Very convenient location and nice people. Was concerned internet would be slow since it's provided, but it's faster than my old place! Room is a bit small for the price though.

Eleven 25 Staff are so educating when it comes to all questions about this place. I also want to give a shoutout to Abbie & Alissa Thank You!

My experience here at first wasn’t the best . Prior to moving in it was a hassle, I didn’t know my roommates or room number until the day before I moved in . They canceled my lease without telling me UNTIL I asked 2 days before I moved in , forcing me to move into the 4 bedroom instead of the 2. Since living here though I’ve enjoyed it , I love the location and the amenities .

Best living in this community 🤘🏽I love where I’m living an the people that you all selected to be my roommates. Best college experience by far.

My experience at Eleven25 has been great so far! My apartment was clean on move in day and maintenance is quick to solve any issues you submit through resident portal

The front desk is not very helpful, the internet gets very slow from time to time and has issues like it was recently down for the whole day. Additionally, the bedroom does not get any sunlight. Aside from those things, it is a very good apartment complex with a convenient gym and restaurants!

I am having a great time living at Pabst. Everyone is nice, the building is clean, the people who work at the front desk are always very helpful and the location of the apartment is amazing. Everyone that I've come in contact with since moving in has been nothing but nice and that definitely made moving so much easier!

I like the place here! It really looks great and fancy. Also, the gym is big and it has a lot of things. The bad rooms and the kitchen very good!

They throw a ton of community events. Staff is super friendly. Dog friendly. It’s a great apartment and community and I’ll miss living here!

This place is ridiculous. I regret moving here. The only redeeming factors are the aesthetics of my apartment and the food court onsite but signing a sixteen month lease to live with a bunch of loud, filthy college kids was the biggest mistake I have ever made. The staff here is nice and usually pretty helpful, but I have had issues with getting time sensitive mail on the day that it is delivered. It seems like there are new maintenance people now, but previously, they would just walk into our apartment without knocking and without warning. People leave what I believe is animal urine on the floors in the halls for days and there seem to always be beer cans and trash in the stairwells. It is always either freezing or burning up in the building. I also live with a girl that has 2 pets and my apartment is always messy, despite stating on the roommate matching agreement that I am a clean person and would prefer to live with other clean people as well as no pets. I do appreciate the upgraded security measures, though.

overall great! I was matched with a random roommate and we get along super well, only issue i had was in the beginning with some miscommunications with the staff but it worked out in the end

I have enjoyed my experience here so far. The staff have been nice and my room is very lovely. The rent it reasonable for the amenities offered.

Great staff and building features. Would love to have a scanner at the stairs so that we don't always have to take the elevator! However, I enjoy the new security features in the building and how safe I feel when at home.

The staff very nice here and very accommodating. I really enjoy the events that they do for their residence here. There are some major cons though like parking and there's a smell of weed in the halls.

New management has been subpar so far in my opinion. The updated security is a bit of a hassle but I understand the move to make residents feel safer. I would say I live in one of the quietest units in this building and somehow received a noise complaint? Overall, I like living here. I like seeing dogs in the halls. The staff is friendly. The building accommodates to college students very well.

It good nice environment for me to stay near by MATC also near bucks games too which is good! Possible attend Marquette university games too

Nice quiet place also there isn’t a lot of drama around here. The people that live around here are very nice. Also I love the fitness center.

I don’t like my roomates I was paired with an maintenances never came to my apartment. Overall I like the community but there’s no dishwasher as shown in the 1 bedroom I toured.

noise is a little bothersome- good otherwise. It is in a great location and the staff is pretty good. Things get done in a timely manner and it's clean

Great building, so many amenities like the gym and movie theater room! My apartment is great, came with a full size bed, dresser, desk, and closet. Only thing i could do without is the barking dog next door.

99% great people who live here and great staff. Had a problem or two solved very handily by the staff. One two three four five six seven eight m’s in my bank account

I've been here one day. So far it's pretty nice! It is like a glorified college dorm. I enjoy the food court, especially the people who work there. The location of this place is excellent. I also had a good time at the rooftop bar across the street.

i’ve been very happy eith my experience so far ! moving in went well and my roomate is super nice so far. i can’t wait to start school and add to the experience.

The lease process was a mess because the management changed without notifying us, but these new owners seem to be much better than the previous, and we’re vey excited to be living in the building

The place is in an amazing location and offers nice food options to purchase. Also love the snack bar for convenience. The only one thing to improve is communication with the front desk could be better and more clear at times as AJ have been told I will receive a follow-up sometimes and not received one. Great property though and highly suggest it!