Staff is AMAZING. Building is full of activities and study,eat areas. The Shuttle is always on time. Clean all the time. Free hot chocolate makes my day everyday. Room plans are awesome

Great experience, These are great apartments in a great area. They are a bit older and that brings some issues, but the maintenance and office staff are always friendly and quick to respond to such issues. I have loved my time here and will always recommend it to others

It is a good place to live. although there has been several things that were already broken when we got here and maintenance has still not come to fix them. also things have broken while being here. everything else is great

Eleven25 had been great so far. I have taken full advantage of the amenities including free coffee, fitness center, and free printing. Every time we have guests they compliment us on how nice our apartment is. Love it!

Its been good for the most part, except for the noise. My apartment is extremely loud on the weekends, but I guess the new amenities make up for that.

I love living at Pabst, it is the nicest apartment complex in Milwaukee. It is worth the money for sure. I love the food services and the gym.

The apartment staff is very helpful. They answered all of my questions and were always available. I live the building itself and I cannot wait to move in next August

It rocks I really enjoy it Rest In Peace juice world honestly I really really do absolutely enjoy- and I mean enjoy- the people who work at the restaurants

Love the building, the staff are always friendly and welcoming! Clean entities and maintenance help right away if needed. Excited to renew with Eleven25!

It’s great! I love living here!! Although maintenance could be better. It’s very welcoming and I love that it’s downtown near my job! Great walking distance.

Nice community. The free coffee is definitely a plus. It’s also a nice downtown location near MATC and the Zilber School of Public Health. The staff works hard to do fun events for students

I love the workout facility and the free hot chocolate! The location is a bit far from most schools, except the Zilber School of Public Health.

I love it here, super modern and well kept and beautiful. The people I live with work very well all together and it’s a blast. I love the restaurants down stairs too!!

I love the accommodations in the building - gym, breakout rooms, cinema +. The staff & management always helpful. The indoor places to eat make it nice for when cold.

Great place to stay. The only downside is the distance from my campus (Marquette University), but the shuttle system is usually a convenient way to get there. The only downside to this is that they are sometimes inconsistent with pickup times. On more than one occasion, the shuttle has left its pickup location more than five minutes early, leaving me to walk back to Eleven25.

It's a cool place, pretty laid back. Management is a bit unorganized. Alot of stuff gets wrecked that im noticing. My door got locked with the keys in my room and the handle was removed leaving my door all chewed up.

My time here at Eleven25 at Pabst has been and continues to be the most fun and residential time that I've ever spent as a tenant ANYWHERE. I never want to move out.

Really excited to move in! Been here before since my friends live here and we all love it especially the gym. The rooms are spacious for the price.

Overall great place to live only problem is you can’t control the air but is only an issue when it gets colder but I like the food downstairs and the weight room it’s enough to do my workouts

I haven't moved in yet, but so far I've been very impressed with the professionalism shown on the apartment tour and the quality of the living spaces.

We’ve had a few problems with our room layout and needing the tv moved and some water damage. But since then, things are starting to getting better.

So far im really enjoying my experience here. Its nice to wake go downstairs a grab some coffe from the community kitchen. My unit is really roomy and i love it overall

So far this place is everything and more, the gym is so nice and close and never too busy! The staff is very attentive. It’s always fun to see the residents pets around.

the place is great , the only thing is the noise on the weekends, there are always parties inside the building. I also will like to have assistance after 5pm

Very convenient location and nice people. Was concerned internet would be slow since it's provided, but it's faster than my old place! Room is a bit small for the price though.