you suck at everything. everything is broken the dishwasher leaks and doesnt work they then come in and blame it on us and now i have some bullshit fine out of nowhere.

The management is unprofessional except for the main girl who is aweosme. When I moved into the apartment it smelled like pee and I was not impressed with the low level of the airflow in the bottom bedroom. The only perk to living here, for me, is the individual bathroom for each bedroom. I wouldn't recommend anyone to live here.

Love the apartments, but I feel like management did not care about the students/tenants as much. It feels like they cared more about the money

Haven’t loved living here. My apartment was dirty when my roommates and i moved in. There isn’t enough parking for everyone living at the Gates. No one in the office ever responds to emails i have sent.

love it , nice and quite , very chill, love that it has AC , not so thrilled that we still have to wait to fully move in because of cleaning things but over all good.

My room wasn't clean when I moved in. Although I moved in two days early this is something that was unacceptable, disgusting, and down right unfair.

I love living at the Gates! Sometimes management is a little hard to work with and I feel that they need to be more organized. The office staff is very friendly, but I wish they were more organized. Maintenance repairs are done in a very timely manner which is nice! They need to better clean the apartments in between semesters.

Yall are doing OK there have been some changes that are not popular with added fees that really make it more of a headache living here but the layout of the apartment and the fact that its away from campus and somewhat quiet are pluses

its really nice although its a little expensive for what you get. It costs about 1400 minimum a semester after fees they charge you and parking here is really bad. its 75 bucks a semester just to park

Place has great amenities, basketball court (no net), in house washer and drier, management is decent, no underground or covered parking, two fridges, big rooms.

I really like the Gates. The location is great because it is still close to campus, but it's far enough away from the business of Rexburg. The management could be better at keeping up on their responsibilities more, but they are nice. I'm not too crazy about the ward, but it will get better with time.

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The Gates is very nice, just not as interactive and social as I would have preferred. The girls gym really needs some help! It needs more treadmills that work and more than just leg machines.

My only real complaint has been the strictness of the clean checks. I moved into a dirty apartment, with lots of junk left underneath the bed, including pretty powerful loose medication left from the guy before. Then, they come in for clean checks and demand our beds made, and our bathrooms spotless. I understand this for the end of the semester, moving out check... however, to dictate that I live in a perfectly clean apartment while I'm here is a little crazy. The only other thing is that I just don't feel like home. I haven't really put a lot of effort of feeling comfortable here, but it certainly hasn't come naturally either. I felt at home at the Cedars instantly... Overall, it's a good place to live. Perhaps it's overpriced, yes, but it is good.

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I loved living here. It was a great facility. I lived in the same apartment the 5 semesters I was there. The down side was that management changed a lot and they did not take action on a problem in my apartment until it was too late.

Not really sure how it works yet but it's cool how you can earn points for rewards. Not bad for a poor college student. Plan on getting more rewards.

Management isn’t as friendly as it used to be. Still an amazing place to live. Wards are great with good bishops. Spacious rooms and good amenities

I’ve lived at the gates for 3 semesters. I moved here because I had friends here. I don’t plan on living here next semester because of the pricing. The amenities aren’t worth the price in my opinion.

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The few times I've felt with the office girls it has been quite disappointing, it's not likely they are going to treat you like a priority, or even act like they want to help you out. The maintenance guy is great however, and it's a very mellow place to live.

The tenants are great, but I feel like the management is lacking. Also the ward here sucks unless you can get in with the Gate's girls. Parking can be annoying if you have to park by the towers.

The beginning wasn't so great because our apartment was not clean at all. Also a lot of past residents stuff was left out and under the stairs, so we had to get rid of it all.

I think that you guys are doing a good job I'm just really new to this and it got a little confusing to figure everything out but I think I got it

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I like the lay out of the apartments is makes it a lot more homie, but the heating is a problem here it gets extremely hot up[ stairs and cold down stairs

I have had my ups and downs at the gates but I do like the actual apartments themselves. I also like the students which live there. Very relaxed people who don't get up in your personal business like a lot of other students do.

The gates are good, I wish that the dog poop would be more under control and the tanning bed was working. Other than that management is nice and i ha e not had any problems.

I would totally give 5-stars, but I never knew I had to sign up for parking as well, so now I'm on a waiting list and I might not have a spot to park my car