Community is very friendly and neat. The residents are nice people. The facility of Gatehouse On The Green is everything that I wanted, it meets my needs and is very cozy.

Community is quiet and has such a "homey" feel to it. I feel very comfortable here after just 2 months. One, if any, complaint would be how poorly lit the entire complex is. Its a beautiful complex. One should be able to see its beauty even in the dark.

Great Community and staff. One main thing that kept me here was the exterior lay out of the neighborhood and environs. I would definitely recommend to friends looking for an apartment community.

I really like living here, I visited around 8 different communities before I found this one and inmediately decide to move. I don’t give 5 stars because of the gym, it needs maintenance and is kind of old. And the gate has never worked. I like the rest of it

Great place overall, cleanish, decently maintained, and somewhat fairly priced. 1 star is lost due to staff attitude and attentiveness, when your system or staff says you will call someone, it's reasonable to expect a call, but I've never gotten calls, staff rarely answers the phone, and I've only gotten a callback once from leaving a message, email is the same. Adding my bank account on file and leaving it resulted in it being compromised 100% of the time (I've tested this with fresh accounts), another star lost there.

Gatehouse on the Green has been everything and more. The apartment was clean and any issues we had were fixed quickly. Nice, quite community in the center of everything. Just needs doggie stations for pet owners to remember to pick up after their pets.

Overall, I am happy with Gathouse on the Green. However, the guard gate has been broken for a full year now and it is disappointing since that is the reason I chose to live at gatehouse.

I must say my experience so far has been great! It is reassuring for me that the office and maintenance staff are quick and efficient to solve any issue I might be having. I’m especially grateful for Graciela’s attention and service and all the management overall.

I had a great move in! Brittny was super helpful, and reliable. She helped me understand what I need to do- she’s amazing. I had a lot going on and she made the transition as smooth as possible. The complex is nice as well- my only suggestion is possibly having a trash chute closer to the apartment buildings.

Gatehouse is a nice place considering, I just picked a place online, signed a lease, and moved on site unseen. I could have done a lot worse. That being said, the inoperable gate is an issue. I've been here a year and the gate gas not wirked. Maybe the name should be changed to Gateless House. Less desirable complexes, with lower rent at least have a have a working gate. The roaches are another big issue for me, and trash are. I don't see why cameras cant be installed to pinpoint the trifling residents who just pile there trash at the compactor into a huge disgusting pile. They need to be pinpointed and evicted, that's a health haxard. Fix those issues and it’d be a GREAT complex with 5 stars.

I love this community its so serene and very quiet. The staff here is very helpful and have great customer service, especially Graciela. I looked all around Plantation and chose this community because of how pleasant it was.

The community and landscape is beautiful. I love the views but the lack in motivation to fix the front gate is very disappointing. Maintence is really fast though.

Nice place to live. Quiet and centrally located. I wish the gym was more up to date and better kept. Overall, I would recommend it for a place to live.

I have been living here for over a year now it is a Great community, there are nice people here it’s a quiet neighborhood and everyone is friendly

There is always dog poop everywhere, not enough pick up stations and poop bags. Also, work orders are not totally complete and sometimes they are even ignore.

Love how clean the complex is kept all around. Comfortable living, neighbors are respectful. Very satisfied with the living conditions of my apartment.

I've been here a couple of months, so far loving it. Still haven't used the gym or pool, but I will. Maintenance requests have been taken care of in a timely manner and the guys are super. Office staff very helpful. On Halloween Day the office was very festive, love that. gives it a warm feeling.

I've been here for 3 years going on 4 and I like the community. The location is great in terms of being close to pretty much everything. There is a mall, target, publix, hospital, banks, restaurants, courthouse, library and central park within walking distance. Around the complex itself is beautiful. The pool, gym, tennis court, playground and surrounding lake are all very nice. The rent is a little high and water sewer trash vary month to month but I guess it's to be expected given the area of the apartment. There are of course some cons about the complex though. I've had a bad experience with the maintenance workers a few times where they've marked work as completed when it wasn't, did half of the work but did not do it well, and took months to come to my apartment and fix a bee problem. It is a "gated" community, but in the 3 years I've been here the gate hasn't worked for more than a few months at a time. When the gate breaks, it stays broken for months, close to a year. There are also times where people pile their garbage up in front of the compactor and it usually would stay there for a few days. Lastly, being a pet friendly community is great, however there are a lot of times where people do not clean up behind their pups, regardless of how many signs are posted around.

I moved in here beginning of July 2018 and I absolutely love it here! Great community! I love the amenities! The staff is always very welcoming, friendly and will take care of a problem the first time you complain about it! There is not a bug problem here at all, they take care of the property by keeping it clean and safe everyday!

Apartments are great. They maintain the lawns periodically. The car wash doesn't work and the trash is very far from the apartments. It is not a gated community.

Personal at gatehouse are no friendly. Except Mrs Graciela, she's very nice lady. Main gate has been broken by months. Baths at second are not maintenance weekly

It’s not the worst place I have ever lived, rent is mid ground. My biggest pet peeve is the gate never works, and I pay for a gated community. The area is safe and quiet, and I have not had problems with noise or rude neighbors. Office staff is friendly but there is a lack of communication within and sometimes I feel I have to reexplain issues to multiple people in order to get help. The gym is terrible, the machines are old and broken and need to be updated. Both pools are nice and always clean. Plenty of parking on the property and there are no crazy guest parking rules. To be honest it’s not bad enough for me to leave and have to restart the process of renting, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. I am sure there are comparable places with a better gym, and working gate.

Amazing apartments. One-bedrooms are some of the largest and the only in the area with full sized washer and dryers! Amenities are great. Gym could use some updates, but still well equipped. Only complaint is that it's not a non-smoking community.

This is a nice and quiet neighborhood. My neighbors are nice and I don't have any problems with parking. Maintenance problems get fixed right away and its a clean place to live. I can't give it 5 stars because the front gate is still broken. I would love to see the gate working and continue to work.

Great place to live so far after 2 years here it's safe and quiet and clean. Nice staff and clean pool shade for your car i havent been to gym yet