Management changed and quality has gone down. There are huge rats around the complex. They seem to be trying to work on things but not quick enough. For the price it’s not worth living here.

Good Community with easy access to freeways, shopping malls. Well maintained. Friendly staff. Also, near to downtown, little noise due to planes landing, but otherwise good to live.

I have not been here long, but already my car was broken into in the safe secure garage,. Spoke to security guy on duty, but was told that he spends most of his time on duty is spent on the opposite side of apartments because it has more potential for breaking into cars. Very disconcerting. Security was the top of my list for choosing this place.

Not happy, but I’m stuck here for eleven months, so I’ll have to make the best of it. I should have gone with my first instinct when I saw the deteriorating surrounding of the neighborhood, I was told by the leasing staff that the city was going to get it cleaned up. Residents that live here said they were told the same thing and that they haven’t seen any positive changes.

Homeless people outside of gate and near my apartment frighten me. I don’t feel safe walking in this neighborhood. Cars motor homes all take up parking in the front, people living inside.

Maintenance can take a while but if you go to the main office they're pretty good about expediting emergency needs. Otherwise they will mark your request as complete without actually doing anything. Kind of sucks that they renovated the amenities without reducing rent when that's part of the reason we moved here.

Great location. The front staff is very nice and attentive. Close to downtown San Jose. Lots of bars to walk to and Target and Marshall’s. Recommend living here !

The management should be better, and all the fix works should be done before we move in. Change the move-in date just two days before we moved in, so bad experience.

Anytime I’ve had any issue in the apartment all of the staff has been been very responsive and thorough My daughter and I feel very at home here

Great place to live. Amenities are awesome. Wish there was more street parking around as it gets pretty full due to outsiders because of the parks.

Overall good experience. Can you talk to city mayor and have flights route away from this apartment complex? Parking lot is a bit dangerous and you need to clear homeless people around

Living here is a good experience especially the swimming pool and the billiards table. The lounge is also excellent, the package concierge is very safe.

I feel I am staying at my own home.this apartment is so clean and full of amenities. There is proper place to chill with friends, great pool

The Pool area is Beautiful, but the Dogs residents bring inside and glass bottles 😖Also there are so many homeless people surrounding our apartments, I’m scared to walk with my 8 yr old Nephew to the park across the street.

Kudos to the current Management. I'd like to mention the current policy on patios. Why is the landscape contractor being allowed to blow dirt into our patios?

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The houses are great! Very spacious and clean, with lots of amenities. . Place has everything and is well maintained, AC works great! Place is almost too nice to where you don't want to leave.

Surroundings are clear and we'll maintained. Facilities are good. New gaming room is the centre of attraction now. Overall the amenities and support is appreciable.

Well maintained community with great security. Wonderful facilities like swimming pool, jacuzzi, gaming zone & clubhouse are available 24*7.

Floor plan needs to be revised since there are noise complaints even for walking on floor, opening and closing of cabinets. Apart from this, apartment is nice to live

Love the community of people, great for young professionals! Comprehensive amenities including pool, gym and I love the stretch room with a ballet barre

Overall, has lots of amenities and staff has improved a lot since I moved in a year ago. Community facilities are nice. Some minor recurring issues like gate breaking and people digging through dumpsters. Rent is high, but that's the Bay for ya

Nice place to live, just moved in after Thanksgiving. We’ll see how things are when I go to renew my contract. When things work they are great, but things seem to breaking recently and takes a while to get fixed. I’m in a wheelchair and got stuck in the broken elevator, and luckily I was able to pry the door open.

Elevators are always breaking down and they don’t get fixed properly. Dog poop everywhere, I can’t let my daughter play in grass because it’s reserved for dogs to pee and poop.

Just moved here and it’s been an awesome experience. The location is unbeatable and the staff is amazing. I wish studios were less expensive, but oh well