Horrible! I can’t wait to move from this place! Not safe at all and no place to raise a family. I can’t wait until my contract expires!!! There needs to be major changes to the security at this place ASAP!

Everything here takes forever to get done or fixed. And after 9 months, water is still being shut off to fix the same emergency leaks. And not being careful to read work orders and coming into my home without authorization twice. Not a fan of the manager. Also, manager tells people not to do something due to the rules yet he can break rules. Double standards. Only nice and competent person here is Asia. People are loud here and there is always people doing odd things on the 5th floor parking lot. People are dirty and don't pick up their own trash. The pool is not heated like they promised before we signed the lease. They keep saying it's broken but don't do anything about it. So many things promised and hardly anything has come from it.

Poor management and very rude manager. Asia is the only one that is competent. Fix things in a timely manner! Cleaner place also, people are disgusting and don't even care about their living areas.

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Noisy from upstairs, airplanes and neighbors. Have to pay for expensive water and sewerage. Poorly managed. Hope we can move out soon. The rent advertising is misleading.

Upstairs neighbors are extremely loud after hours. Called security multiple times. Informed fromt desk multiple times. Is anything being done about it? No

Hallways not well maintained, dirty, run down. No A/C in bedroom and no windows that can be opened at night for air. A/C in living room is very weak so does not cool entire apartment. Expected more for the price.

I don't even know where to begin... My bike was stolen from the gated garage after receiving an email from the office that it was a violation of contract to have your bike on the balcony. So I moved it and it got stolen the next day. All of the appliances have broke since moving in. Don't be shocked to see dumpster diving homeless people as you leave the garage. Our mailboxes have been broken into numerous times, and the security guards do lovely jobs sitting on their phones all night.

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I recently organized a trivia night with my badminton club that was a big hit, so planning events with limited resources is something I enjoy. As a resident assistant, I would organize activities that encourage residents to connect on a deeper level, like poetry slams

This community looks pretty amazing around the pool area but doesn't have any amenities as such. Cleanliness is very poor here. Trash management here is pretty old school. This community doesn't have much natural light apart from the apts which are on top floors.

I believe it is really ridiculous how the mail room is open until 6 pm only and even worst when there is only 1 key provided for the entire apartment. This situation is almost unheard of, as inconvenient as it is.

I wish I could give a 5 star rating but I can't. Just too many things that are unsettling to me. 1. Garbage left in hallways by Residents, I suppose I thought I would be living with with neighbors that respected their community, which is home. Smelly dirty hallways. 2. Was told by leasing Dept that this summer there would be a BBQ area. Not so. 3. On several occasions I've had a opossum come into my open patio eat all flowers and knock over my pots and scatter dirt every where. 4. The odor of Marijauna from neighbors is offensive. So I must keep window, and slider closed most of the time, 5. Beautiful large clay pots, but no flowers or greenery in them 6. Elevator inoperable for more than five weeks is the last straw. Makes it very difficult for me as a handicap individual. Last but not least, a very unfortunate incident between a management member and I.

Poor cleaning practices in building 6. Halls need to be swept and mopped on a semi-regular basis; at least every 2 weeks. Emails sent from the apartment manager are extremely passive aggressive and border on whining. Residents are not children. We are paying customers. If there are isolated cases to address - address them individually. Stop with the angry emails. It makes those of us who are not doing anything wrong just want to leave. With the emails, one would think that levels of excellence w

We just moved in and the apartment needs a lot of work. The kitchen sink is clogged. The flooring is chipped. Before we moved in we were told a new stove will be installed. Unfortunately when we got here the stove was burned all over the place. There is no light in the light fixture in our room. So thats a little weird. All in all very average experience here.

There are too many homeless camps behind the complex. Also, there could be a policy to clean carpeting once a year for residents who renew the lease.

This is an old community with slightly new look. This community lacks big time in terms of amenities. In terms of cleaning, there is a huge room for improvement.

Loved it here at first when Matt was the manager. It’s a great location near a park but a lot of homeless. Now management is terrible. Nothing gets fixed and cars get broken into all the time since they stopped security during holiday. There’s still broken glass on the top floor that hasn’t been cleaned for two weeks. We won’t be staying here when our lease is up.

Good but their is a ton of homeless in the area that causes tons of car break ins and theft. Homeless people scream and make fores very close by.

its nice but a bit expensive a lot can be done to enhance the sense of "community" that is recently been referred to a lot these days. the gym should undergo major upgrades. there should be bars and bumper plants. for the price we are paying it should be a much better facility

Improve organization on getting all materials for move in prior to moving in. For example not having key fobs for entering garage working or having the appliances working in apartment.

lacks proper cleanliness and certain amenities which most of the apartments provide by default these days. Also, parking garage is not properly lit

I gave been here just a few short months and I'm finding that a lot of residents are leaving garbages in the hallways rather than taking it to the dumpster. I am happy with the new security that we now have, it seems that they seem to be on top of things.

Nice community to stay in with prompt maintenance service. Helpful leasing staff with a clean swimming pool and hot tub.. the gym is fully equipped and also has a cool pool table to hang out with friends

Not good. rewards points are very less compare to other communities and the amount tenants are paying back. So I think there is scope to improve on.

Walls are not sound proof. You can easily hear what everyone talk in the corridors. No printer available in leasing office that's the basic thing which is missing.

People are nice, but it takes so long for things to be fixed after the requests. the wall is thin, and I hear the noise from neighbors especially upstairs.