My experience at the gates has been nothing but the best. Any time I’ve had a problem it is fixed the next day my maintenance. I would live here again without a doubt.

The Gates is such a nice place to live, the staff is amazing and great to work with! The housing and amenities are everything that I could want. The Gates is the most home-like apartment I've ever lived at!

The Gates is the best place I’ve lived. I’m not happy that they are going to charge parking now, but I suppose almost everywhere else does so whatever. They do more for their residents than anyone else.

I love living at the gates! They provide a great place to live! It reminds me of home! Their staff is extraordinary, they are super kind, and always answers my questions

The only thing I haven’t loved about here was one roommate who was crazy but besides that it is amazing!! The apartments are older but still nice and it’s nice to not have other people living above you

My boyfriend lived at the gates his first semester and his apartment was like my second home. We loved it there so much and we moved to centra square just to give it a try and we now hate it. In own opinion the gates are the best student housing on campus

I like the home feeling and my roommates are great and all the staff worls fast to resolve any matter. It is a great place to be living as the social aspect is also very good

My roommates are awesome and I was able to keep my same apartment for this semester so I am super happy with the staff and people! The staff are Super helpful and always available!

The place is great, really feels like a home and the staff is promptly to fix any problems that might occur. A lot of activities for the residents to keep everyone involved

Im living here next semester and this current semester I have been here for a good amount of time (basically everyday) and I love it here, the staff were super nice when I signed my lease too!

I LOVE it here. So many friends and so homey. They take care of us here and it feels like a community and a family. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Absolutely love it here! Multiple friends of mine have moved here and love it too. The staff is great and always very helpful. The amenities are great as well.

The application process was super great! Management was very helpful and provided all the information I needed. They made it all very easy!!

The Gates is seriously the best place to live. It's far enough away that it doesn't feel like door living, and it's close enough that you don't feel so far away from campus and classes. They do a lot of resident appreciation activities which is so nice because you can actually *see* where your rent is being applied, and you also get to vote on these activities. I think overall it is a great place to live, and I have been really grateful for all that management does for the residents!

I absolutely love being here! The Gates here is very home like setting and very cozy. Although it's a little far from campus it's still a great place filled with Greta activities and events!

Most things have been great! I would prefer for the girls’ and guys’ apartments to have the same channels (I like watching football but girls don’t get ESPN). Also, the biggest problem with our apartment is that the downstairs is always really cold and the upstairs is super hot. But other than that, I love it!

The housing is so tight. It is beyond sick. Everyone is nice. I feel like I am living in a utopia. I get to do whatever I want without any consequences. This place is so steez

The gates has a wonderful atmosphere, with fantastic management who are always willing to help. I really have enjoyed my stay here and I look forward to another semester.

The atmosphere, management, and overall community is great! They have fun activities and always answer questions and concerns in a prompt manner! I love living at the Gates!

It has been a pretty good experience. When I first arrived the apartment was a disaster because the cleaning crew hadn’t been through but management handled my concerns well. They have been prompt and friendly every time I’ve had to talk to them!

The gates at rexburg is a wonderful community. The staff is amazing, and the rooms are cute. I am very glad they are getting rid of premium parking in general.

The gates has been the best place to live!! Fo real!! I don’t know of anywhere else I would rather live! They have everything!!! The people are great too!!

I have loved living here so far. The staff and management are so friendly, and take care of us well. The apartment is very nice and in great condition.

The Gates is a seriously fantastic place to live! I love the managers who actually care about your personal and living needs. The only thing I wish was available is more parking spots. Other than that... I reccomend this place to everyone!

I have loved living at The Gates! This is my second semester here and it's definitely my favorite place that I have lived in Rexburg. My roommates are the BEST and the wards are amazing as well. I have an oversized room and I love having a big closet and bed. The maintenance team is awesome and always there to help. Overall The Gates is a really great place to live. :)