I would give the Forum a solid 4/5 stars. I'm in my second year living here. My favorite things about this place are the individual bathrooms, breakfast on the go, and the convenience of having a bus stop so close. Maintenance has also been better so far this semester. My one suggestion would be to improve the guest parking situation. They're almost ALWAYS full, and my guests often have to park pretty far away.

I have enjoyed my resident experience! I love the layout and how chill/friendly the community is. Most of the employees are very friendly, which is helpful! Overall I am enjoying my stay.

Love it so far. Have had very few problems. Maintenance is quick, the staff are friendly. Love it here! Would recommend living here to any friend.

Pretty good maintenance team,they get everything done in a timely manner. Also they have really friendly and helpful office staff who make the experience here all the more great.

My room was smaller than I originally expected but the apartment itself is really nice and big. My experience so far has been really great and enjoyable.

I love living in these apartments. The people who work here are very friendly. I love the pool, yoga wednesdays, and the new dog park. I hope to sign my lease again for next year.

over all very well but the internet continues to go in and out in my apartment which makes it difficult for me to be able to do my homework.

SO far the best student living apartments I have experienced. I dont have a pet, but they do have a doggy park. Their pool is super nice, and their GYM 24 HR Open.

I have had an overall good experience in this community. Maintenance response extremely quickly when called and the staff in the office is nice!

Clean living, great environment. Love the pool and gym space, however, the study room harp be my favorite!! Highly recommend this complex!!!

It’s been great living here. The maintenance here is great, the environment is wonderful and the staff are amazing and friendly. I recommend The Forum to all of my friends.

I've had some issues with noise, but otherwise everyone is very kind and helpful! For example, when I moved, a random stranger helped me carry things up the stairs and people I pass on the sidewalk always smile.

The location is great for a student and there are many amenities provided, such as a pool, study area, small gym, etc. As a grad student, I was worried about the noise level that could be associated with student housing. However, while there is occasional noise, I have never been kept up or consistently distracted by it. Based on my experience and that of other residents I know, I am not sure that the office staff conveys an attitude of being receptive and prioritizing concerns. However, the major aspects are good and I have not had any serious issues.

Good amenities and activites. Free breakfast on most thursdays is pretty nice. Safe neighborhood and friendly people. Office staff is okay, though they can be a bit rude or uninformed.

Everything seems good so far. The apartment's nice and I really like living here so far. We have had some problems with the thermostat but the maintenance individual came and diligently fixed the issue. I do like this place a lot better than my old apartment complex.

Love the amenities. Its nice to be at a place that 'really' has a gym. The area is always clean and I feel safe knowing about the emergency security they provide.

I love the environment and it keeps me active still in college life!! I love it here! All the amenities I like because they're very useful when I want to study or just have a place to hang out at.

I am so much happier here than I was at my last complex. The complex grounds are beautiful and I love the clubhouse and gym/recreation areas - especially the fact that you offer zumba/yoga/fitness classes! Lastly, all of the staff members I've come across have been nothing but sweet and helpful!

The complex and the community is really nice. When I moved in though, the apartment was really dirty and we were missing things. One of our kitchen lights was out and the knob on our washer is broken.

I have enjoyed living at the forums so far. Whenever something has been broken someone has always been there within the day to fix it which is nice

The community is very clean and well kept. The gym, basketball court, and pool are a great source for me. Also the printing when I need to is good. The staff members are very helpful and and always understanding.

Great place to live while in college. Although, before you move in the apartments are dirty so you have to clean them. When you put in maintenance request for repairs, the maintenance people will close the ticket even though they haven't fixed anything.

So far my only problem was when I moved in, my roommates were not informed about it and were surprised by a stranger inside their apartment.

My experience has been pretty good so far. I love hanging by the pool and especially getting in the hot tub. The people above me are a little noisy but other than that it's bee good!

Awesome! I really like the new maintenece crew around, I love the text messages that tell you about how there are free waffles or food in the clubhouse.