The Gates are great. It has the feeling that you are at home, unlike most other apartments in Rexburg where it feels like a hotel. The price is very reasonable for what you are living in. I wouldn't live anywhere else here.

I love living at The Gates. Management is so great, and will help you whenever you need it. I also love how it feels like home. The maintenance team is awesome and is always willing to help in a timely manner.

Great place to live. I call this home now. Management is awesome. They always have candy in the office. I get my daily dose of candy from them.

The gates is a great place to live and is a really friendly atmosphere. The management is super understanding and easy to work with. The price is well worth the feeling of having a home away from home

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The Gates provides a very homey feel and the management is awesome. They are always willing to help in any way that they can and if there is ever an issue they are quick to fix it.

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Its Good i love the gates i can not see myself living in a better and nicer place around BYUI. I am glad to be here for my second semester and have a good experience.

O love this place it's the best I love the ambient it's beautiful and so comforting ... nothing to dangerous for me or my friends the staff here is awsome and love being close to school

Great apartments. They have a very homey feel. I like having the premiere parking right outside of the apartment. Management really helps out. Awesome wards. Love it here!

I absolutely love the gates, the only thing that i would change is the fact that automatic text get sent out each month, they give me some anxiety

Great place to live. I enjoyed my time there. My only complaints are parking and noisy neighbors. There just aren't enough parking spaces. Maybe consider limiting the vehicles tenants can have or something.

I love how well maintained the apartment complex is. The Gates usually attracts more juniors and seniors then freshman which I think makes a better living environment.

Best place to live in Rexburg! Very homey and comfortable at a very good price. Maintenance is very responsive and the management is easy to work with.

I love living at the Gates for several reasons, such as great amenities and spacious apartments. Because I work evenings, I would love to see social events at more times

This place is great i would recommend that everyone I know live here. There was a lot of good things. The management is so great. They are trustworthy and kind.

I have lived here at the gates for about two years now and I have loved it. This complex feels more like a home than most other apartments. Management is also great and helps you any way they can.

I have loved living at the Gates, it feels like I am living in a real home instead of student housing. I also love that my room is upstairs and I can hide away if I need to study or just need some alone time.

Love the home feeling you get at The Gates! Really like the wards and people here as well. Having a bathroom attached to your room is very nice.

Best place to live in Rexburg by far. More parking than most places and the parties are great. There is a bathroom in each room which is better than most places and they are town homes so your door opens up right outside which is super nice.

I stayed there my sophomore year it was the best experience in rexburg. I liked how it felt like a home with two stories . If you like a chill environment you'll like this place

I love living at The Gates because of how relaxed it is and how the apartments really feel like home. I also have always had good roommates and a good ward

Town houses make living life feel more homely. Spacious rooms with lots of closet space. Personal bathroom for each room is amazing. Nice modern washer and dryer makes everything even better.

I really like living at the Gates. I think that the management staff is very approachable and is the best I've yet to have. I also really like the apartments. Everything is very nice!

The amenities are great, but parking is terrible. The housing units are well planned, the rooms are spacious and an indoor washer and drier is a boon. Again though, the parking situation is aweful.

This is my 5th semester living at the Gates and I have loved it each time, especially the oversized room:) The managers are accommodating and easy to work with.

I LOVE the Gates and how they have treated me while staying here. I appreciate how they have never nickel and dimed me either. There are no hidden fee's, they are up front and honest. I wont live anywhere else till I graduate!