Neighborhood is dirty, not safe to take walk around. Too many homeless living right outside gates. The city and apartment complex don’t do anything to clean up the surrounding areas.

i don’t know why they solicit reviews if they are not going to act on them and do what they can to make residents happy in their living experience. My complaints go unheard time after time.

Everything is always so clean, and the staff is always helpful! The dog park has been updated, and is super cute, with an giant tube obstacle and a fire hydrant. We love it here!

I love the location of Fountain Plaza, close to shops, hiking trails and nightlife!!! The amenities are pretty fantastic too, the large spread out pool area with BBQ and jacuzzi is top.

Great location and aesthetic but you need EV charging now. People are getting more and more EVs and they are having to go to places far away to be able to charge and this is not good.

The apartment complex is clean and well maintained. The staff in the leasing office are also very friendly. Deducting stars because we had cockroaches in the kitchen upon move-in and pest control hasn't come yet (it's been over a week since requested), A/C unit is not working (when the maintenance guy came, he basically told me it is working even though it very clearly is not - this still hasn't been repaired), and the apartment was not vacuumed.

It seems like everyone is nice in the community. I wish there were more community events like movie nights and maybe karaoke nights. it would be cool to meet more people at the apartment complex.

Wish there were more community events in communal spaces. Pinball machine doesn’t work in game room. Game room needs bathroom nearby. It would nice to have free wifi across the community space too

Great location with good amenities. Quick maintenance response anytime issues arose. Close to airport and downtown and East freeway access nearby.

It could be so much better, there is no focus on the residents. The stuff just worry about them selves. You try to get help and the answer is alway some tongue and cheek remark.

Alicia, the property manager is great. She’s responsive but she needs better help with better attitudes and more experience. The location is awesome we love the park nearby.

I like this community. Staff is friendly. They maintain it well. All big stores like target, Marshalls and other malls are within walkable distance.

The Noise coming from the pool is Ridiculously LOUD!!! I’m talking at 9 sometimes passed 10. People who work and get up at 3am don’t have a chance of having a good nights sleep. And the Dogs that Bark constantly, or are being walked without a leash. The pool area is being used by the college age residents as a Resort, Glass bottles of beer , smoking Marijuana. Another wise , the Apartments are Beautiful

Don’t rent here! I made a huge mistake, this is not the beautiful safest place to live. I’ve never seen so many homeless people just yards away from this community. Near the dog park, near the park where families and children play, outside the gate rummaging through our garbage, near by where we park our cars. The neighborhood is not safe even during the day. I’m from the East Side and that is even cleaners and safer than this place. There are other complex near by that don’t have this problem. Why? Why? Why? Management doesn’t care, they get your money every month and that’s all that mattered to them. Break ins, robberies, & thefts surround this complex.

Leasing lady Amanda is not nice at all, I am most uncomfortable coming to her about questions or problems I am having with parking and other issues. My mail key doesn’t open my box and I am sometimes weeks without being able to get my mail. My FOB doesn’t work either. The train that runs at least twice and at night is so loud my whole apartment rumbles. Amanda told me the train doesn’t run anymore and that the city was in the middle of transforming the area. She lied! And now I am stuck here. I am going to find legal help to break my lease so I can move elsewhere. The residents here are thieves, my second week here some one stole my expensive front door mat and my decorative door hanging. Not what I expected living in a very expensive complex.

Mail/delivery for unit 6 is a hassle, but it's nice to have access to the main building amenities without having the noise! We are right next to the train which can be loud at times but it's easy to adapt.

It has been a great experience so far. Living here has been very enjoyable. It's a great location, close enough to walk to downtown and shopping places are walking distance too.

Surroundings are clear and we'll maintained. Facilities are good. New gaming room is the centre of attraction now. Overall the amenities and support is appreciable.

The community is built beautifully and is surrounded by trees. The neighborhood is a little shady, especially after dark. Some residents don't clean up after their pets.

This isn’t the secured apartment complex I believed it would be. The security garage gate that I enter thru has been broken for over a week, no security on sight to insure that non resident do not enter, and I’m putting that in a nice way. There is many homeless, drug addicts that camp right near the complex and now they have an easy access to vandalize our cars. Sure they, the leasing office says they are working on it. Grounds are dirty, smelly, garbage pile up in dumpsters. Pool area taken over by smoking and drunk residents. My child was almost injured by an adult in the pool that was rough housing with others. I only joined community rewards to voice my discontentment. I don’t need your point reward system.

Security issues. Front desk is getting better but it wasn’t pretty rough there for a bit. Lots of days where water to building is shut off. Glad that amenities are being updated

Fountain plaza apartments has been an awesome stay until now for almost an year. It has great community with amazing amenities and service to live for.

Spacious apartment with great amenities. Living here has been very enjoyable. It's a great location, close enough to walk to downtown, but far enough so it's not so loud. The maintenance team has been amazing at fixing all of our requests in a very timely manner. The pool and gym are very well maintained.

Awesome community . living here more than 3 years . great place for students and working people. hope I will continue for couple of years to enjoy the stay here in legacy

On sight head manager needs to be more hands on, very rude and distant. Although it looks like she is trying to bring the resident community together by movie night, etc... Not what I considered this community to be as I thought it was a high end community. Residents trash their balconies and patios making this community very unsightly and quite embarrassing. The trash is always overflowing for days, cockroaches all over and I have even seen RATS, Not squirrels running around making this their home. Homeless camps right outside our gates.