Good community. The surrounding is nice and clean. The staff is nice and friendly. The worker do they job well. Good school zone in the area.

Really nice neighborhood and location. It’s closer to almost everything like mall, theatre, store, church and the best schools. I have found that living here uplifts my spirit, with quiet neighborhood and good schools that’s is good for the kids. It is also quiet in this area of neighborhood. I just wish it can be expanded more.

Nice Neighborhood, Easy Access though apartment rent is little high with the type of apartment available as they are old School district is also good.

Good place to live, good people living around. Good environment. The staff is great specially Kendell, a wonderful person. Planning to stay for a year.

The Foundation At Austin Colony Apartment is good place to be at has swimming pool, basketball court and park for your kids and good school zone as well shopping mall near by as well

Everything is nice and the staffs are friendly. They address immediately our concern and are very supportive. We cannot wait to experience more fun coming up when living here

This apartment complex is nice. I enjoy living here. We will have to relocate due to job opportunities but it is a wonderful place to live. Close to the mall

Friendly people and nice location everything is just around the corner I wish the parking would be better tho assigned parking would be better

I have only met a few people. All the staff is very friendly and helpful. The people I have talked to have been polite. The neighbors are quiet.

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So, so... could be better. My favorite thing about Foundations is the staff. These are some of the awesomest people on earth! Love, love Naseema, Jesse and Kendall

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Great office staff. Maintenance requests are always taken care of quickly. Very quiet and clean complex. They need to get pet clean up stations so we don’t have to walk all the way to the dumpster.

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the location is the main fetch as very near to shopping malls. The apartment is old and has more maintenance issues regularly, but maintenance team or attending when we raised the request. The rent is very high for existing customers than new customers. Once you on the lease then the management will play their numbers game and increase the rent as they like on renewal times. I observed that here most of the people or nor staying for long term due to these factors.

Location wise is percect. Near CVS, shops, mall, Town Centre. Lack of security. Outsiders easily come in and this concerns safety of family especially kids.

I love the location. The complex is quiet, the staff is friendly. Foundations at Austin Colony is in close proximity to grocery, malls and other places I go often.

It was not making sense in Houston that a staff member were telling me that she cannot go outside when it is raining. Also I'm not feeling good about the extra charges

Me and my family have lived here for 3 years and it has been a great place to reside. Nice pool and the grounds are manicured nicely each week

We are told that the pest control services are free but it's charged every month. Using another company for bills and charging me for billing services is also unfair.

Apartments are not clean they use very third class material and too much conjusted and kitchen is too small and I over all my experience is very bad

very good ,the people are very friendly .love the area hear my childrens schools are close .the arts are all around.the hcc. is close .and healthcare facillitys,.

Not happy with service very bad management. Expect more from the management of this colony. Lots of expectations from the management very bad customer services

Nice family place to live!!! The neighborhood is very quiet. You will not find a better office staff - We have been here for almost 3 years and we have no complaints.

So far everything has been great from the help in the office to the other residents. The staff is very helpful and answeres all my questions. Thank you foundations at Austin colony.

sound Asians at Austin colony apartments in sugar Land Texas is a great place to live. It is very convenient for work, school, Church. We plan to live here for many years to come.

The staff is friendly. The place is nice. The best part about living here is being is that it is located in sugar land. The apartment in a good environment

I love the quiet environment. The complex is within walking distance to so many shops and eateries. It is, also, in a great school zone. During the time I have lived here (7 months), I have only had minor maintenance issues which were solved very quickly.