Quiet. A los store closer Like best buy and the library. So close . I hope not increase my renta for thai Gear. Because will be my 3 un this complex

Excellent customer service rapid responses from maintenance . Clean and affordable . Well maintained property and facilities. Easy access to shopping centers, restaurants and loop 250

Always room for improvements. The laundry room is horrible, needs to be upgraded for sure. My balcony upgrade was broken when they put it in.

The woman in the office are really nice and do their best to accommodate resident needs. They worked with me in getting into a place. The maintenance guys are on point! The last place I stayed at was huge into gossip and unreliable. I put in a service order and left the apartment 6 month later and they never sent anyone. Do these staff a favor and give them all raises!

Been living hear for close to a year upgraded our apartment to a two bedroom, the housing is great, the staff of the facility have always been kind an professional we are excited to renew our lease, though we dont like the constant flux in rent based on the oilfield

We moved into a bigger apartment. It's great i love it but the tenants above us should really live in a bottom unit. As a matter of fact anyone with small children should live on the bottom. Im trying not to go crazy.

People are nice here and get along very well I enjoyed my time here because everyone respects each other’s space and privacy and hope to move somewhere cheaper but quite the same

Great place to live little highly priced other than that they are extremely fast about maMaintenance even on the weekends and awesome office staff that help with everything

It’s organized and safe. I’ve never had an issue with any neighbor or staff. They are large dog friendly and has a spacious area for them to run that’s gated!

I have been here almost 10 years and love everyone from the manager, assistant manager and the maintenance. It's been a great 10 years. Keep up the great job.

Fountains at Waterford is a really good place to live. The apartments are confortable and the personal is friendly. But the most I like about living here is the wonderful pool, specially in this season of the year, it is really good.

Finding te community was easy and they have good amenities but my fish washer doesn't work and they don't seem concerned aboutfixing the situation

Love the Apartment an the lease Manager is always helpful when we have any issues, a great neighborly environment. We will definitely be staying here for a long while.

They are awesome office staff and when something did break in my apartment they were there same day or next and they put in new glass doors no charge to us they were great for my first apartment complex

So far I’ve been here a month and have enjoyed living here. Very calm and safe when i come back frol work or go out late at night. Lots of lighting.

i like the fact that i am centrally located to many things. easy access to apts but parking could be better due to the fact that spots are limited

now that we have a great office manager and assistant manager it's going better.Everyone from the corp office down to the maintains guys work hard for their residents.

I live in a bad neighborhood,but charged rent like I'm made of money. Just because the oil boom happens,doesn't mean we work in the oilfield

Apartment Manager very nice an accommodating to an fixes any issues i. A timely manor great staff. Made it easy to renew our lease as well as upgrade our new home.

We enjoy the quiet environment and the maintenance people are good guys. Management has turn over, but every one of them have been an enjoyment

Staff are nice, friendly and try to help. She stayed after hours to finish my lease work. So far it is good. I wish they had garages for parking as well.

Love our one bedroom apartment with all the kitchen appliances including the dishwasher and the garbage disposal along with the staff here at fountains of Waterford.

The staff is friendly and helpful and the environment is good. The apartment aren't to fancy but there nice and the environment is good, people stick to them selfs.

This is a great place to live at. I have been living here for almost four years and the management is good they always take care of all problems in your appartement as soon as you tell them

Maintenance crew is very responsive. Pool stays in good shape all-though the grills could be replaced out by the pool. The staff are friendly.