Everything seems nice when you first look, but then you come to realize that pretty much everything isn’t working, if you submit a maintenance request there’s a 50% chance it’ll get thrown out, the water pressure is so bad sometimes you don’t have any, but the office doesn’t really care unless it’s the third day with zero water at all.

Things started off a bit rough with the past management in change, but the new management is getting things done. Gateway is improving daily. I'll give it a higher rating when the gate is fixed.

Moving in our apartment was a mess, nothing was cleaned and the bathrooms were disgusting. My roommate ended up moving out because a hole in her bathtub was not fixed. Upon new management, everything has been great! Maintenance comes within a day or two of the request and follows up afterwards. The office has much better communication with residents and I am starting to really enjoy it!

On move in day, we were moved into an apartment with a past resident still living in her own filth. Thankfully we were accommodated and put into a nicer apartment. However, it took maintenance until October to fix our problems: a room without a desk, no blinds in the living room, and a toilet not fully nailed in. Also, our lease straight up just "got lost." It's a mess. But it is nice.

So far I have close to the worst living experience I have ever had. When my roommates and I showed up on move in day our apartment had not yet been cleaned, it was damaged throughout the apartment and we are paying extra for a renovated apartment which did not even come with the amenities promised. I have problem after problem with being locked out my apartment when I come home from work at 4am and old management was close to non-exsistant. Things have gotten a little better with the new management company but there are still a lot of issues needed to be addressed.

The overall community has been good. Staff is very helpful whenever I have questions that I need to go to them for. Since management has changed, maintenance has been much quicker and of better quality.

Kind of shady business practices with the new management swap and rumors of price gouging, not to mention on move in this year (2017) it was a total mess of angry customers not receiving their promises on renovated rooms due to lack of worker accountability. The maintenance is a little slow but its reasonable on their end due to literally every apartment having issues on move in, bad on managements part. but the community is very nice and clean, friendly environment, security is great especially being gated. I only wish there were less speed bumps in the parking lot.

At first the front desk was terrible and didn't help with any issues we had. Overtime I asked to speak to a manger they weren't there and with new management it has gotten a little better.

I had an awful move in last year, but ever since I haven't encountered too many issues besides maintenance. I find that sometimes I have trouble getting things fixed in my apartment, and other times I have found maintenance not doing what they should be doing. I like that I am close to campus, and that it is convenient for me, but I have also encountered several issues. I also wish that the complex wasn't on yearly leases.

Needed to call maintenance many times and even if emergent, it took almost a week to replace our dryer that was overheating. The location is good and the community is good.

I have been beyond dissatisfied by the old staff, and am looking for positive changes with the new management. From my apartment not being finished on my move in day, to things such as my wifi not even being installed, when as an ASU student i had already begun online classes, this establishment promised a lot and delivered very little. My advice going forward is to keep residents aware of what is going on with not only management, but the units we are paying a decent amount of money for. For the first two months of me living in my unit I was constantly bombarded by new arising problems, almost every day, on top of what was blatantly wrong to begin with when i first moved in. I hope the new management will be far more professional and organized than those who i had to deal with, but if they are not this place needs serious help and work on how to run a residential community, and a business.

gateway is a beautiful complex, it has a great environment and I am more than excited to join. The pool and other amenities are beautiful. Gateway is a beautiful place

Neighbors are extremely loud and their guests have fought outside at 4 AM on several occasions. People litter everywhere. The pool and jacuzzi always looks green. Gym equipment needs to be fixed/updated. There needs to be better security at the entrances of Gateway. I've seen bums inside of the Gateway Community. The fact that anyone can walk in and have access to my patio/apartment does not make me feel safe. Maintenance is extremely slow, still have not had a working dryer since I've moved in.

Front desk people are very nice, but things to do start getting done quicker. There are still cockroaches in my kitchen, and no one is doing anything about it.

It's a great location and the amenities are good ok, just the managing is HORRIBLE since we've had to tell every new person that our rent is different even though we signed a new lease. Also, move in was very disheartening as our apartment wasn't even ready. I understand what happened but it was not our responsibility to fix it since we signed for an apartment that was READY. Slowly Gateway isn't looking so bad but it will take awhile before I trust them to do something right.

So far everything is working fine. I do think that changing management did have a positive outcome for the residents. In the beginning it was rough but I'm glad to see that it is smoothing out. BUT Rent is increasing a bit too much.

Overall it has been a great experience. Great area, great amenities, great staff. Especially with this new management staff as well they’ve been great. Completely happy with the experience at Gateway.

Initially, moving in and getting settled in my apartment at Gateway was chaotic and messy. I moved in later than my roommates and thank god I did, the line to complain to the manager wrapped around the front office and was about 30 people long.. Plenty of appliances in my apartment looked thrown in and not put together (i.e my desk is falling off the wall). But after about 2 months and new management, I'd say gateway is looking much better and the management staff is way easier to work with.

The old management was terrible. The apartments were not ready to move in when I did in August. The new management is way better. Our maintenance requests are finally getting done and they are making the complex look better.

Not very good. Our apartment is basically falling apart. From all of my friends that live or have lived there ours is definitely the worst. Our wifi barley works our apartment came furnished and the couches are torn apart to the point that the leather stabs you and hurts. We had to buy our own couch.

THis is my very first apartmetn so I was not expectring anything 5 star. But i also wasnt expecting anything under 3 stars. Alli know is that it works for me

AC has broken 3 times and our water pressure is sometimes so low we take bucket showers and can't do laundry. New management is definitely improving admin processes and the parking lots are cleaner, but the community is so large that individual apartment improvements feel slow. But, they are improving, so we'll see.

Approximately $699.83 for a furnished 4 bed/4 bath including utilities (looked through my transaction history to get this estimation). The pool and the gym is nice. Maintenance crew takes a while to respond to your requests, sometimes they don't even respond at all. The office will cooperate with you if you talk to them in person, expect terrible service if you call them - I've been told twice "I'll get back to you, hold on" and they eventually just hang up on me. However Patrick the Assistant Manager of Operations is an angel sent from heaven since he'll always help you out and give S+ service. Their tour to a model apartment is a complete scam - what you see is never what you get. They make the models look all nice and shiny just to convince you to lease. 1st floor sucks... Insects everywhere and the apartment looks more dilapidated/worn-out compared to other floors, therefore take the 2nd/3rd floor if you wanna live here. Had the most atrocious move-in day: My room was still extremely filthy and smelled like someone took a s**t in the corner, but I might have just been unlucky because I haven't heard anyone else have a bad time moving in. Rarely the WiFi goes out for several hours. It went out for about 3 days once, but it never happened again. TL;DR I tolerate living here, at least it's better than Regents on University (I think that place is called Sol now), but if you can find something cheaper than $699.83 then stay away from here.

good place to live, nice pool area. always able to get a good tan. friendly front desk staff. fun to be close to the dog park and look at all the dogs

Great community with amazing amenities! Very friendly staff that does their best to resolve every question and need you have. Perfect for ASU students because you have the orbit that can take you to campus for free!