Living at the forums hasn't been ideal. They have plenty of ways to try to get money out of you and the management isn't the best either. Ss

Guys are great, expect the rent just went to 620. I understand it comes with all of the amenities, but 620 just seems like a lot to me, a college student.

I moved here in January and just renewed my lease because I love it so much. The rent is reasonable and I love that each room has its own bathroom. The staff is great and friendly and they always throw fun events for residents. Maintenance promptly handles any requests that me or my roommates have ever had. Altogether, I've had a great experience at the Forum.

I love staying at the forums because everyone who works here is extremely friendly. I can talk to anyone in the front office and feel like I am home.

Customer service is great, cable and Internet is terrible. A/c cuts off every now and then. I would love if yall put a tin trash can near building 4 areas So people can stop throwing trash in the base of the trash can

I enjoy living here, I always have fun. I'm glad the people next door to me are moving because they always cause problems. But I will be with new roommates next year, and it will make it even better

I like living at the forum. The apartments are nice. Maintenance usually takes a while to fix things though. The walls are also very thin and there are a lot of parties which cab make it difficult to sleep at times. Overall though it's not bad.

I'm loving it here at the Forum!! They have fun events and a great community with the pool and volleyball courts jam packed with people having a great time! The staff is very helpful and the apartments are really nice. Friends that come over are always impressed with the quality and atmosphere the Forum has to offer.


Premises is always clean and staff is friendly. Gym is always maintained. Complex throws many events in order for residents to meet and socialize.

So far so good. I think covered parking should be available. The staff is nice from what I have experienced. Maintenance seems to take awhile once a request is put in. Overall the rent is over priced. The location and units are nice.

Any problem I have it is taken care of pretty fast. One thing I would like for y'all to work on is to check Id's for packages. I went to the office to pick up my package no one id me and they were trying to give me my roommates packages.

Love my building and haven't had noise issues. Most the staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely an upgrade from my last apartment and I think the rent is very reasonable.

Only real problem is lack of detail in roommate matching surveys and the noise every single night in the main/pool area. There should be more done to keep noise down and people out of this area after the pool is closed

awesome. I love everything about the forums, they always keep it so clean and inviting. I dont onow anybody that has ever had anything negative to say about the forums. Five star. Easy choice

Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous. Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous.Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous.Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous.Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous.Basket ball court needs to be done. The tiles are hazardous.

Great place to stay cost wise compared to the other apartment complexes around town. Basic needs are met. Excited to see what renovations are being done. Also wish the hot tub worked. :)

I like the Forum in Denton and all the things the people try to do to make the apartment worth my time. Sadly, the upper management have made it where living here is one of the most expensive places in all of DFW. To compare, I can live off of Greenville Avenue in Dallas for the same price I pay.

Recently, the facilities are not that nice. Always very rude to residents. I hope in the future, the facilities are more kind and willing to help residents solve their questions, not just give them "Why you have so much questions or I don't want to help u do this" face.

Very nice staff. The train is terrible though. Very well kept property and always has something fun and exciting going on along with a lot of new specials

Overall, management has done a great job addressing complaints and answering any questions that I may have. I've never had an issue with the staff the only reason I dont give it 5 stars is because of roommates/neighbors. The people that are attracted to live here are a little too wild for my taste.

I have lived here for 2 years and love it! Great student living apartment and the office staff is extremely helpful! The maintence here is also great

Usually responds to service request in a decent time. The thing I love most about living here is the sand volleyball court, pool, and propane grill.

My experience here at Forum at Denton Station has been amazing. I love my apartment and all the available amenities that come with it. Best apartments in Denton.

I loveeee the Forum. It's a great luxuries complex with a lot of great amenities! From all the free things to the nice staff, I have had a great living experience and choose to continue living here next year