I have had a pretty good experience. The apartment and amenities are great, as are the staff. My main complaint relates to the noise but that is somewhat out of your control. Other than that, I have really enjoyed living here. Unfortunately, I don't think I can afford to live here another year though.

Overall i think it's well run; however, the people who live there do not treat the apartment nicely. We've had many instances of glass near the pool and the apartment staff has been animate about telling people not to. The stairwells are gross, but people make it worse by leaving trash in them.

Enjoy the apartment itself, but the elevators frequently do not work and lots of fire drills. Leasing office is friendly but property manager pursues damages regardless of justification

I love the flats. The gym is always spotless and the maintenence is very quick to respond. The noise sometimes can get out of control. Also, I wish there were more community events!

Everything’s been pretty nice here! I wish there were better mail systems for people who work outside of office hours though! The internet also is spotty at best.

The apartment complex is absolutely beautiful. I was blown away at how nice both the amenities and my apartment itself was. Also the pool is amazing.

Flats is excellent for me because it's my first semester in the United States for studying. I don't need to buy a car since the bus station is just in front of my apartment. And it's convenient walking to some resturants in corner.

Overall good experience, the location is close to school and it's easy to access to gym and other facilities, but the fire alarm sometimes gave false information, which is annoying.

Great place to live. I am going to be here only for one semester and will be staying only for 4 months but I can say that this place is amazing

I like living here, i love the coffee and printers. The only change would be to put regular cleaning towels at the gym, also love the pool ans wonder when jts gonna open again

Common areas and rooms are spacious and quite comfortable! Lots of storage space and good furniture, a large kitchen, and an integrated washer and dryer are really nice. So is having my own bathroom!

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Clean and peaceful, good ammenities. The gym is open 24hr which is always great, and the application to pay monthly rent is very convenient.

The community is nice and the staffs here are really helpful. The security system here works well as you have to use sensor keys to get into the building. Everything looks good for me so far.

The west flat service is nice and friendly. The room design is suitable size, useful, and also comfortable. Living here is a good experience.

I think it is an amazing place. I really like the location, because it is really close to where I go to class. Also the staffs are really nice.

The flats is in a convenient area with great amenities. The staff are friendly and do a good job to make the apartment complex an enjoyable place to live.

It's been great, the pool is great. The gym is great. I like how it's across from Kung fu tea and that a sugar shack is opening across the street.

Recently I’ve had a few maintenance requests and the staff downstairs have been great in helping me submit service requests. Furthermore, the maintenance guys arrive promptly, and they’re professional and friendly and they get the job done quickly and completely!

I really enjoy my apartment quality and the amenities offered here. The fire alarm problem seems to have been fixed which I also appreciate. The staff is very receptive to residents' concerns.

The apartments themselves are very nice. Not having to move furniture is the best part and we haven't had a problem that maintenance didn't fix within a day or two.

Currently living here as an undergraduate. Very clean and new; fire alarm sometimes goes off randomly and a little pricey, but otherwise a very nice place to live.

I feel like the flats matched us with 2 roommates pretty well, however one is a post-doc student so the matching for that didn't work out that well. We love our neighbors and the amenities provided.

Great environment but the staff lacks in fixing preexisting issues with the apartment and the fire alarms going off was a probably earlier in the year. Overall a great community though.

I like the community events even though I rarely get to attend due to classes. The wifi in the building are terrible and a very huge downside for me.

Flats is a great community with a great front office staff that makes day to day life in the building awesome. The building does at time gets dirty I would say the elevators could use a little more focus.