Super nice and really grateful that i get too live in such a nice apartment. Could change a couple things like the trash and some neighbors that are really loud but other than that im really glad that i get to live here. And i love the river view!

Very nice place to live needs to hire more maintenance is my only complaint. Community events need to be spread by the resident s to make them successful.

I enjoy staying here! It is a very fun, healthy enviroment to live in. Management is great, and very helpful at all times of the day. Thanks!

Love live at First Street Place. Very quiet except for the train at night. Love the size of the room and bathroom. Closet is somewhat small and parking could be better. Other than that for the most part it's pretty good. A little expensive also.

I enjoy every thing almost every thing about this apartment. The location is great. The rooms are nice, but if something is ever broken. It takes an act of god to get it fixed. My heat in my room has been broken for a week and a half and it’s the middle a January aka one of the coldest months in the year.

First street place is a great community. I never feel unwelcome when I walk through the front door. Staff is friendly and always helpful when picking up packages or parking passes.

Great community and maintenance is fantastic! However, I feel like I’m paying too much for my small space and we’re in desperate need of new washer/dryer machines!

Place is nice and in a good place to just walk to campus. The rooms are nice and well-equipped for young adults like myself although the walls could stand to be abit thicker. Also dogs above your room running around or people stomping around are really annoying to deal with, more so if you have to get up for a early morning shift.

Overall, First Street Place is a pretty good place to live. The building is mostly quiet and clean enough (though it could definitely be improved). The best part is the friendly and helpful staff.

Everything is great is everything is as expected when moved in. Great community and will work with you. Only thing i may not like is maintenance because they take their time filling orders. Been waiting on an order for two weeks now

First Street has been my home for five years and I have loved my stay the entire time. The only complaint I ever had was noise and that was handled very quickly

First street place is a great apartment to live in for college students. I have not had many complains but when I do they get taken care of quickly.

The atmosphere is great. The location is great, the people are extremely nice. Maintence is always on time, the front desk is always smiling and asking people if there is anything else they can do for them, or accomodating.

I love my community. My neighbors have become friends, and even my sweet puppy has friends. This isn’t a massive community so everybody really knows everybody.

The place is nice and I enjoy staying here. The location and safety is great. only real problem is maintenance takes forever to fix things. I've renewed so I hope it continues to stay nice and peaceful.

I really enjoyed my time at First Street Place. I lived in a two bedroom with a great roommate and only had problems with roaches twice. The location was great for taking morning and afternoon runs, as well as attending fireworks and the Sundays in the park. It was an easy 15 min walk to campus and there was a daily shuttle. Maintenance was timely and the staff created such an intimate, community-oriented atmosphere.

Its been fine. The people who work here are very nice. Maintenance is okay. My roomie is dealing with getting her ceiling fixed for a month

This apartment is really great. Everyone is so nice and the workers are very friendly and helpful. I also love my apartment, it's up to date and doesn't have many problems.

This is a great place to live! I like that they have a security guard out every night. It’s walking distance to campus and downtown. Super safe.

Love the staff and how engaged they are in trying to make this a community. Not too fond of the facebook group because we do have a lot of passively aggressive people living here.

Love it. So upkept and the best staff. Trying to put 5 stars but my phone will let me only do 4.5. Such a good atmosphere and location. Close to downtown and classroom buildings.

First Street Place is a great place to live. It has wonderful amenities including a pool, exercise facilities, and all inclusive furniture, washer and dryer. Further, the maintenance staff is very prompt regarding any issues that may arise.

Love everything about First Street. Moving in was easy and everything was clean. I do have to say that work orders take forever and then they are "quick fixes" that don't last.

All of the employees here are so friendly and helpful. They always are so happy to greet people and willing to resolve any issues there may be. My only negative about first street place is the cleanliness of the hallways. They don't seem to be cleaned often and have dead cockroaches lining the hall. Other than that I love living here!

I love the proximity to campus and the involvement of the staff within the community! It's so close knit, and it's unlike any experience I've had at other complexes.