desk but at least one of the fob points was unlocked.

Love the location and the friendly staff. The building itself is a clean and welcoming environment. The amenities are fantastic and really suited for college students and young adults.

Everything is great- but coffee machine never works and I've filed countless noise complaints against my neighbors with nothing done. Other than that it has been good

Most things are great the only issues I have are that the wifi is very slow and doesn’t work at all sometimes, it’s sometimes extremely cold to to the point that it’s uncomfortable, and my upstairs neighbors are always obnoxiously loud.

The amenities in the building are great! The staff are super welcoming and accommodating. Living here has really been great so far! Can’t wait to renew

I love living in this apartment complex. Just being able to visit the convenience store if I'm in a hurry makes my life so much easier. If I'm not in a hurry, the food court has some of the best food in Milwaukee.