I love the minute to win it every Wednesday. I love how many activities the Gates has and how nice everyone is. I also love how there is a gym and the town houses feel more homey. I feel like I'm living in a house and the activities make it so I meet new people and make new friends.

I have lived at the gates in previous years and I have always enjoyed my time there. The management is very helpful and always quick to respond. The living space is great and everything is up to date

The apartment community is very nice. The rewards program is great and helpful. It is easy to use and I enjoy being a part of it. The community is very nice.

The community was warm and welcoming. The management was definitely a step up from the previous place I had lived. I would recommend The Gates to anyone.

Very nice apartments and the management is wonderful to work with. When I came into my apartment some of the things weren't working, such as our oven. However, as soon as we sent in a request it was fixed immediately.

The gates is one of the best places that I’ve lived at in rexburg. It gives the nice home feel to it in their lovely townhomes, yet still has the friends and amenities you need to have a great time.

I am not a current resident but I will be living at the Gates for the Fall. In this short time I have signed the contract there have been so many great opportunities happen!! The Gates is so resident appreciative and alot of my friends already live at the Gates and its not question why. I am super excited to live at the Gates!

I haven't actually moved in yet but so far their customer service has been great!! Each time that I have a question they are very helpful and try to accommodate me as best they can.

The gates of Rexburg is a wonderful community. The housing is spacious and well maintained and the residents are absolutely wonderful. Best housing experience so far!

With all the time that I have spent over at the gate with my boyfriend, I have just loved it. I’m so excited to live there in the fall. I love how involved it is and how great and caring the staff is.

Living at the gates was honestly the greatest!!! The managers were great, location was perfect, and I loved the apartments themselves! I wish I would have lived there for much longer than I did!!

I lived at the gates my first semester at school and really loved it! It’s a little far from campus, so that is a downside to it, but the atmosphere and layout of the apartments have a very homey feeling to them. Good management.

So far I have loved my time here. It has been great. I have already signed a new lease for my last semester here. I love how comfortable the living is and how helpful management is.

The Gates is the best in Rexburg because it gives you more freedom. The apartments are nice and spacious and it's still close to the campus. Can't complain!

The gates has been hands down the best place ive lived while going to byu idaho, they are super friendly and are always doing suoer fun activities, its just such a fun community! Also the rooms are spacious and feel like home

I really enjoy the tighty community the GATES has to offer. I don't live their yet but I have so many friends who do and I love seeing all the activities that go on around here.

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i have not lived there yet but i’ve heard great things from friends that have lived there, the social aspect especially. I can’t wait to live there fall 2018.

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I haven't lived there yet but it seems like a great place! I'm super excited to have all the room and storage space! I also really like the location!

the staff is so fun and kind, they are very helpful. The beds are super comfy and the apartments are clean and well maintained. The amenities are also great :)

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I have LOVED living at the gates! It is such a nice complex that really makes a nice home away from home. Everyone there is super awesome and fun to hang out with! Overall great complex!

The Gates is very clean and a great community. The managers get back to me in a timely manner. Each apartment feels like a home away from home.

Best place to stay here at Rexburg!! Honest to goodness. The town houses are so spacious and clean. They also do weekly activities and hand out prizes as well as little food events. Just an overall awesome place to live.

I love it at the gates! They have been super willing to help me with anything that I need! I love that we have so many free recourses available to us. It’s been a really positive experience for me.

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The management was good. The housing and amenities are pretty nice. It's a little far from campus for my preference but overall I enjoyed it there and I would live there again.

I love the apartment complex. Everyone is very friendly and the management seems to care a lot about the tenants. I love that they also have a lot of activities and food. Great place to live.

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