Eleven25 has been very helpful and welcoming. The staff is always available to answer any questions I have and they always get back to me in a timely manner. I am very appreciative.

Going in for a tour at Eleven 25 it was so welcoming! I knew right away that I would want to live there and was excited about starting a lease with them!

The amenities are one reason why I chose to live at Eleven25. I really wanted a gym in my apartment and not only did eleven25 have that, they had a really nice one.

Great atmosphere and nice location! The staff is friendly and more than willing to help. I love the amenities including the workout room and the free coffee. A dishwasher in the apartments would have really added to my experience here.

There have been some minor noise issues but, beyond that I've been pretty happy with my apartment and neighbors. The security hasn't always been very great. I would often walk by and see nobody at the desk but at least one of the fob points was unlocked.

Love the location and the friendly staff. The building itself is a clean and welcoming environment. The amenities are fantastic and really suited for college students and young adults.

Everything is great- but coffee machine never works and I've filed countless noise complaints against my neighbors with nothing done. Other than that it has been good

Most things are great the only issues I have are that the wifi is very slow and doesn’t work at all sometimes, it’s sometimes extremely cold to to the point that it’s uncomfortable, and my upstairs neighbors are always obnoxiously loud.

The amenities in the building are great! The staff are super welcoming and accommodating. Living here has really been great so far! Can’t wait to renew

I love living in this apartment complex. Just being able to visit the convenience store if I'm in a hurry makes my life so much easier. If I'm not in a hurry, the food court has some of the best food in Milwaukee.

I haven’t moved in yet. But I’m eager to meet everyone at eleven25 and I can’t wait to see the full experience. I already been on two tours and I love it yo.

Love living at Eleven25 as it is a beautiful building with lots of great amenities! I work full time so the only thing I would say I would change if I could is the noise level on week nights by my upper neighbor. The tall ceilings can echo a little bit more it seems like. Otherwise it has been a 5/5 experience!

Eleven25 has some great amenities and it is an excellent location to downtown and a number of universities. Roommate matching is a nice feature. I don't like the lack of windows in some units and even the exterior units only have windows in the common space.

I'm enjoying Eleven25 so far. I love my place, it's super close to campus, my roommate is cool, and the staff is awesome. I would definitely recommend to any students.

Overall very good place to live. Nice place, good amenities, clean, and great resident activities throughout the year. No real complaints. If a golf simulator was on the property it would be perfect!

The heating and cooling of the units is why I cannot give more than 3 stars. There are days where it is so unbearable you cannot sleep. The heat in my room makes sleeping very difficult.

Very friendly staff. Everyone was very nice when we went on our tour. They were also very professional. They answered any questions we had and were more than happy to help.

I have not moved in yet but I’ve signed a lease for 2019-2020. After touring I’m excited to live at Eleven25 because of how clean it is, the amenities, and the study areas through out the building.

It has been good so far this semester. The only things that I would complain about is the noise (listening to my neighbor's phone calls through the wall isn't ideal) and I wish that the shuttle ran a little longer (I have a meeting every week on campus that starts at 7 and the shuttle ends at 7 so I have to take the long 40 min bus ride back)

Great place, Interior Apartments take a little getting used to. Staff is helpful, and there is a food court with actually good pricing in the building.

Love this place so much! Great location and people. I live at eleven25 for two years and would love to stay for another year. I also enjoy using amenities such as gym, cinema, and Starbucks machine!

Absolutely love the amenities and the people here are really friendly. It is also really close to entertainment areas which is great for college students.

Have lived here for two years. The amenities and management are really what makes living here worth it. The shuttle to campus is a great resource. Overall fairly good value.

1125 at Pabst is the best bang for your buck for living in the downtown area. The shuttle to UWM is so nice because it allows UWM students to live in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. The gym, food court, kitchen and other awesome amenities make 1125 the perfect place to call home.

Good management and workers. Little expensive, but you do get lots of amenities and perks. Parking is a block away and gets very busy during events at the Fiserv