A good community with responsive and helpful staff. I’ve only been here 4 months but I’m loving it so far! It’s a mix of people in the building, from very young to older folks so there’s a place for everyone.

The staff is very nice! Neighbors are pretty friendly. I do wish the building was maintained better. The individual hallway floors & walls aren’t very clean. I’m hoping management will fix this soon.

I love the structure of the building and all of the a menu it has to offer. The people are nice and most of the staff is generally helpful. i think that they should have more community events.

It’s nice and clean,everyone is friendly ,it’s convenient to going for groceries and metro access, especially when you have a plan to go Washington DC.

The staff is friendly and the facilities are nice. Rent is standard for the area and size of the unit. Overall rent is high in the area. The rental manager is extremely helpful.

The Fenwick has great tenants and everyone has been very friendly. The building is in a great part of Silver Spring which makes accessing the town and metro very easy.

Friendly place! I like the vibe and the people. The apartments are super cute and feels like home. Also there are so many cute pets here and it’s interesting to see how well people get along.

I love the neighborhood, the amenities, and the events. And, the Amazon hub is so convenient. I’m so happy to be a part of the Fenwick community!

location is great. the train is a slight bit of a nuisance but you get used to it. Its a beautiful building full of natural light. We used to have Bozzuto and now its Fairfield - it has not been a smooth transition.

140 characters is a bit much. Glad the music has changed so that there are a little bit of all types. Need more than green tea at the coffee station. Black teas and White teas are both good.

The apartment building is well-kept and has good amenities, and the building maintenance staff has been very responsive to all our requests. Our only real issue has been that our downstairs neighbors registered a noise complaint against us for very routine activity (we have a toddler, so it's hard to be 100% quiet all the time), and the building staff weren't entirely transparent with us about the consequences of these complaints--we were told something happens after three, but they didn't say exactly what, and it made us feel rather anxious and underinformed. Otherwise our experience here has been good so far, so we hope this issue doesn't develop any further.

Staff is very friendly and property is well maintained. It’s nice that there are frequent events on the property. I wish there was an area fenced in on the back of the property for dogs.

It has been great living in Fenwick Apartments. We have everything like a gym, pool, event every month for our community, dog friendly and the staff is very helpful and accommodating.rating 5 stars

We've loved living at Fenwick! The amenities are really amazing and we've never had an issue with our unit or management! I really appreciate how pet friendly they are for our dog!

Liking the new systems that are in place, but missing some of the old staff. There was a real feeling of community amongst the residents and the administration that is missing now.

Overall, there have been no issues since living at the Fenwick. The move-in process was a bit hectic since the management changed when we were completing applications and touring available units. The building is clean. The neighbors are friendly.

Our building’s location is within ten minutes walking of the metro and bus station. Apartment itself is very clean and modern, the community here is also very friendly and social. We love the overall atmosphere and the proximity to downtown events.

I’ve lived in a few of these amenity buildings. This one is ok. Prior management company was more consistent with concierge and public space access hours. This staff feels overall a little less professional, often on their phones or watching movies, however there are a couple of fantastic exceptions the really helpful lady with the red hair, and Marcus (he’s a gem!)

I love my apartment! <3 And I love all the amenities at Fenwick. I've had a few maintenance problems (closet door broke and sink issue) but other than that it's been very nice. Bonus points for pet friendliness!

Great community. Everyone is very neighborly. But those trains!! They seem to run by every few minutes pretty much all day and most of the night.

We’ve lived here for 4 years (in our 5th year). The apartment building is clean and whenever anything breaks it gets fixed within one day. Thx!

The new management change was hard... There is an attention to detail that has been missed... like cleaning up doggie carpet stains asap or security at the front desk (staff is not as hyper aware of folks coming in), but the front desk is doing better adjusting. I know it takes time.

The community is very clean and convenient. For the most part, management is very responsive and helpful. They have had significant staff turnover at the front desk in recent months so information and policy is not always accurate across staff members. Either way, my husband and I renewed our lease for another year. It’s peaceful, well-located to the metro and highway, and the gym and other amenities are great!

I love the building and the amenities (pool, sky deck, gym). Most of the residents are polite and nice. There is room for improvement for the new Management.

Great location, amenities, and living floor plans. Only a few blocks away from restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. Metro and public transportation accessible.

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