Overall a good experience! Had some issues at move in but that was the old management. Ever since the new management took over its been great

I love it here! Makes me feel comfortable and I enjoy the environment I am around! They make sure you feel safe where it comfortable to take a walk around the neighborhood.

All my service requests are answered in a timely manner. Thank you! I enjoy coming home and having all the amenities available to me. Gateway has been my home for almost a year now.

We had a not too good move in experience but they were really nice and helped us get everything sorted out. The rooms are nice and we really like the pool and gym areas.

I’m so excited to live here! Gateway looked like the best option for my brother and I and the prices are great. Everyone needs to sign a lease here!

Everyone was super nice during my tour, I asked alot of questions and never felt any irritation or that I was being rushed out. Definitely took time to show that I mattered and that they wanted me there. Explain and explained again if I needed it and helped me through the entire processes to make sure I was getting what I wanted

I have just moved in based on reviews which were good. The staff was helpful. It has swimming pool, gym, etc. Gym has all the main equipment. I loved it

The place is fabulous, it is very comfortable, very well maintained complex, great location. The staff is the best, very easy to deal with, always helpful. Hot tub doesnt work, just warm water.

This is only my second day here at gateway but so far I am love this place so much the room was slightly dirty when I first moved in but nothing a little cleaning could fix!

Apartment complex is extremely close to Arizona State University Tempe and has an Orbit stop at the park behind the complex. Location and travel is convenient.

This place is like getting a box of chocolate and realizing it has dark chocolate inside. It’s like wanting a potato and getting waffles fries

Get place to live clean and no bugs! The last place I was at here in Tempe was bugs every night. I was no fun to see. The staff here takes care of things fast with no questions.

Amenities are great! The apartments are average but good prices and location. The staff mostly sucks. I’ve been told misleading and incorrect information a lot and I have to ask several times before things get done. Maintenance is great and efficient.

Gateway is such a fun place to live! The pool is a great to hang out at now that the weather is starting to warm up. My roommates and I are out there everyday barbecuing and tanning!

A really nice and fun-fulfilling experience with my roommates and fellow neighbors. I enjoy the environment that I live in and the people who also live here.

I'm sure resident experiences vary by location in the complex, but as a resident in a renovated apartment in a quiet corner of the complex, I have no major complaints. My apartment is comfortable, it's close to campus, the amenities are nice, I can always find parking, and I like my roommates. Only downside is lease start/end dates are not flexible.

I love my roommates and everything just the only minor concern is add more equipment to the gym please and also the WiFi in my unit needs to be looked at

It’s awesome living here! Especially with the pool and gym I enjoy it a lot. I have moved apartments every year for the past 4 years but I think I have finally found one that I like the best.

I really liked the environment and especially Creamery park view in from of my patio, every morning, made it super wonderful. In addition, the pool was pretty clean and the BBQ place has a bunch of space for organizing your own parties.

I have lived here for two years now and am going on my third. The complex and apartments are above average compared to other places close to campus. The staff is extremely friendly.

This place is great and I really like the friendly staff. The amenities are awesome and the gym is fully compatible for any workout or lify that you can think of.

Good complex overall, especially for students. Rates are not obnoxiously high but I would like to see some updates to appliances. Can't complain overall though

I love gateway! It is a great place to live and the staff really seems to care about the community. I like that the orbit comes by the apartments to provide students transportation, I love the speakers by the pool, and I love how the staff throws events often for the students!

Really good experience this semester. Met new residents and became friends with them. Enjoying the pool and the park and the warm sunny days.

Everything works but the gate need to be fixed. Everything works but the gate need to be fixed. Everything works but the gate need to be fixed.