You guys are incredible! I've never worked with a better bunch of people. You are always quick to respond to any question I might have. And you do so in the most professional manner.

This apartment complex does a great job of creating a home feel to the gates community. The apartments are large and built to feel like a home and not just a college dorm.

The gates is seriously the greatest place to live!!! I waited until my last few semesters to try it out and that is my only regret!! I wish I would have lived here every semester!

I have not officially been at the apartments yet, but so far so good. I have called the office several times with questions and they are always very nice and helpful.

Very welcoming and keep all residents informed of what is going on suck as events and deadlines. The gates seem to be very organized. Love it

I love the gates!! the extended rooms are really nice and make it feel more like home. The gate house is an awesome place to have friends! best place to live in rexburg!

I have never lived in a better apartment complex than the Gates. They have the best customer service and everything is upfront with them. There are no hidden fees which is amazing!

The gates is a place that i have lived at for for almost two years now. One of the reasons that I have loved living here is because of the town house style and the space we have here.

Place has great amenities, basketball court (no net), in house washer and drier, management is decent, no underground or covered parking, two fridges, big rooms.

The Gates is a great place with a great community! Lots to do, its a bit quieter than some other places aro Bad which I like. It feels more like a home setting.

I have absolutely loved living at the gates. It doesn't feel like I'm in student housing, it's more like home. It's spacious, and enables me to have my own getaway when I need to study.

I loved living at the gates! It has a great community, managers, and the apartments are fantastic! Having two fridges was really nice, when I lived there before that was an infrequent thing in apartments

Throughly enjoy staying at the gates. I have tried every semester a different apartment complex and this will be my last time switching as it is my favorite place to stay with an amazing ward! .

I really like how friendly my apartment complex is being before I even get there. I like the way the website is set up too. I only wish I could see my room assignment.

The gates are a fabulous place to live. The apartments are nice and big and spacious. I like the social environment as well. I love the Gates.

The apartment community is awesome. There are a lot of benefits of being part of the gates. I love that I feel up to date with what is happening.

I think that the gates are great! I feel like its the it place to be right now! It's full of awesome people! Its kinda far away from the everything and gym at the gates is kinda week but overall its a great place to be.

Fun and well kept grounds. Great management. Reasonable prices. Love the layout of the apartment and all the amenities it comes with. I have enjoyed my experience with the gates.

The Gates is my favorite student housing in Rexburg. The management is phenomenal, the staff is kind and accommodating to their residents needs. The apartments really feel like home, and the community of residents is so awesome.

My girlfriend currently looks at the Gates and whenever I am thrrr I really enjoy my time there. I am super excited to live there in the fall and I have had an easy time talking to the management.

These apartments are good minus a few things. I really like the town house feel and the extra perks of living here like the tanning bed, but the downstairs closets are too small and the kitchen doesn't have enough storage space. I also wish there was one lounge instead of two separate for the boys and the girls. But management is super nice! There are pros and cons to living here but you'll find that anywhere you go.

Wish the carpet and apartment was actually cleaned before we moved in. Other than that the apartment is really nice. I don't mind that it isn't very close to campus. It would be a 20 minute walk if you don't have a car.

I'm so excited to live here in the fall! They have made my roommate experience so accomodating and helpful, which I love! Thanks guys so much!

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These are great apartments! I love them so much! They have great appliances and amenities. It is a great atmosphere. The people are so nice.

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I really like the set up here. But the best part of this place, and the reason I'm staying put, is the price. I'm paying more than $100 less here than I did at Nauvoo House apartments, plus the nicer amenities. For instance, The Gates has a washer and dryer in each apartment, individual bathrooms, free parking, wonderful wifi, etc. I could go on and on. Basically, this is a great deal on a great apartment!

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