I enjoy living at Gateway so very much! Everyone is really friendly, the apartments are nice, and the environment, at Gateway, is very chill!

Gatewy is such a fun and great community to live in and connect with people. It gives a sense of freedom, while still being surrounded by people your age and with the same goals!

I recently moved in to a remodeled 1 bedroom reading reviews I liked the atmosphere and amenities and the renovated units everything has been perfect besides a few chipped pieces of the built in entertainment center other then that everything was clean and neat when I arrived I have seen no bugs yet but I'm a very clean person so bugs should not be a problem at all if your unit is well maintained the key system to get in the doors is very nice also.

It was rough at the beginning, but definitly much smoother transition. Thanks to the new management everything has been running smoother and very nice staff

When we first moved in things were a mess. But now with the new management the few problems we have had have been solved quickly and efficiently. Couldn’t be happier

Nice big pool and gym two basketball courts tennis court. Not as close to asu campus as some of the other apartments around but still pretty close

Gateway at Tempe looks nice on the outside and the renovated apartments are nice on the inside. Friendly staff in the front office are always helpful. The only issue I had was during move in week.

When I first moved here it was a huge mess. We had no idea that management was changing and that most of our problems would not be addressed until new management came in. The new management has been as helpful as they could be and they are starting to make Gateway feel like a community.

At the beginning of the semester the apartments were presented to the residents in deplorable conditions. Now that the management was changed, you can see how improvements are being done.

Overall great experience! A little steep in pricing for condition of apartment and location. But great management team and accommodations!!!

Overall a nice place to live for college. The community has a lot of college kids and the set up of the place is nice - great gym and pool / bbq area

They have nice management. I was able to get all of my questions answered and they were very caring. The pool is beautiful and a goof time. yeah.

Met with Mr. Ramirez and he was very cooperative and understanding. He did what he could to help us out with our situation and asked us for recommendations for improving the property.

At first I was really unsatisfied and not happy with gateway because the apartment was trashed and move in was very unorganized but with the new management it has been a lot better. Met with Jose and he was very nice and worked well with us.

I've been here for 10 months and really like the area. It's a college complex so weekends can be loud on occasion, but my roommates have all been really nice and quiet. I hope to stay here for the duration of my asu experience.

It took two months to get my apartment ready after move in (which sucked), but new management is spectacular and genuinely care about resident happiness. Bus ride to campus, but it's not too bad.

The community is really friendly and lively. Since the new management has come in it looks like there is going to be a lot of improvement. Glad I'm living here

The quality of the apartment itself is not as expected. There are numerous things in apartment that are clearly very crooked. They do offer numerous community socials like snow cones, pizza by the pool or burgers and hot dogs.

So far, I have enjoyed my stay at gateway it is a great community, awesome staff, and convenient location for me. However, my apartment itself has issues with the AC, and my washing machine is hit or miss (sounds like a ticking time bomb).

Good people good grass good dog park good sidewalks good gym good pool good hot tub good tvs good walls good roofs good parking good fencing

Overall, Ive had a good experience with my apartment and the community is well kept. The front desk staff is always very patient and try their best to meet my needs.

The complex is super nice but when I moved in my unit it was a disaster. Took hours of cleaning but I made it home. Maintenance guys are super chill and get the job done effectively.

Gateway is nice, and very clean, however we do have a problem with roaches in our apartment and also our mailbox is not up yet. We have sent out work orders and still nothing is fixed.

I was one of the lucky ones to have nothing wrong with my apartment, probably because I paid the $60 extra for the upgraded one. The staff here is nice enough, they just needed better management which I think there is now, so that’s why I’m giving a 3.5 Star not 2.5 Star. The gym kinda sucks, a lot of equipment doesn’t work.

Absolutely love living here, the new staff is absolutely amazing in helping me out. Any problems I've had have been fixed within the day or two of bringing it up to them. The people here are so nice, and their little get togethers they arrange at the pool are so awesome.