Nice apartment complex to live at within walking distance of the hospital. Relatively quiet outside of weekend nights. Complimentary starbucks coffee is awesome

The location for the apartment is great. The complex is kept relatively clean as well. Only thing wrong was that some of the furniture was damaged upon move in.

I had pancakes for breakfast today at the flats and it was wonderful. The staff members are so polite and it really makes me feel like I belong to a community. I love the gym and also the apartment I'm staying in is in really great shape. I'd recommend that flats to anyone!

Office staff is very friendly and helpful, gym is well-equipped, apartments are nice, outdoor amenities are pretty good. Building could be cleaner in general

I love living here but I do wish that we had recycling, main area cleaning, another printer and a cleaner gym facility. That would make things a lot better.

The location is very convenient, and there are many amenities both in the apartment itself and in the building. I felt that staff does not work very well as they have never responded to my emails, andI have heard them complain about working often, and that instead of answering the phone they would rather disconnect it. Other than that, the actual apartment is very nice.

The community is great, and the leasing office has been mostly helpful. The carpets in the hallways could be a lot cleaner and the side elevator entrance from the parking lot should be painted and cleaned.

I enjoy living here. It's very convenient to get to school and the amenities are awesome. The only problem I've experienced so far is the internet is somewhat unreliable. It goes in and out a lot and it's hard to find a network that works all the time.

I love the view i have from my apartment. Its very quiet which is ideal and i love having so much space and easy access to both the gym and the pool.

I really like living in the flats. The rooms are spacious, and the appliances and furniture are nice. The study rooms are a very useful tool as well. I love having such close access to the pool and gym.

Great living experience. It’s a little far from Grounds, especially if you’re in the Architecture School frequently. The bus stops right in front which is helpful

He flats is extremely safe and secure with an amazing pool and gym available. Unfortunately because of the reasonable prices and locations it can tend to feel like a dorm especially with the younger students who live there

The Flats has really nice apartments and amenities, but can get very loud depending on your location (especially with the echoing of the courtyard) and has an undesirable bus situation.

It's been nice so far! I wish that it was easier to hang curtains in my apartment; it is quite hard to sleep between the construction, the drunk kids, and the light. The amenities are extremely nice.

I love my room and all the amenities that come with it! The flats leasing office is very responsive to my concerns whenever I contact them, they respond right away!

My experience living at the Flats has been good so far. The apartments are pretty spacious, but the walls are thin, and the wifi can be slow

I highly suggest living at the Flats, it's close to campus, downtown, the corner so it's in the perfect location. The staff is super friendly, very personable and always available when you need them. The luxery pool and hot tub are an extra plus.

Furnished, convenient location, great amenities, friendly staff. This is my Hurd year here and I'll definitely be finishing out graduate school in the same apartment.

it's been mostly positive, while there were some issues with maintaining cleanliness in the garbage chute room and getting maintenance requests processed, the overall experience in living at the flats has not posed any major red flags and has been fairly positive!

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I really enjoy the people who work here. They are incredibly friendly and helpful. They also very good at responding to questions and requests.

The Flats likes to keep the places in the public eye very nice. The garage, the elevators, the stairs, all disgusting. At the same time, it's an undergraduate housing development so you get what you expect. The pool is nice to have and is generally clean when glass isn't broken in it and it is shut down for a week. The apartments are big but the rent matches them well. It is convenient location, very secure, and a safe community. They are a Christian company so when I moved in there was a bible in every room, I told them to remove them since I'm Jewish but they said they were not allowed...I recycled them.

Staff are very helpful and personable. Common areas are top notch. A great place to live that's close enough to campus, but far enough away to disconnect from the university.

Very nice community so far. Can get a little noisy at night but the amenities are fantastic. Very happy with atmosphere in the community. Looking forward to the rest of the year.

Improve the wifi. Hello, lorem ipsum dolor. Tbh the train is kinda loud but no big deal. You should also make the single apartments less expensive and also improve the wifi.