The community is beautifully built but the neighborhood is really shady especially if you are walking after dark. The amenities are really good but the management needs improvement.

Very pleasant and secured community. Pet friendly and awesome parking system. Had all the nessisities required when you move in. Only thing is no proper lighting in rooms.

living here has been very enjoyable. It's a great location, close enough to walk to SJSU and downtown. The maintenance team has been amazing at fixing all of our requests in a very timely manner. The pool and gym are very well maintained.

Very good community to live. Lively environment, highly maintained. Staff is friendly. With all useful amenities. ?Near all freeways like 101,87,280. All popular stores like Target, Marshalls, Trader Joes and food places like panera breads, BJs are within walkable distance.

May I shout out the professionalism and cheerfulness of Ms. A. Collisson, as well as Ms. Pham whom I recently dealt with concerning the parking space for rent.

Inspection and intrude into apartment happened a lot. Maintenance work keeps interrupting daily life. Worst living experience in this apartment due to frequent inspection of rooms and intrude into the apartment

Too many big dogs and NOT ENOUGH PARKING SPACES FOR RESIDENTS!!! We shouldn’t have to pay to park at our Home The Elevator doesn’t always work, it’s so ridiculous to carry some heavy up 3 or 4 flights of stairs

Alicia and staff make Fountain Plaza an open and friendly community. It wonderful that key management live on sight so they can take a proactive approach to the community.

Homelessness is getting better but we have had our cars broken into more than once. Our appliances are pretty old and noisy... not working the greatest. I love our loft and our neighbors are great. Staff has been a lot more helpful lately.

Amenities are good. Maintenance is best. They came in a day to solve the issues. There is no noise, a peaceful place. Overall a good apartment to live in.

The staff and maintenance crew here are super friendly and I have no problem with them, but overall the complex seems poorly managed. It's a nice place to live but it seems the prices keep increasing and we are getting less and less for our money--now they tell us we are getting reduced guest parking spaces (originally included in our rent) to make room for reserved (rented) parking. Our call box has been out of service for months with no actual end in sight, with no convenient alternative for us to receive packages during the holidays. It's frustrating but to be expected in the Silicon Valley.

I am having a great experience living here at fountain plaza. Sometimes parking spaces are little tight but it is mostly during holiday season.

Scope of improvement. Should be more secure. Garage bin should be placed somewhere else instead of at the entrance of garage door. Common area should be renovates

So far, so good. Great floor plans and amenities. Love the community. The apartment complex is safe and clean, unfortunately, the surrounding area is less so. The areas under the overpass could use extra security, as I was approached in broad daylight by some not so great people, and I've only been here for a couple days. The smell of tar is also really strong near the railroad tracks to the point that it's unbearable if you pass by multiple times.

everything is just wonderful. Enjoy the living experience here. From the time I wake to the time I go to sleep I know I chose the right place to cal home.

Still enjoy Fountain Plaza and the amenities the landscaping is amazingly beautiful the grounds are kept so neat and the amenities billiards, game room, pool and the waterfalls etc. is enough to keep you occupied it’s such a lovely facility. The staff is also very kind and friendly especially Alicia the Manager she’s the Best always smiling and has a wonderful staff working along with her very pleasant and polite to the guest.....

The experience has been really good. Staff members are talkative and helpful. Maintenance service is good. Ambiance is pretty beautiful. Overall experience has been wonderful.

Excelente muy buena atención, diligentes y amables, super organizado y limpio, tranquilo, muy cercano a todo, económico, confortable y agradable

Great staff, they are nice and helpful. nice area and close to a lot of places. I would recommend speed bumps in the parking garage because for some reason plenty of the irresponsible residents think it is an Indy car race track. I would recommend this complex to a friend.

Not okay....the experience in leasing office with managers is very very unpleasant. losing the packages often. These are the two pressing issues else okay.

Awesome community, great rates & amenities,love to stay here and looking forward to extend the lease more. Happy Holidays to the community!!!

We have had multiple issues with the assistant manager, lack of communication and entering our residence without 24/hr notice. Everyone else in the office is very informative and on top of communications.

Overall community is good place to stay..nice and friendly staff. Clean hallways. Overall nice experience. I am going to extend lease for one more year

The community is very peaceful. I love spending some time by the pool every weekend. The apartments are perfectly designed - it's the way me and my roommates wanted.

Decent apartment. Termites in the walls. Super dirty hallways. Lots of mail theft. And there are constantly too many random people parking in my parking spot.