Currently living here as an undergraduate. Very clean and new; fire alarm sometimes goes off randomly and a little pricey, but otherwise a very nice place to live.

I feel like the flats matched us with 2 roommates pretty well, however one is a post-doc student so the matching for that didn't work out that well. We love our neighbors and the amenities provided.

Great environment but the staff lacks in fixing preexisting issues with the apartment and the fire alarms going off was a probably earlier in the year. Overall a great community though.

I like the community events even though I rarely get to attend due to classes. The wifi in the building are terrible and a very huge downside for me.

Flats is a great community with a great front office staff that makes day to day life in the building awesome. The building does at time gets dirty I would say the elevators could use a little more focus.

It’s been really good. I liked the thanksgiving dinner you guys put on. Felt very appreciated. You also always remember who I am which room and my roommate. Means a lot and makes it feel more homey. Thanks!

I've enjoyed the quick maintenance service and clean common areas. I would appreciate a cleaner outside elevator and garage area as well as better amenities maintenance such as a Foosball for the table or pool sticks whenever they disappear. This is highly a student living space so if you're older or outside of that, it may not be for you.

Most of my experience has been awesome. The fire alarms need to be fixed however, and the hallways and elevators are always absolutely disgusting.

Maintenance is very poor and takes a long time. Rooms are big and bathrooms are nice. Lobby is clean. Wi-fi is terrible. Fire alarm goes off a lot and is very annoying.

Train is very loud and keeps me up. Mail system needs more efficiency. Rates should be lower for renewals. Stop the fire alarm from going off

I love it here! Great amenities with a great view. The staff is awesome and will help you any way they can. Only issue is the mess the residents make.

Awesome staff and amenities. Nice gym, pool area, study areas, free coffee, and lobby and game area. Fire alarm has been a bit annoying, though, and hallways and stairwells can be pretty dirty

I think the facilities are great. And the staffs are professional and willing to help. However the fire alarm always goes off which is very annoying

Its a nice place to live. I enjoy living here. There are lots of amenities. Also, the neighborhood is safe. The staff is friendly. It does not get too noisy.

The apartment itself is awesome and the amenities like the pool and gym are a perk. The train is super loud and the fire alarm is super annoying.

Great amenities such as printing, gym, and pool. However, it is often very noisy. The fire alarms go off quite often too. Yet, overall my stay has been enjoyable

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Excellent apartment complex, in a great neighborhood. The apartments themselves are very clean and well-illuminated, overlooking the hospital or the downtown.

Great conditions and amenities. Living room space is spacious and clean. Maintenance staff is very timely with fixes. Could be improved if there was a convenient way for guests to access the 7/8/9th floors.

Sometimes the hallways and elevators are messy, but the common area on the first floor is generally very clean and has a lot of useful amenities.

Even though this apartment is fairly pricey, I must admit that I have really enjoyed living here. The early problems have largely been fixed now, including the fire alarm issues and the elevator issues. I hope now you can get this package issue figured out.

Helpful staff. There were monthly events where free food was given. I liked the study areas, and the I appreciated the free office supplies (including highlighters, pens, printer paper) that were provided during finals.

Nice apartment complex to live at within walking distance of the hospital. Relatively quiet outside of weekend nights. Complimentary starbucks coffee is awesome

The location for the apartment is great. The complex is kept relatively clean as well. Only thing wrong was that some of the furniture was damaged upon move in.

I had pancakes for breakfast today at the flats and it was wonderful. The staff members are so polite and it really makes me feel like I belong to a community. I love the gym and also the apartment I'm staying in is in really great shape. I'd recommend that flats to anyone!