I would totally give 5-stars, but I never knew I had to sign up for parking as well, so now I'm on a waiting list and I might not have a spot to park my car

Place has great amenities, basketball court (no net), in house washer and drier, management is decent, no underground or covered parking, two fridges, big rooms.

I loved living here. It was a great facility. I lived in the same apartment the 5 semesters I was there. The down side was that management changed a lot and they did not take action on a problem in my apartment until it was too late.

Yall are doing OK there have been some changes that are not popular with added fees that really make it more of a headache living here but the layout of the apartment and the fact that its away from campus and somewhat quiet are pluses

When I had a roommate move out, I had to check in with the office more the 5 times to find out if keys had been turned in. I was really dissatisfied with this since it was a security concern... Rent has taken forever to be deposited. It's the middle of the month and my rent still hasn't been processed. Maintenance requests were dealt with promptly. The apartments are kept nice and I've always been treated nicely.

I have enjoyed the apartment, my ward, the people, the location. However, I feel that management could be more organized and more understanding.

Spring semester rent shouldn't be so much more expensive than winter. There are new high rise complexes going up all over town so there can't possibly be more demand than supply.

Really great job, clean checks run smoothly, management is kind and helpful. And maintenance is really helpful and they come quick when you need them.

My experience at the gates has been pretty great for the last two years! The new management is super nice helpful. Great place to live! Only thing I don't like is that every time Ive moved in it seemed as if the apartment wasn't cleaned before hand.

Doing a good job. Could be more on top of maintenance. If there is a problem come and check it, don't just dismiss it as girls not knowing what they are talking about.

It is my favorite place to live! I lived here my first semester and liked it a lot but wanted to try a change. But I soon realized that was a mistake and moved back the next semester and have stayed here ever since. I love it.

The Gates provides a very homey feel and the management is awesome. They are always willing to help in any way that they can and if there is ever an issue they are quick to fix it.

Reply from Gates at Rexburg


The only complaint that I have about the gates is the response time. I have had a few experiences were I have been away from the complex and sent an email to management asking a question or something of that sort, and it took about 3-4 days for them to reply, and I made sure that I sent the email during office hours or at the beginning of the week. However when I did get a reply it was very helpful and super nice. I just wish the response time was quicker. Other than that I have no complaints and I love living at the gates!

I have lived here for to semesters so far and plan on staying until I graduate. Management is very friendly and helpful. I love that we have AC, especially on these hot summers days!

It's way better than anywhere I have ever lived before! The managers are way nicer, and I get way more here for the same price where I have lived before.

This apartment complex does a great job of creating a home feel to the gates community. The apartments are large and built to feel like a home and not just a college dorm.

I have noticed that the culture is much better than other places on campus. This is the fourth place I’ve lived and so far, is one of the best. The apartments feel much more like a home than the other places I have lived.

This seems like a pretty cool site to earn rewards on. I've never seen anything else that does this type of thing. I'm excited to see all the things I can earn.

The amenities are great, but parking is terrible. The housing units are well planned, the rooms are spacious and an indoor washer and drier is a boon. Again though, the parking situation is aweful.

The gates is a place that i have lived at for for almost two years now. One of the reasons that I have loved living here is because of the town house style and the space we have here.

The apartments could use a little facelift but the managers are much better now. The heating system doesn't work that great and the downstairs is always colder than the upstairs l. This creates arguments

Great wards and great people! The rooms are very spacious and it's nice to not to live in hotel-like apartment. It's a little far from campus but definitely worth it.

The gates is a wonderful place to live with both wonderful perks and people! Living there will make collage less stressful for both myself and my support animal!

So far they are great. They work well with situations. They are really easy to contact and get a hold of. They are nice and personable! The apartments are nice and homie!

Great apartments, okay price considering its Rexburg. They are pretty good on maintenance requests but certain things the office staff aren't as good at working with you on- asked for the fridge in the lounge to be fixed and was told it has been broken for a year and that they weren't gonna fix it.