I like the atmosphere a lot and some of the office staff are helpful. I like the amenities. Upset that Syd left, one of my favorites. Only have a few issues but no major ones.

I have loved living at GameCock village! The location is great and i love that each room has its own bathroom and that the apartment comes fully furnished!

Living at GCV is nice. The pool is dope and the office is nice. Ive enjoyed my view of the mountain and all of the furnishings are great. It was a good choice for this year

Gamecock Village is the best apartment complex in Jacksonville to live in! Very nice and accommodating! Major plus that they are fully furnished and clean!

Love being close the my school and love the nice apartment I live in! The apartments are roomy and I like the privacy of having my own room!

Wonderful housing, great people! Always there to help when needed. Were willing to move me in during the middle of the semester. then fixed my water leak within 13 hours even though I called them at 10 pm.

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It’s a great place to live. Gamecock village has been rebuilding since the tornado and things are finally starting to come together for the best.

It has been amazing here. The people are awesome, the location is perfect and there is always something to do. I will defiantly be referring people to live here

Great apartment! It’s brand new. Maintence people come everyday to fix things. It’s beautiful and has really nice furniture and cabinets in the kitchen.

The past month I’ve been living here I have been nothing but satisfied! The maintenance has been quick to help out when needed and all the workers in the office are so kind!

It’s really nice living here and my roommate are cool. The main office looks really nice and i can’t wait til we have the pool and bbq back.

I love Gamecock Village! I have the cutest apartment and the best roomies ever! I love the location and how close it is to campus! I love being in the new building, everything is so nice and everyone has been so friendly.

Everyone on the staff is super nice and helpful! Apartment is brand new and already feels like home. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a place to live.

I really love living here. Its clean and convenient for my classes. I love having a full kitchen and my own bathroom. The staff are so nice!

Over all I have enjoyed it here. The poeple are nice. Every Issue I have had Has been fixed. I love how close I am to JSU and I can walk to clas if I need.

Overall its been a pleasant experience. This is my second semester living here and i didn’t have any problems the first semester. I expect this semester to be just as smooth

Great staff and pretty good rooms as well. Some things in the rooms could improve but overall a great experience overall. The rent is a little high but they make up for it with the location.

Maintnemce is always fast when I make a request so it always gets fulfilled. Grear neighbors they aren't loud I like the privacy you get even when you have a roommate

The community is a great place to live. Everyone is friendly including management and residents. The grounds are also well kept despite the construction.

I like living here overall. I have had a problem with a neighbor below being very noisy and no one has done much to stop it. I had on person come try to help, but they were kind of rude and talked down to me, which I did not appreciate. It would also be nice if the other side of the circle could be open so that i wouldn't have to drive past my apartment to get to it.

Gamecock Village really is the best place to stay in jville. After the tornados destroying our homes GCV crew got things back in full swing and have made GCV feel brand new again. Great staff, great community, a perfect place to live

I could not be more pleased with my apartment community. The staff is extremely curtious and very helpful. My neighbors are polite and very friendly. 10/10 Recommendation

I love my apartment. Everyone is nice at Gamecock Village Apartments. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The only thing I do not like are the noisy neighbors that live above me.

So far, it’s amazing! I love it every day. My roommates have been so kind and made me feel at home even before I moved into the apartment. My dog loves them too so that speaks volumes

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I have really enjoyed being here. Everyone is great. The only think I wish is that it did not cost so much to bring my car cuz he have to stay at home with my mom. He’s like like kid.