So far I have been living here and the move in process has been pretty smooth, except for the elevator being down so that was a little bit of a bummer. But I always ask a ton of questions and they were right there ready and eager to answer

This is my first year but I have loved it so far! Free food all the time (love pizza), super close to the river (hi Mom) and of course the wonderful atmosphere for studying!

I have lived at FSP since undergrad and have always felt it was the best place for me to stay. I am definitley biased as an employee, but as a resident would still not have chosen anywhere else during my college years!

Nice place to live. A little expensive. Parking isn't the best, but it's included unless you want top lot parking which is limited. There seemed to be a bug problem, but they did spray.

Overall FSP is okay. On the plus side, FSP has great staff. Negatives are that it’s not kept clean or well-maintained and roommate matching and many other policies are terrible.

In terms of the apartment. If one thing is not broken or down it is another. At first, it was "oh okay whatever, things happen", but now it's a common thing. In terms of residence, a lot of friendly people but it is the few bad ones that make you want to move sometimes. leaving trash outside of their doors, dropping some kind of sauce in the hallway and it not being cleaned up. (been there about a week now). Dog waste everywhere alongside the path by the pool. Buy a cheap $100 camera and point it there. Give $20 fines to the people who don't pick up their dog's waste and you will make your money back in a week!. Maybe that will stop them from being lazy. Don't even want to talk about parking because that is a pointless and losing battle.

Staff is super friendly and accommodating, they always have food and fun things for the residents during the month, apartments are nice for the money. New renovated gym is great and the pool is nice!

My experience has been sub par. I understand that when things need to get fixed they take time but there is absolutely no rush to fix anything here at First Street. The staff is very friendly though so that’s a plus!

Great it is the best place for any college students to live bc of its options. Close to campus and has a nice pool, a good workout facility and great staff

Staying here is not only expensive but it i wouryh every penny maintenance is great with timing and the staff is friendly especially Sam she is great with unsterstanding any problems you may have and all. MY stay here was a great experience and i would recommend it to anyone’s it to i know.

Had a great term here. Loved the events and amenities. Can’t wait for another one. I know the staff has a lot of new ideas that will make next term even better.

Staff have been extremely helpful, Community has been friendly, but apartment has more wear and tear than expected. Amazing amentities include salt water pool and doggie friendly bags / bark bar, but the amount of paperwork to move in seemed like a hassle.

The staff are super nice and the place is always clean and well organized. Display room smells great and is set up very well to show possible residents how their living experience could be.

My first year at First Street has been amazing! The staff is awesome, amenities are great and you couldn’t ask for a better location. My dog Ace also likes staying here as well. The staff loves him!!

Good location and very friendly staff. Newly renovated gym. Plenty of parking for you and guests as well. Wish hallways were cleaned more often and the pool would have opened way earlier than it actually will.

First Street Place has been a great place to live over the past three years. I enjoy the niceness of all the employees. The other residents are great too.

I have loved living at FSP for years, the ownership change shook things up a bit and alot of rennovations were promised but not initially done. The gym is now rennovations so it is much better now it just took awhile! Staff and maintenance will go out of the way to help and the community is great overall.

Awesome place to live! Very pet friendly which matters most to us! Great amenities and way they try to do little things to get the entire apartment involved is great as well.

I moved back after living in a house and I really do enjoy it here. It's close to everything I need and I'm really enjoying the upgraded gym and appliances!

ive loved living here for the past two years. the area has been nice and i love my apartment space. the upgrades in the rooms and the gym have been nice

I truly enjoy living at FSP. The staff has been helpful since day 1, my apartment is amazing, and the location is great. I can't wait to enjoy the pool this summer and another year at FSP.

Staff is friendly and responsive, apartments are nice and maintenance is efficient. The only thing that could be better is people cleaning up after their pets, maybe if there were stations outside with trashcans for dog waste it was be a little better.

Super nice and really grateful that i get too live in such a nice apartment. Could change a couple things like the trash and some neighbors that are really loud but other than that im really glad that i get to live here. And i love the river view!

Very nice place to live needs to hire more maintenance is my only complaint. Community events need to be spread by the resident s to make them successful.

I enjoy staying here! It is a very fun, healthy enviroment to live in. Management is great, and very helpful at all times of the day. Thanks!