It has been good so far this semester. The only things that I would complain about is the noise (listening to my neighbor's phone calls through the wall isn't ideal) and I wish that the shuttle ran a little longer (I have a meeting every week on campus that starts at 7 and the shuttle ends at 7 so I have to take the long 40 min bus ride back)

Great place, Interior Apartments take a little getting used to. Staff is helpful, and there is a food court with actually good pricing in the building.

Love this place so much! Great location and people. I live at eleven25 for two years and would love to stay for another year. I also enjoy using amenities such as gym, cinema, and Starbucks machine!

Absolutely love the amenities and the people here are really friendly. It is also really close to entertainment areas which is great for college students.

Have lived here for two years. The amenities and management are really what makes living here worth it. The shuttle to campus is a great resource. Overall fairly good value.

1125 at Pabst is the best bang for your buck for living in the downtown area. The shuttle to UWM is so nice because it allows UWM students to live in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. The gym, food court, kitchen and other awesome amenities make 1125 the perfect place to call home.

Good management and workers. Little expensive, but you do get lots of amenities and perks. Parking is a block away and gets very busy during events at the Fiserv

Great amenities, the shuttle service is what really sets this place apart from other places. I also appreciate the multitude of entertainment options (i.e. shuffleboard, foosball, etc.). The gym has been pretty good, although I would appreciate a few more free weights.

Great building to live in - staff are super responsive if there are ever problems with the apartment, rooms are super nice. There are a few neighbors who are very loud and not respectful of others, but for the most part the community has been great.

Great amenities and very friendly staff! I love the workout room and the free coffee! A dishwasher would be nice to have in the kitchen, but the building is always very clean and it’s in a great location to my school!

Very convenient for students in terms of transportation and amenities. Good place for a "starter apartment" Would recommend to Students looking to get away from dorm life

Eleven25 at Pabst is a very beautiful and clean building, with very friendly staff. I like that the apartments are fully furnished and that the staff is very helpful.

My neighbors are relatively courteous, but there have been some noise issues in the past such as loud music and literal screaming in the hallway.

Love living at Eleven25! The staff is awesome and so accommodating and friendly. I love that it is pet friendly, my dog has neighbor friends. The restaurants downstairs are also super convenient.

living here is great, the rooms are very comfortable, there is always security in the building and the parking is also very convenient and the staff is very friendly

Dwight has really been so helpful with everything! Whenever there is an issue or concern, he answers emails quickly. I do wish the light in the patio would turn off at night. Hard to fall asleep sometimes.

I have not been living at 1125 full time. However, when I am there, I enjoy the amenities such as the free Starbucks coffee, and the private study areas.

Fantastic complex! Walls are a little thin so we can hear neighbors but overall it is a great place to live! Power outages happen a little too frequently in our apartment and it is only half of our suite which is very odd. Still, a great place to live and we get so much for our money which is fantastic when we have school to pay for as well as other bills.

Great place to live. Friendly and helpful staff, countless amenities, the building is always spotless. The place is quiet, clean, I have no complaints

Over all its not that bad. Its just pretty far away from everything. It’s also either freezing or super hot? The air is always blowing so aggressively that it will actually blow papers off the table which is incredibly annoying.

I enjoy living at the Eleven25 at Pabst mostly because of the amenities it has. I love having a gym on site and the pizza days and free breakfast days and even free beer days give me a chance to meet other people in my community and have fun!

It has been good so far. I get bummed when I can't get coffee as it is locked most of the time. Maintenance could be better as could gym hours. Since the building is locked I don't get why those amenities are not 24 hours as many people don't get home until after all doors have been locked. Issue in getting to far side of building as there are no doors and it wastes time going all the way around.

I just love the vibe of this living space. I just recently signed my lease, but the tour sold me instantly. And with all the amenities it comes with, I don’t think no one can find a better place than this.

I have only toured the residence but it is very nice and safe. I would totally recommend this place to anyone who wants to love downtown or who goes to a school downtown.

Overall great value for the price. High-quality amenities, shuttle to campus is such a plus and very reliable. Staff responds to any questions and concerns in a timely manner. Sometimes the noise is a little much, but overall there is not much to complain about.