The Gallery is an amazing place to live, especially if you’re a dog lover! The dog park is right next to the building and most importantly every building is safe and clean!

The Gallery, in my opinion, is THE best apartment complex to live in at the Domain. Management, property, neighbors, the whole experience far surpasses the other rental properties based off of what my colleagues have shared with me. Management team treats everyone with a high level of respect and gets things done when asked. I never once had an issue with a neighbor. If maintenance had to get engaged, the job got done on a timely manner. I absolutely 100% recommend living at the Gallery.

I have lived at the gallery over a year it’s been a great experience.. The Sales Staff maintenance and housekeeping keep everything running right and are always accessible and friendly I’ve never have had an issue. As for the amenities I use one of our three gyms every day The pools are always clear in the common areas are always neat I’ve had such a good experience here. I recommend it to a coworker, he moves in next week With his wife

This apartment complex is clean with great lots of amenities that are well kept. The location is nice and the staff is friendly. The value is somewhat competitive but still premium.

Everything went smoothly, could have not asked for a better experience. This place is exactly what we need. Not to close to everything but still in walking distance.

Great location and amenities. Most neighbors great...cameras needed onsite to catch those who aren't (trash in hallways, furniture dumped outside trash room).

Great experience. Been living here 2 years and will renew for another year. Staff is amazing. Super helpful. Neighbors are very nice and cordial as well! Highly recommended.

Great community! Great amenities! Friendly staff! Accessible to domain shops, restaurants, and bars. Great area to workout in. Easy access to all highways.

I recently moved in and was unable to view the actual layout of apartment type that I was renting. Before I had belongings moved in I walked into the apartment and saw the damage from the previous tenant and the awful layout and asked the office staff if I could switch apartments (even to a larger unit). I was told I had to give a 30 day notice and pay a transfer fee, but if I waited 7 months the transfer fee would be waived.. The layout is horrible, no storage, unreachable kitchen shelves and one tiny closet. Neighbors are extremely loud 24/7 and their little yappy dogs are louder. The hallway constantly smells like weed so I cannot have any of my young family members over to visit. You are paying for the great amenities, the apartment itself is subpar.

Overall 5 stars. Friendly neighbors and staff, very helpful when I got tangled in my dog leashes and ended up needing EMS. Prompt maintenance staff. Clean community areas. Some pet owners could be a bit more attentive to their animals potty business clean up but “some people suck”. My favorite thing about this place is everything is within walking distance. Burgers or something special to celebrate the right atmosphere is here, drinks with friends or ice cream with the kids, right here, grocery shopping or looking for that certain gift right here. The best.

Just resigned my lease! Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Love the staff and the amenities. The location is key. Everything I need can be found in the Domain.

Pretty good. A little rocky at move-in and they could staff the office better on the weekends because it seems like there is always a line of people who need something/want a tour but so far happy with the move and given the choice, I'd make the same decision again.

I recently moved buildings from the Edge to the main building and it has been a little better. Seemingly, more attention is given to the main building than the newer ones (maintenance wise, cleaning wise, security at night, etc). There have been several issues with billing, garbage ventilation (especially in the Edge), car breakins, and not returning phone calls in a timely manner. But, overall, experience has been okay. the community events are a huge perk and the apartment interiors/appliances are pretty updated.

the apartment itself is nice and spacious. Location-great and very close to anything you could want in the Domain. leasing office staff could benefit from some additional training to learn how to display excellence in their customer service. I've also noticed that certain tasks as they relate to managing a large apartment community seem to only be privy to 1 or maybe 2 individuals. If you have a question about something pretty important and specific, don't count on getting your question answered right away. Expect for the staff member to tell you they will "make a note" about your inquiry and ask YOU to follow up with them in a few days. The staff knowledge/customer service and the MANY dogs that never seem to stop barking during the daytime-in all of the community building apartments are the reason I rate 3 stars.

Great atmosphere, great amenities, friendly staff. Close to everything I care about. Commute to work less than 2 minutes and dog park across the street.

Wonderful! Love living here so far. Great location, well maintained building and nice apartments. The leasing office staff is always a pleasure to work with

Very nice. Quiet. Location, location, location. Great dog park. Next to the open grassy area. Nice pool and amenities. Helpful staff. Easy access to major streets and highways.

I’ve loved my experience at Gallery. I renewed for a second year and will probably do another year. I have had no issues. Staff and amenities are great!

Overall really great experience. Wonderful facilities and staff. The one thing I would love is more parking in the garage. I live on the first floor and the spots often get filled up by neighboring construction crews.

Living in Gallery at Domain is awesome with close proximity to the shopping area and the dog park. The only downside is with more and more people moving in the leasing office is short on hand. A lot of times I have to wait a few days for the office to reply an email and hours to ask a question in person. Other than that no complaints living here.

It’s a nice location, but construction never freaking stops. I’ve lived there for almost 2 years and it’s always filled with construction workers and a broken door that never gets fixed. Big trash and bins are always left in the edge parking lot taking up space to park and making it smell.

i'm enjoying the apartment especially the pool and gym. And it's very good to walk around the park. But during the day time, there are some noise and the train makes some sounds even night. The staffs are very kind. :)

I like the new apartment, especially the brightness of the room. You can get sunshine during the morning but not too hot in the room. And the price is fair.

For the most part everything is great. Just have issues with dog owners not cleaning up regularly after their pets. And also large items sit by the garbage dump weeks before they are moved.

Simply the best experience thus far! The perks are amazing and that it is in the Domain makes the commute to everything that much better. I would totally renew again