I love this quite and peaceful place what I named Home! Is a really good apartment complex, neighbors are kind and respectful. I, 100% recommend this place.

There is minimal noise, everyone minds their own business. Neighbors that I have met are very friendly and helpful. My only concern is the laundry room that could use more improvements as my experience hasn’t been quite pleasant. Overall my experience has been pleasant

I've enjoyed living here for the value, friendliness and responsiveness of staff, quality of appliances, and availability of parking spaces. However, it took a long time for our apartment to air out of its musty smell when we moved in and there's been an increase in the number of outside cockroaches coming into the apartment (which is understandable since we live on the first floor).

great staff, quiet place. I am happy here. It's tucked away in a hidden street, and the neighbors keep to themselves. Perfect for a student who needs peace and quiet.

I like most of my neighbors and like the building. Could be more of a community but I can see that management wants to help make it feel like a community even tho people aren’t as interested.

Do quiet and calm. My neighbors are quiet too. I wish there was more parking but oh well. The apartment was nice in clean inside upon moving in. The unit also came with a washer and dryer, another plus.

I love this community. Everyone is very friendly. It's also a very nice clean environment to be in. I love the apartment features. I have to say that this is the best community that I have seen thus far.

I’ve been living here for 4 years and it’s been great! My neighbors are friendly, and the complex is very quiet! The office staff is amazing!

forest pointe apartments is a nice place to live. What I like most about it is that it is tucked away in its own little burrow and it is dog friendly

I must love living here as I'm into my 5th year. Neighbors are quiet and friendly. .. we have a great community. The CARE team provides several activities to allow you to meet your neighbors and the food is always great. Stephanie and Justin do an awesome job. Our office staff is responsive as are our maintenance team. There is plenty of greenery so you're not living with just a building and a parking lot. And this community is so pet friendly. I anticipate renewing my lease when the time comes.

So far so great! I love my new apartment. Staff is super helpful and always kind! They are always easy to get a hold of. The staff is very inviting, accommodating!

My experience has been great other then little things that needed to be fix and they was on it right away. And wish the signal was a little better.

I have only been been in my apartment since the 15th so far it’s been a good experience with the office and good turnaround time for maintenance to come fix things.

I moved into Forest pointe apartments a month ago and love it so far. The place was clean and reason upon arrival and everyone, staff and neighbors combined, were very welcoming. The neighborhood is also very quiet at night!

I have lived here for over a year and a half and the attention that each employee gives every resident is definitely noteworthy. I respond to each question and concern in a timely and kind manner. I only wish you apartment was slightly more updated, but for the price, safety, privacy, and convenience,I don't mind too much. Highly recommend!

So far my experience has been great. Ambria has been very helpful with processing my application. Lachelle was very helpful when I first called inquiring about the apartment. Im so excited about this property and glad to be relocating from Raleigh.

I can not waite to have my apartment in forest pointe, but I have not move in yet, I will write it back after a few weeks later when I moved in.

Overall good experience. Staff is friendly and responsive. The unit is nice and relatively affordable in comparison to other 1br in the area.

Community is reasonably quiet, garbage and recycling are conveniently located. Fairly good location for our needs. Interior is mostly good; some maintenance issues (not with the staff just the apartment in general).

The staff is friendly, quick to respond, and on top of their work when you need something. The location is close to downtown and trails which I enjoy being in my 20s and a runner who has a dog. I have met several of my neighbors who are all very friendly and easy to get along with as well. I’ve had no issues in the time that I’ve been here.

Love it here! I have lived here over a year and just renewed my lease! Convenient location and an excellent leasing staff, who always holds community events!

The people here are lovely. The neighbors are friendly. The staff, both office and maintenance, is excellent--friendly and quick to respond. They provide great service. The apartments are very comfortable.

I have lived here since January 2019 and so far i’ve had a pretty good experience. The office managers have always been very nice and accommodating. I love my little apartment so much. I do not have the renovated version but mine does have actual hard wood floors. The neighborhood is pretty quiet and super convenient to downtown. The best part about living here are my neighbors hands down. Maybe I just got really lucky but I have made a lot of new friends so far! The only thing i’ve had a problem with are the roaches that hang out on the exterior stairwell and lots of mosquitoes around the neighborhood. Aside from that it’s been really pleasant!

Large apartments with very attentive staff and maintenance crew. Only caveat is that it's next to the highway and can be noisy, but you get used to it. Very quiet, respectful community.

Everyone is very polite and genuine. Maintenance is speedy. They always fix problems when they are notified. I would just really appreciate a larger space to discard recyclables. It would save me time to recycle where I live instead of driving somewhere else to discard recycling.