Good place to live, appartments are comfortable and with enough space. They used to organize really cool events, but not anymore. anyhow it is a great place to be

I have been living here for more than 2 years and its been great. They do great job at keeping up the property. I really like the indoor parking as well. Staff is great too and shout-out to Edgar and Claudia for their help with our move last month.

Great place to live. Nice clean bright apartment with open layout. The balcony is nice and has good views. A lot of nice amenities like bbq’s, fire pits, pool, gym, and group classes.

As a former homeowner for 18 yrs, I selected Fountain Pointe because the aesthetics are similar to what I'm accustomed to. Considering the price point for this property is higher than the others around I expect a more upscale all around experience. The property is beautiful. My overall experience has been mediocre at best. The staff has never provided a 5 star experience and it doesn't seem to be the goal of management to ensure a great experience for the tenants. When initially shown the property, I was given an lazy tour. I was shocked to see the amenities of the rest on the property after I moved in. On move-in day I was basically given keys & a map. I don't have the required trash can yet even though I'm paying the fee for trash pick up. I've been here a month. There is no follow up or communication in regards to when to expect the required trash can. When I ask about it, no one seems to know when & I'm basically told don't call us we will call you when it comes. It's cool that this is a pet friendly facility. However, some pet owners need to be held accountable for pet waste. You have provided a beautiful dog run for us along with bags for pet waste, but not all tenants use it properly. The bad pet odor when approaching the door near the dog run and sometimes in the halls is very off putting. Pet owners need to be held more accountable when it comes to their dog waste in the dog run and in the grass around the property. Also, I don't like feeling threatened by large dogs barking or growling at me and the owner does nothing to calm their dog. The maintenance team has been the best! I give them 5 stars! I love my apartment and I enjoy living here. The staff is cordial but I think they could use some training on providing excellent customer service because your tenants at Fountain Pointe deserve nothing less!

I have been here for a month here and it’s been great so far. Very calm community, great ambience.. I would highly recommend this community.

Not a very personal environment, up-charge for everything... Hopefully they can find a more personal approach to how they handle issues.. Didn't have A/C the whole first month we moved in and still got charged for it. Makes no sense..

Customer service when I moved in was really good and after 2 months management changed and the customer service deteriorated. Service requests won’t be addressed if we walk in to the front desk.

I love my home and the staff is great! Whenever you need maintenance they always come to service you within 24 hours. I love the pool and Zumba on Monday.

Great place to live. Very clean and quiet . Very convenient for shopping , walking and restaurants. Maintenance is great. They come right away if you requested. Management staffs are okay.

The first parking is terrible, I got charged a $35 garbage fee for putting my garbage out in a bag, without the bin. Once in the lobby, anybody can get through the front doors, that isn't safe at all! Other apartments has cool monthly events ours suck or they are only during the time the front office is open which is when most people work

Management keeps organizing activities. Great place to live. Get to the lake in 3 minutes. Excellent place to walk dogs. Small dog park within premises

Love the amenities and the staff is very friendly and helpful! We had a few hiccups when we first moved in but they were smoothed out on move in and things have been great ever since.

nice and clean, price is on the higher side, elevator is available parking policies need to be communicated clearly, our rental car was towed recently, though we had a visitors pass on the dashboard

Really good community to live in and clean. Everyone is really nice but watch out for towing. Apartments are spacious and wonderful view of the lake!

cleanliness could be better- hallways by doors to the garages are dirty sometimes. I have also had many lost/stolen packages since moving here.

Good!! 140 characters apartment. Gym. Mailbox. Pool. Ggarage. Cars. Camera. Amazon. Delivery. Lockers. Fitness classes. Coffee. Events. Leasing office.

Common walkways in the building are not so clean, worst reception for AT&T network customers. Broken sticks at the billiards game. Package delivery service is good only if your package is good enough to fit in a locker otherwise your package will be lying on the floor, community do not care even if it is lost.

I like the community specially the gated parking area and game area, gym but I hate the noise level in the apartment. It's very noisy and I get noise from highway, from resident living above my apartment.

It has been amazing. Each year is better than the last. The staff is so welcoming and they work so hard to make you feel right at home. The team works so hard to put on special events for us every so often and I really appreciate all their work, they are very fun and a good way to socialize with other people in the building.

It’s cool. Sometimes have it’s flaws but overall it’s peaceful. The neighbors are old on the penthouse level and always complaining mid day about the music being averagely loud

Fountain pointe Las Colinas is a amazing place to live. I enjoy the area because I’m not far from anything. I also love the swimming pool area , and game room.

Excellent place to live, calm and quiet, All appliances in excellent condition even after 2 years of stay, Very good service. Going for 3rd year of stay.

It has been a wonderful experience living in Fountain Pointee, the amenities here are top class. This is one of the good apartment complexes in Las Colinas area.

Great apartment complex! No issues so far except for some noises neighbors. Great amenities and lots to do! Office staff is very helpful in resolving all issues

Love it here! The people are very friendly, the property is always clean and trash pick up is consistent. The only issue is tow trucks, as long as you have a parking pass your fine but visitors beware.