The place is in an amazing location and offers nice food options to purchase. Also love the snack bar for convenience. The only one thing to improve is communication with the front desk could be better and more clear at times as AJ have been told I will receive a follow-up sometimes and not received one. Great property though and highly suggest it!

Quick at getting back to you if it’s an easy issue, a little disorganized within their management although overall their buildings and amenities seem nice

The provided amenities were nice and the maintenance staff was always friendly and timely with repairs. Overall, it was a very nice place to live.

Even just standing outside of Eleven25 and viewing the location and neighbourhood I felt welcome and happy. The entire proces of applying was smooth as well.

Excited to move in! Looking forward to the incredible amenities, and welcoming staff! The value of the apartments is exactly what me and my roommates have been looking for!

Unbelievable experience! The staff and other residents are super friendly, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. The rooms are very spacious as well!

There have been numerous noise complaints made with no actual action made against the residents and it has negatively impacted my experience by a lot as I cannot be in my room at times. Otherwise I have enjoyed my stay. Maintenance could also be better

The apartments are spacious and beautiful. There are new appliances in every kitchen. Most of the staff is friendly and helpful. There is a gym in the building that has everything I need. It loses some stars however because there are several things around the building that break or malfunction in my short time of living here. For example in one month, the coffee maker broke down for a week, the elevator stopped working, there is a three-step key fob entry and the turnstile either breaks or doesn't register the fob from time to time and make a ridiculous racket, and the machine that distributes laundry cards by using your credit card has not worked once since I've been here. So cash only. I should also mention if you are nervous about dogs several residents let their dogs walk around off-leash. I've definitely had a couple of over-excited dogs come running my way. I do not mind it, but some people might. Bonus: There are some very tasty food options in the food court and the owners of those establishments are nice. And parking is a short walk away.

Great amenities including free coffee and hot chocolate, gym, and random treats throughout the year. Love the restaurants in the building, but somewhat of a distance from class unless you are attending the Zilber School of Public Health. In which case, it’s a perfect location!

It is a great laid out place where there’s enough room for everyone. It is well furnished and the people are great. I like the extra things like fitness room and games to play.

The local of Eleven25 is great, close to every Milwaukee campus and to downtown. It is also very pet friendly which is great but has drawbacks. There are so many dogs and a lot of them never stop barking. That being said there are other nice perks such as a weight room and free starbucks coffee in the kitchen.

Amazing!!! Love how friendly the staff is and willing they are to help with any questions. The apartment is located in a great neighborhood and close to so many things to do in the city.

The environment is very nice and clean. I really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere here. It would be nice is the grass area was fenced for the dogs.

Overall, I had a pleasant living experience here. The staff is friendly, and there are undoubtedly good perks to living here. The noise is a problem, but the location and the facilities here are great.

I just moved to Milwaukee, and having a community like the one at the pabst has helped the transition so much already. The staff is so nice and helpful- but most importantly, everyone has been super welcoming to my dog! In previous apartments, people tended to not be big fans of a dog in the building. That’s super important to me!

The management team and staff here are so amazing!! Move in was a breeze and I have no complaints! Even my random roommate situation worked out perfectly, thank you!!

The apartments are absolutely amazing, and very reasonably priced! Much better than any competitors in the area that I've seen in the price range. The rooms come furnished, which makes moving in much easier, and everything is bundled into one easy price.

Really like living here. The space is great and it is really starting to feel like home. I like the location of the building as it is in a nice and ever expanding area of milwaukee's west side.

The entire process is very smooth and streamline, assistance was provided with all my questions. The online interface and website make it very easy.

Can’t beat the connivence. The location, shuttle and frequent community events (i.e. free pizza) make it really easy for someone as busy as myself to live their life without having to worry about a lot.

I have yet to move inside the residence. However, from viewing it online, doing more research, I love it already from the tour. It makes me feel completely comfortable.

no dishwasher or garbage disposal and very hot. great apartment otherwise and very communicstive staff. college friendly dorms that are also pet friendly

I moved in a couple days ago and I really like it here so far. The rooms are nice, the facilities are good, and the staff are very nice. Overall just a good living situation for a college student

I like the location cheap rent and updated look. However there is no dishwasher, the parking garage is kind of a hike and the gym could use more equipment

Overall I am very happy with my apartment community. Thanks to all the common areas it creates a great community. Whether it’s studying in the common areas, or spending time in the movie theater.