The community at the gates is warm and welcoming, i really enjoy the environment that they foster here. I also really apreciate having a washer and dryer in my room.

I've had a great time living at the Gates. I've met many great people here and my ward was amazing. I am sad that I won't live here anymore as I am graduating.

I've loved living at the gates! The people here are so friendly and fun. I love how our apartment feels like a home and not like I'm living in a hotel. I'd recommend the gates to anyone!

The Gates is very nice, just not as interactive and social as I would have preferred. The girls gym really needs some help! It needs more treadmills that work and more than just leg machines.

I really enjoy the Gates and all the amenities! The tanning is nice as well as the big lounges and kitchen there. The management seems pretty cool as well.

It is a very good eatablishment and seems to be well taken care of and friendly. It could profit with additional parking or a bus hay goes to campus but all in all pretty good.

I haven't moved in just yet, but so far I am very impressed and very excited to live here! I'm just sad I didn't move here sooner. I can't wait for move in day!

I love the homey feel the Gates gives off! Every other apartment complex feels more like a hotel than a home. This is the perfect place to live when you are away from family but still want to feel at home. The leasing staff is awesome, the amenities are great, and the apartments are in very well kept conditions.

Great people and great management. They fix everything in a timely manner and keep the apartments in tip top shape. everyone is very friendly.

I love the gates! By far these are the cleanest/nicest apartments I've lived in during my time at BYU-Idaho, and the atmosphere here is laid-back, which I'm a huge fan of.

It has been amazing and I love the set up for the apartments! I have wonderful roommmates, and maintaince is fantastic at answering our calls.

The gates apartment community is very friendly and always willing to help with any problems that you might have. They care about the gates residents and throw parties and give rewards for the gates all the time

The have a really good management and the apartments are in good condition. They have many opportunities to get to know people and have a good time.

The Gates has been a great place to live. The town homes make you feel like you are at home while still enjoying college life. The girls are really friendly and there is always something going on.

I haven't lived here yet but have visited lots of friends over there and finally decided to come over! I'm super excited for it! The layout is absolutely fabulous and the size of the bedrooms is just perfect, not to mention 6 girls don't have to share the same bathroom! Love it!

Great place to live. It feels like a home away from home! My friend and I went to the Gates to check out the apartments and the staff was very helpful, giving us a full tour and answering all of our questions.

The Gates has been my favorite place! The staff is super friendly and is always willing to help out when needed! The houses are kept clean and continue to make you feel at home!

My experience here was awesome, I'm super excited to be living here for the next two semesters. everyone seemed super nice and helped answer all my questions and helped me feel very welcome.

This is my first semester living at The Gates and I love it here. The apartments are wonderful and more like a home instead of a hotel. The ward is also great. I am glad I moved here for my last semester.

SO far it has been awesome. They have a lot of events going on! They are always keeping in contact, whether it is through email or texting messaging. They offer prizes for clean checks and host awesome events.

I really enjoy the gates! They have everything I need and it's all super nice. It seems like everyone around me too is just super chill. I like it a lot.

as a whole this place is great. I love living here. It is very clean and the staff is great. I would recommend anyone to live here. Its the best in the area

I love staying at the Gates. Management is so easy to get along with and is so helpful. They are understanding about rent and are very professional. The apartments are nice also. I like only having to share a bathroom with one other person.

I haven’t even moved in yet and I already have felt how awesome the management is. Everyone is so willing to work with you on anything you need help with.

The power has gone out a few times and they dont give you access to the breaker. Like the layout of the apartment it self. Dont like how you can choose which apartment to live in.